Oct 28 2014

The TKV-Team Podcast, Episode 10.5: The Metal Gear Megasode, Part 1

It’s big, it’s bad, and it’s got recessive genes: this week, The TKV-Team looks at the Metal Gear Solid games. We briefly discuss the MSX/NES titles before getting into the bulk of the conversation with Metal Gear Solid 1-3. It goes without saying that this episode is filled with SPOILERS! Snowmobile_with_Snake_and_Otacon_2_(Metal_Gear_Solid_The_Twin_Snakes)

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Show Notes:

What Have We Been Playing?
01:13 Karol: Alice: Madness Returns, Hyrule Warriors
18:47 Joan: ACNL, college
19:34 Tim: Wii Fit U, Titanfall, Killer Instinct season two, Pix the Cat, D4, fuckin’ Forza or whatever pfft

Metal Gear Retrospective, Part 1:

38:09: Karol’s ‘history’ of Metal Gear, Overview of Metal Gear/Metal Gear 2

41:40: Metal Gear Solid, with a little bit of talk on Metal Gear Solid: Twin Snakes

59:52: Metal Gear Solid 2

1:23:13: Metal Gear Solid 3

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Oct 24 2014

MMP#134 – Ken Hite on Espionage and Eldritch Horror

Espionage with Ken Hite and Eldritch Horror

Hey Folks. This week I give you the Ken Hite Espionage panel from the Queen City Conquest and Phil and I take an In Depth look at Eldritch Horror while the show is bookended by the News on the front and the Geekery on the back. We also take another step closer to killing off the fiction.

The Bar

Class Warfare

Dynamite Licenses ‘Mage Wars’

Beta version of Delta Green v3 has been released for review.

Chill Kickstarter

Pro Level Gaming and Extra Life

The Workshop – Ken Hite on Espionage

In Depth – Eldritch Horror 

The Geekery

The Peripheral by William Gibson

Oct 17 2014

Pickman’s Model by H.P. Lovecraft

Pickman’s Model by H.P. Lovecraft

iIPNV9aqUYrGsHey Folks. This year as a little All Hallows Eve present I share one of my favorite H.P. Lovecraft stories, Pickman’s Model. I hope you enjoy this presentation and may all your fall activities be safe and horrific.

Oct 17 2014

MMP#133 – The Magic Circle


The Magic Circle

iIPNV9aqUYrGsHey Folks. Chris here and this week Phil and I sit down and talk about the Magic Circle, an idea brought to us by the listeners from a web series that talks about video games. We take the idea and talk about how it’s relevant to RPGs. Hope you enjoy.

This episode is sponsored by HyperSwarm, NCCF, and Collectors Inn.




Rapid Fires

Workshop – The Magic Circle

The Geekery

Oct 16 2014

Threats From Gallifrey Pt 2

TFG#1 New Frontiers



Part 2 of Episode 1.

Oct 16 2014

Threats From Gallifrey #1 New Frontiers

Threats From Gallifrey explores Bennie rewards in Savage Worlds, proposes a super Deadlands convention game, explores the Tolkein magic of The One Ring and goes to the edge of the universe with John Goff in The Last Parsec.


TFG#1 New Frontiers


Oct 13 2014

The TKV-Team Podcast, Episode 10: We Hope Sempai Noticed Us!

Hey, everyone! On today’s episode, we finally get around to discussing Gamer Gate… kinda. We also discuss some new releases, the plethora of issues of Drive Club, and some… interesting Halloween costume ideas. Enjoy! desubear

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Show Notes:

Karol reads tweets regarding the Gamer Gate controversy, and Tim and Joan react and discuss.

00:25:04: Spotlight on New Releases

  • Vib Ribbon PSN
  • Shadow of Mordor
  • Forza Horizon 2
  • Persona 4 Ultimax
  • KI Season 2
  • 3DS Super Smash Bros
  • …Driveclub

01:01:30: Our cases for Least Sexy Videogame-themed Halloween Costumes


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Oct 11 2014

MMP#132 – Doom Tracks & The Gameroom on DSJ

Doom Tracks and The Gameroom on DSJ

Hey Folks, Chris here. This week were in Dangerous Space Jail to see what’s wrong with me but while were here we go to the gameroom and then to the Garage to talk about Doom Tracks.

