Oct 03 2015

TFG12 Now That’s Stealing

On this episode of Threats From Gallifrey, Garrett’s joined by Mark Knapik, head honcho of Queen City Conquest. Plus, Tim Hannon and Chris Sniezak, fellow Marshals of the Inaugural running of the Deadlands Rampage.

Karl Keesler, Savage Worlds props master can be found here.
Queen City Conquest can be found here.

Garrett’s Extra Life Donation Page is here 

      1. TFG#11 Now Thats Thievery - Threats From Gallifrey


Oct 01 2015

Geekin’ Out Reaction – Agents of Shield: The Laws of Nature S3E1

Geekin OutChris and Jessie are together to react and talk about the season premier of Agents of Shield: The Laws of Nature. This is spoiler heavy so be aware and keep on Geekin on.

Oct 01 2015

MMP#175 – Gaming online with Senda from She’s a Super Geek

iIPNV9aqUYrGsHey Folks. On this episode of the Misdirected Mark podcast we have a bit of a catastrophic in the gameroom when Phil finds out Chris has joined the Enlightened in Ingress but before that we get extradimentional with Senda from She’s a Super geek and pick her brain about gaming online in the workshop. Hope you enjoy and hope to be here next week with Phil.

She’s a Super Geek

Time Stamps

4:11 -What’s Going On

15:14 – The Extra Dimensional Social Media Depository

33:31 – The Podcast Family

44:05 – The Workshop

1:24:20 – The Gameroom

Sep 29 2015

TKV Team Podcast 49 | “You and the Kapp’n”

TKVTeam_Logo2015This week, Karol and Tim reflect on the market placement of the Vita in light of a Jason Schreier piece, confront Karol’s White Whales, and note a highlight of dystopian writing in the form of Halo’s ongoing “radio” plays.

Sep 29 2015

DwD&D#24 – NPC Chat

DownwithD&DAre you ready to get down. I know I am. Sorry we’re a week late but the Mad Wizard and I are back to talk about NPCs and a rules point from the Sage Advice column concerning elves. So strap in and enjoy a little Down with D&D.

Character Cache Patreon Project

Sep 25 2015

Geekin’ Out – Heroes Reborn ep 1-2

Geekin OutIt’s fall TV season and we’re in talking about our first reactions to Heroes Reborn as we go to our new way to record, Blab IM. In the future we’ll schedule these things and bring you folks on to talk with us. Keep on Geekin’ On.


Sep 22 2015

MMP#174 – Advancement Points & Lasers Feelings

iIPNV9aqUYrGsHey Folks. On this episode of misdirected mark podcast we’re going to recap our QCC experience, see what comes out of the social media depository, talk about advancement points in our garage, and then go to the third floor of the house to get our feelings out with some lasers.

Time Stamps

1:28 – What’s Going On

20:35 – Extradimentional Social Media Depository

37:23 – A Moment of Gaming & BS



48:00 – The Garage: Advancement Points

1:22:58 – Game Spotlight: Lasers & Feelings


Sep 22 2015

TKV Team Podcast 48 | “QCC, Easy as 1-2-3”

TKVTeam_Logo2015This week, Karol and Tim bring good tidings from Queen City Conquest 2015. Anecdotes from the gaming floor and our best impressions of the news we missed. Tim meets the mayor, Karol eats questionable BBQ, and a blossoming realization of our own mortality are prelude to your listening pleasure.

Sony finally gives a name to it’s VR headset (appropriately called PlayStation VR), and TGS signals a new season of games to be delayed to next year.

Sep 15 2015

TKV Team Podcast 47 | “MarioWare DIY”

TKVTeam_Logo2015This week, Karol and Tim play both catch-up and waiting game with new releases, and weigh the pros and cons of staying up for a late-night Sony conference. Early-morning news out of Japan about Nintendo’s new CEO punctuates Apple’s gaming-flavored hardware reveals. It’s a good week, and appropriately enough, we end on a high note about the upcoming Queen City Conquest 2015.

Sep 15 2015

MMP#173 – Planning

Hey Folks. This week we talk about planning and were supposed to talk about our feelings and lasers but we hijacked the plan mid stream and decided to talk about the Queen City Conquest with marketing director Shawn Gilgore. Hope you enjoy and we’ll talk to you next week post con.

Time Stamps

1:30 – What’s Going On

16:53 – The Extra Dimensional Social Media Depository

34:40 – A Moment of Gaming and BS

45:17 – The Workshop: Planning

1:21:42 – Game Spotlight: The QCC

Sep 13 2015

Threats From Mirkwood Episode 2 Naur Fuin

The Company of the Whiskey Drinking Bear continues in this exciting actual play vidcast.

An artifact from the First Age is taken, along with a bodyguard of King Thranduil’s.  The Company stumbles into a trap meant to ensnare the King of the Woodland Realm. Will the company outsmart the ancient evil, or will their story end?

Watch the show here.

This campaign’s made possible by the generous contribution of the Threats From Gallifrey/Threat Detected Podcasts Patreon. For a ten dollar monthly pledge, you too can join the Company.



Sep 11 2015

Misdirected Mark Podcast Episode #173 Teaser – Planning

iIPNV9aqUYrGsHey Folks. On our next episode we cover planning in RPGs in the workshop. As I love to define terms here’s the definition of plan:



: a set of actions that have been thought of as a way to do or achieve something
: something that a person intends to do
: a detailed agreement for telephone service, medical care, insurance, etc.


Don’t worry, I’m pretty sure out discussion will cover the first of those definitions but I wonder what kind of insurance plan I can get as an adventurer.

Anyways the rest of the show with have the Extra Dimensional Social Media Depository and a Game Spotlight on Laser’s and Feelings which you can get for free over at OneSevenDesign.com

Hope to see you online on Tuesday evening at 8:45 for the live recording on our website in the chat room where we stream the show.