This episode is sponsored by HyperSwarm, Dungeoncast, and Collectors Inn.



Network Stuff – DwD&D and Patreon and working along on PtG of Fate
FFG Announces Second Expansion for Elder Sign
Soldiers of Pen and Ink: Trail Campaign in SPanish Civil War.
Two Things That Bear Repeating About GUMSHOE Scenarios
Sentinels of the Multiverse coming for Android and iPad Oct 16
Eldritch Horror: Mounts of Madness
Apocalypse Prevention Inc (v1) is PWYW for October.


Chill 3rd Edition
API version 2 KS Launched
Fung Shui 2 is going strong
One Shot Podcast


Collectors Inn

Rapid Fires

Rob D’s Random Damage in Fate
Pokemon Card game on iOS


The Harvest (QCC)
Pandemic (iOS)
Star Realms (online, G+ Community)
Galaxy Trucker
Airy Peaks
Plunder Dice
Dead of Winter
13th Age

The Garage – The Doom Track (Countdowns)


ERH season 4 coming in November
First few episodes of Agents of Shield
Starting a Board Game day at work
Superior Spiderman


Oct 09 2014

Threat Detected Even More Old Episodes

Hey gang, this is your old buddy Mayday Malone. I was just taking some old data discs off the hands of a pirate gang that made fun of my mother… and well… I found back issues of Threat Detected inside. Since I’m a sharing kind of guy, I thought I’d share the booty. Speaking of booty, you won’t believe who
I just ran into. Sirona O’Keefe. More on that in an episode of Threats From Gallifrey.

looting chesst

130411 Looting Chests Pt1 

130411 Looting Chests pt2

130328 Mayday and Chalahab pt2

130421 Still Alive

130505 May the Fourth Be With You

130523 Special Kind of Jedi Hell pt1

130523 Special Kind of Jedi Hell pt2

130606 Docking Bay Charade Pt1

130606 Docking Bay Charade Pt2

130508 Everbody Blames the Dice pt1

130508 Everbody Blames the Dice pt2

Oct 08 2014

DwD&D#7 – Robert Adducci on AL and OP and The Rogue

Robert Adducci and The Rouge

Hey Folks. This week were gonna take a look at Organizaed Play with Robert Adducci, the D&D OP community manager and then get into looking at the rouge from a class point of view and then through the lens of ways to make the rouge work at the table from the GM and Player side.

Finding Robert Adducci

D&D Adventurers League: www.DnDAdventurersLeague.org
Twitter: @DND_AdvLeague
Robert: Twitter @Raddu76

Oct 03 2014

MMP#131 – Scene Framing and Escape In Depth with Garrett Crowe


Scene Framing and Escape In Depth with Garrett Crowe

Hey Folks. This week we end our romp through time and space as we save Garrett from the Vogons and then save Phil but while doing so we talk about Scene Framing in the Workshop and do an in depth on Escape in the game room. Hope you enjoy our shenanigans and we’ll talk to you soon.

Sponsors for this episode are Collectors Inn, Swarmcore, and Dungeoncast.

Show Notes

2:52 – Bar

Cthulhu Wars’ Comes to Trade
Marvel Settles with Kirby Heirs
‘Star Realms’ Passes 50,000 Units
Galaxy Trucker on iPAD
Rivendale book for One Ring
The Last Parsec Kickstarter
The Dark Spiral is out
Boiling Point: A Super Heroic Adventure
Steamscapes: Asia Kickstarter
Dracula Dossier KS coming in Oct
Cross of Fire Saga Adventure Path for Pathfinder RPG
Feng Shui Kickstarter going strong
Island Dice Kickstarter

30:08 – Workshop – Scene Framing

1:01:55 – In Depth – Escape


Oct 01 2014

The TKV-Team Podcast, Episode: (78) 9

Hey, everyone! Welcome to a new (albeit a little bit late) episode of The TKV-Team Podcast! Today, we mess with audio settings a bit to talk about what we’ve been up to, including games we played, QCC, Magfest, and a little bit about the Playstation Home. You could consider this a ‘live, uncut’, if you will. Enjoy!

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Show Notes:

00:02:27: What are we playing?

Joan: Factory Settings (shameless, shameless plug), QCC recording, Jade Empire, Tangent about Metal Gear Solid
Karol: More Alice 2, Megaman X/ Maverick Hunter, PSP Go/PS3 monitor, Minish cap wiiu, Hyrule Warriors

49:13: whoops! Technical difficulties, so we get Tim to talk about his vidyagaems: Forza 5, Killer Instinct, Ryse, Battlefield 4, Assassins Creed IV, TwinBee Yahoo! Deluxe Pack, Daytona USA, Sailor Moon -Various Emotion, Bomberman

Points of Interest:

56:25: Quick QCC Recap

1:05:16: Magfest 8.5

1:13:11: Buffalo Game Space Kickstarter

1:17:28: Playstation Home Closing :(

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Karol’s Twitter: @blizzardjesus
Tim’s Twitter: @inkjetpowered
Joan’s Twitter: @lady_goggles
TKV-Team facebook: http://www.facebook.com/tkvteam

Oct 01 2014

102.X – Boiling Point & Base Raiders with Ross Payton and Peter Neilsen

Boiling Point & Base Raiders

Hey Folks. This time on the lounge we have Ross Payton and Peter Neilsen on to talk about Boiling Point, a superhero mini campaign for the Base Raiders RPG. As this is the lounge I also ask them some other questions about publishing, writing, being a lead designer, and what’s up with the new version of Delta Green. Hope you enjoy the show.

Show Notes

Zombies of the World

Road Trip

Pasty McDowel’s Tumbler


Delta Green Seminar from GenCon

Lovecraft meets Tradecraft from GenCon

Sep 30 2014

This Week in Geekdom – #12

Star Wars VII

Are the Stormtroopers Getting A Big Makeover in Star Wars: Episode VII?

Probably not THE storm troopers, but a clone set belonging to a mercenary group. The whole pile of Star Wars rumors confuse me, but the picture is kind of cool.




Last Week in Television

Forever – this was the most surprising of the new premiers for me. I’m pretty sure the premier used to be a Wholock fanfiction, between the rebirth, the ever present fob watch, and Henry Morgan IS Sherlock. The list of tropes used is already several pages long, and I’m sure tvtropes.com will confirm.

And despite all this, it was probably the most fun hour of crime procedural I’ve seen since early Castle.


Doctor Who – This week featured present Danny Pink more strongly than the past, this has one of my favorite relationship scenes in Doctor Who. It’s surprisingly not melodramatic, or soap opera-y, compared to most Doctor Who relationships, which pleased me. It’s also a pretty decent story, along the lines of The Lodger or School Reunion.


Agents of SHIELD – Also surprisingly good. To me, it’s what season one should have looked like. My opinion of the premier is  a little clouded because I was so angry with the terrible characterization of Simmons, and her lack of interest in anything but Fitz. It turns out the people running the show know what they’re doing.

This episode felt incredibly like a Whedon episode, more than anything in the past. The Fitz-Simmons plot, showing the new plane in the same way as Serenity was presented in ‘Out of Gas’ and the deaths. Also, something that struck me as very clever was how they chose to handle Agent Carter. It seems they two shows will share a single villain, which means Agent Carter will (likely) not only show how SHIELD was formed, but also how the modern villain was formed. It’s a cool crossover technique since they can’t properly crossover like Arrow and Flash


Once Upon a Time

This surprisingly didn’t suck. I like how they handled Elsa, Ana, and the rest. And it could be cool to see Emma and the rest with a new villain that none of them ever heard of. so if you were a fan, and were debating whether or not to watch this season, then I suggest you do. If you weren’t a fan, the first two seasons are pretty good, and are online in various places.


Gotham, Haven, and Sleepy Hollow – I haven’t watched any of these, and will likely binge watch them at a future date. They were on last week, and will be on again next week.


Next Week in Television

Basically exactly what was around last week.  I’m especially looking forward to Doctor Who, because I think Danny will be in the TARDIS, but I’m always excited for Doctor Who, and usually wrong about what’s going to happen.


Since there isn’t much going on except what telelvision reviews, I’ll leave you with this if you haven’t seen it. Captain Mal Reynolds, Star Lord, and Han Solo talk about shooting first in Lego Form.

Sep 30 2014

Adventures on Ryloth in Threat Detected

I didn’t realize how many episodes we gave to the pre-module on Ryloth. Wow. It’s almost its own podcast. Nonetheless, I’m happy to present the episodes from this era of our d20radio.com run, taking you back about a year in releases. It’s a great place to start if you’re catching up from the beginning.


bucket of fungus

130620 Diagnosing Leia Organa Pt1

130620 Diagnosing Leia Organa Pt2

131212 Most Inappropriate Cartoon Ever

131122 Dread Trandoshan Peggy

131031 Great to Be Back Pt1

131031 Great to Be Back Pt2

131021 Spoilers Campaign Complete

130919 Bucket of Glo Fungus Pt1

130919 Bucket of Glo Fungus Pt2

130826 Fast and Loose at GenCon

130811 Ryloth Noir Pt1

130811 Ryloth Noir Pt2


Sep 29 2014

102.X – Steamscapes: Asia with Eric Simon

Steamscapes Asia with Eric Simon

Hey Folks. This week in the lounge we have Eric Simon of Four in Hand games to talk about his Steamscapes: Asia kickstarter, Steampunk, the best gamer wedding I’ve ever heard of, and some dodgy hints at upcoming products from Four in Hand games. I hope you enjoy and go take a look at Steamscapes: Asia. It’s a very cool look at Alt history.

Show Notes

Steamscapes: Asia

Kronocalypse: Savage Worlds Time Travel

The House on the Rock

The Widening Gyre

The Last Parsec


My Brother, My Brother and Me

Sep 27 2014

MMP130 – Ken Hite, Garrett Crowe, & AMP Year One

Ken Hite, Garret Crowe, & AMP Year one

Hey Folks. This week we have Garrett Crowe on to talk about his shows which are coming or already on Misdirected Mark Prodcutions, Threat Detected and Threats from Galifrey. We also have Ken Hite’s Horror in Gaming panel from the Queen City Conquest, and the last part of the AMP Year one review.

Sponsors of this episode: Swarm Core, Seeley & Kane’s, and Dungeoncast

Show Notes

3:16 – News

Lords of Nal Hutta
5th Doctor source book
One Ring: New Edition
Feng Shui 2
Dracula Dossier
What happened at the Queen City Conquest

23:03 – Gameroom

45:14 – Workshop – Horror in Gaming with Ken Hite

1:32:40 – RPG Review: AMP Year one GM Side

1:43:15 – Geekery

Sep 26 2014

Vintage Threat Detected Podcast Episodes Vol 1

Over the next few weeks, I’ll upload the full Threat Detected library for listener enjoyment.




140710 Money Talks Bull Sith Walks

140305 Facilitating Joy 2

140304 Facilitating Joy

140428 If You Like Twileks 2

140428 If You Like Twileks 1

140414 Ryloth Chainsaw Massacre

140331 Always on Autofire 02

140331 Always on Autofire 01

140702 Sith Wizard pt 2

140702 Sith Wizard pt 1

140616 Dont Get Cocky Kid pt2

140616 Dont Get Cocky Kid pt1

140906 I Am Not A Sith pt2

140906 I Am Not A Sith pt1

140723 Absolutes












Sep 25 2014

DwD&D #6 – Fighter Finished, QCC & AL update, Classed up Storytelling

Fighter finished, QCC & AL update, Storytelling from Class

What is up. We’re back with another episode of Down with D&D and this time we have the Mad Wizard back with us to chat about the rest of the Fighter along with what is up in Adventure League play and how D&D worked out at the Queen City Conquest. The Mad Wizard had to bail on us after that but fear not, we carry on to chat about how a class can inform what your character knows about the world and how you can bring that to the game table. Enjoy and we’ll be back in a fortnight.

Sep 25 2014

Threat Detected 61 Part 2

Do We Help Him


TD 061 Do We Hit Him or Help Him Part2


The Threat Detected adventure continues as our heroes decide whether to betray the legendary Luskin Exovar.

Sep 25 2014

TD 061 Do We Help Him Or Hit Him

Do We Help Him


TD 061 Do We Hit Him or Help Him Part1


“The eyes can never see what the mind views as impossible.” This is the catch phrase of Luskin Exovar, the Davy Crockett of the Star Wars universe. Our heroes become embroiled in multiple schemes under this legend’s roof on the resort world of Hosk.

Threat Detected proudly debuts on Misdirected Mark Productions with this new Threat Detected live play episode, including characters and plot hooks from the West End Games Wretched Hives of Scum and Villainy Sourcebook.

Sep 23 2014

Threat Detected Says Hello

The Threat Detected Podcast, originally from the d20radio.com network, now joins the Misdirected Mark family. As a sort of open house, we produced a video to show what we’re all about.


Sep 23 2014

This Week in Geekdom #11

Hey everyone. It’s been a fairly busy week, and a busier one in the next week – fall shows are starting!


Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice

Photos Of A Game Of Thrones Reunion And Natalie Dormer In Hunger Games!

I stole it from the internet, thus the watermarks.



This seems to be happening for real, except it belongs to CBS now. This means no Flash and Arrow tie-ins.




Photos Of A Game Of Thrones Reunion And Natalie Dormer In Hunger Games!


Star Wars

Daniel Craig (the current James Bond) will have a cameo.

This  video is a little weird, due to a twitter feud/ marketing scheme between Zack Snyder and J.J. Abrams. With the exception of the Batman tumbler on the bottom, this is apparently footage from the real model they’re using in the new movies.



This will be released on February 12, 2016 and will be PG-13.


Skull Island

The King Kong prequel announced at Comic Con seemed to be a joke of a movie to me. Except now Tom Hiddleston is the lead, so I guess it’s going to be all over the internet whether the movie is good or not.


Pride Prejudice and Zombies

It shouldn’t be a surprise this will become a movie. And in more casting news, Matt Smith will play Mr. Collins (the really annoying clergyman who never shuts up).


Last Week in Television

Doctor Who – this was a fun hour, as Clara and the Doctor go on a heist although they can’t remember why. I think it’s supposed to be partly a parody of the traditional heist, and didn’t include any actual security other than the monster of the week.That fell a little flat to me, but not to the same level of mess that was ‘The Robots of Sherwood.’ Definitely worth a watch for Who fans. Maybe I was just too exhausted to watch it.

Sleepy Hollow, Haven and Gotham, I can’t comment because I haven’t seen either yet. I’m hoping Gotham isn’t the wreck that I’m hearing it’s supposed to be. I can’t comment on Sleepy Hollow since I never saw it, but apparently it’s popular enough for even Fox to renew it.


This Week in Television

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. – it’s on tonight and I’m very excited for it. Apparently Lucy Lawless is staring, not just guest starring this season, and Haley Atwell as Agent Carter is in the show tonight which I’m looking forward to.

Once Upon A Time – I liked this before the Peter Pan story arc. The writers promised Elsa  isn’t related to Regina, so maybe they’ll do something interesting?

Doctor Who – this is going to be an Earth episode, in the more-or-less present. It seems reminiscent of ‘School Reunion’ in style, with the Doctor playing a part in a school. I’m very excited for it, except I’m biased.


Did I miss anything interesting to you? Your opinions on fall television? Leave it in the comments or on the facebook page.



Sep 18 2014

Things Coming in the Future – September 2014 edition

Hey Folks. Chris here from the Misdirected Mark Productions. I just wanted to throw info your way on what the next couple of months has in store for the network.

The Misdirected Mark Podcast has been going through some changes. Phil is now in charge of more of the shows operation allowing me to focus on things like growing the audience, advertising, and managing things like the Patreon project and to that we’ve already had our patreon’s who are at certain levels respond with what they’d like to see in the future of the show. There will be a Workshop Segment in October about something called The Magic Circle which if you’d like a preview of that you can watch it right here.

The RPG Review

In October the RPG review will continue as I go through Tremulus from Reality Blurs, an Ax inspired game using the idea’s from the stories of H.P. Lovecraft. Sean Preston wanted to get away from the Cthulhu mythos a bit and go for a more traditional Lovecraft feel with this one.

In November the RPG review will be looking at 13th Age. Rob Dorgan has been asking for a while for me to talk about 13th Age and I can finally say November is the month I can get to it. I’ll also be looking into getting Rob Heinsoo, Johnathan Tweet, or both on the show then. Right now there is a kickstarter going on for 13th Age in Glorantha by Rob Heinsoo Games. Check that out here.

In October we will be looking at a bunch of scary things. In the Garage we’ll be taking a look at Doom Tracks and Sanity as as a mechanic. In the Workshop there will be a discussion of the Magic Circle but we’ll also be talking about how to deal with the idea’s of insanity and horror at the game table. We’ll also hit an In-Depth on Eldritch Horror, the board game from Fantasy Flight.

Down with D&D & The TKV Team

Both of these shows will continue to put out episodes bi-weekly of both D&D goodness and dropping Video Game knowledge. The D&D crew will continue it’s adventures and to pour through the players handbook. The format will stay the same with three segments a show and keep to around a 45 minute long show. The TKV Team has informed me they plan on just keepin on with their conversation based format covering their backlogs of games played, news in the industry segments, and opinions on games from a variety of angles from game play to visual aesthetics.

I’d love to hear from you about how we’re doing with our shows and what we might be able to do better to inform and entertain you.

Chris Sniezak
Head of Operations at Misdirected Mark Productions

Sep 18 2014

MMP #129 – Eloy Lasanta, Supers, & Amp Year One

Eloy Lasanta, Supers, & Amp Year One

Hey Folks. This week we’re hurling through time and space to save Garrett Crowe from being Podfaded by Vogons. Unfortunately we run into a complication and end up in Tampa Bay. Fortunately Eloy Lasanta, the sage of the games of the 3rd eye, is there and we get to hang out with him, talk about what’s up with Third Eye Games, announce that Encoded Designs is working on a huge project for Third Eye Games, talk about Supers as a gaming Genre, and I dish on the character side and super powers for AMP Year One. Hope you enjoy. Don’t forget the survey which is closing soon, and game on.

This episode of the Misdirected Mark Podcast is Sponsored by Collectors Inn,  DungeonCast, and Swarm Core.

Note: There was an audio Mix up on my end and some sound effects were not quite where they were supposed to be and I couldn’t go back far enough with ctrl z to fix it. Apologies.

3:20 – Intro


This week on Down with D&D…

Survey Continues

G+ Community needs members

7:26 – Bar


Eloy’s Veelog & Part-Time Gods of Fate

Con on the Cob

API Kickstarter coming soon

Dice Master info

‘The End of the World’ RPG

Sentinels of the Multiverse coming to iOS and Android


Veranthea Codex

13th Age in Glorantha


The Queen City Conquest

30:07 – Gameroom

  1. Sentinels of the Multiverse
  2. Peggle 2
  3. Star Realms
  4. Eldritch Horror
  5. Minecraft
  6. Savage Elhal
  7. D&D 5e – Spelljammed
  8. A!C – Missed opportunity

43:33 – Workshop: Bringing out Genre: Supers

1:20:28 – RPG Review: AMP Year 1, Week 3, Character/Player

1:29:44 – Geekery

Garfunkle & Oates have a TV show
Dr. Who
Reading Mindjammers the Novel - enjoying it very much
Legend of Kora


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