Sep 09 2015

MMP#172 – The Weird

iIPNV9aqUYrGsHey Folks. This week we talk about the weird, what it means, and how you can make things weird in RPGs. We also get to the Gameroom for more than 40 games played total between the two of us and have our social media depository. Enjoy and we’ll talk to you again soon.

Time Stamps

0:52 – What’s Going On

8:19 – Social Media Depository

24:10 – A Moment of Gaming & BS

32:12 – The Workshop: The Weird

1:14:05 – The Gameroom

Sep 09 2015

DwD&D#23 – Hillsfar and More

DownwithD&DAre you ready to get down with some more D&D? You better believe it. This week we tackle Harried in Hillsfar with the designer of the scenario Shawn Merwin. What? He’s already a host of the show? How perceptive of you and that made landing him on the show that much easier. Hope you enjoy and let us know what you think.


Extra Life for D&D

Sep 08 2015

TKV Team Podcast 46 | “Too Hot in Herre”

TKVTeam_Logo2015Karol and Tim do everything possible to avoid talking about the Konami-shaped elephant in the room that is the release of the new Metal Gear, so we gripe about the heat and hit up some unexpected news of a new Pikmin. We also play catch-up on recent playtime with games new and old. Tim bites his tongue so he won’t bore the room about a certain racing title hitting in just a scan few days. We make no mention of Marty O’Donnel wrecking house in the legal sense in his case against Bungie, but that’s also a thing that happened. Happy Tuesday.

Sep 04 2015

Geekin Out 7ish

Geekin OutTime to geek in an outward direction. We are back with geekin out number 7ish and on this episode we catch up on some geek news and things we’ve been watching and into, get down with some Star Wars talk because Star Wars, and then have a Dave’s highly subjective topic concerning Lola. Enjoy and keep on geekin on.

Sep 03 2015

You Gave a Lightsaber to Who Part 2

Part Two of the Threat Detected Podcast Episode 70.

You Gave Lightsaber

      1. TD 070 You Gave a Lightsaber to Who Pt 2 - Threat Detected

Sep 03 2015

Threat Detected You Gave a Lightsaber to Who

The Threat Detected heroes split up. Tor, Kelyn, Khalic, N3M0 and Tull head to Almas to hunt down Inquisitor Draco… and negotiate a trade settlement with unlikely allies.

Support the Threat Detected Patreon.

You Gave Lightsaber

      1. TD 070 You Gave a Lightsaber to Who Pt 1 - Threat Detected

Sep 02 2015

MMP#171 – With a Little Help From My Friends

Hey Folks. This time a few song lyrics.iIPNV9aqUYrGs

What would you do if I played out of turn
Would you stand up and walk out on me?
Lend me your dice and I’ll roll a d10
And I’ll try not to crit too badly

I get by with a little help from my friends
Mm, I got a die with a little help from my friends
Mm, gonna try with a little help from my friends

If you didn’t figure it out we’re talking about teamwork in games.

Time Stamps

It was never said – What’s Going On

11:22 – Social Media Depository

26:25 – A Moment of Gaming & BS

33:39 – Garage


Sep 02 2015

TKV Team Podcast | “Crossy Roads, Take Me Home”

TKVTeam_Logo2015This week prompted by some reactions to early word on MGS V The Phantom Pain, Karol and Tim share some points on value propositions in  games, and how during the “Golden Age” of the arcade, game makers were predatory as heck. Karol and Tim both had some heavy play-time this past week, and bounce back and forth on the details.

Namco does something right and hires the minds behind Crossy Roads to make a modern Pac-Man, and everything about it is amazing. Capcom actually release a videogame, but it ends up just being six of their old ones. Hopefully you like “classic” sidescrollers.

Sep 01 2015

New Threat Detected on Friday

Aug 30 2015

ToM 001 Threats of Mirkwood Vidcast Begins

Because of the generous contributions of the Threats From Gallifrey/Threat Detected Podcast Patreon, we have a brand new vidcast of AP of The Darkening of Mirkwood Campaign for The One Ring RPG.

A huge shout out to Mike Bowman, George Cline and Mike Slawienski for making this possible. There are still three seats available at this gaming table, which will meet online monthly. Until more Patreon supporters are added to the campaign, George and Mike’s kids will fill out the table and join the Company of the Whiskey Drinking Bear.

An editing note… the show ends abruptly after a background Windows update knocked me out of Google Hangouts, and I had to eventually reload my computer, ending the recording. Only a few minutes of content was lost, but we’ll recap it next time, September 12, 2015.

Also, I don’t know how audible the background music and ambiance sounds are, but I’m using music from the Brobdingnagian Bards CD Memories of Middle Earth.

Enjoy the magic that is the One Ring at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RQbS_MFmbDk



Aug 26 2015

DwD&D#22 – Magic & Dragon+

DownwithD&DAre you ready to get down with some spell slinging sorcery and a bit of the Dragon or in this case Dragon+. Well I am and you should be too. Join us on this episode as we get advice from the swing to not drink the apple cider in the underdark and be aware of the Demons as they Rage through out the caverns.

Aug 26 2015

MMP#170 – Never Design Alone and RPG a Day Lightning Round

iIPNV9aqUYrGsHey Folks. On this episode of the Misdirected Mark podcast we cover all of the RPG a Day in one episode and we talk about our never design alone philosophy and a few of the projects we’re working on for Encoded Designs. Hope you enjoy and looking forward to hearing what you think. Also a big congrats to Gaming & BS for their 50th episode and thank you to everyone who participated in the chatroom for this episode. It was awesome to have so many of you there.

Time Stamps

1:19 – What’s Going On

5:41 – Lightning Round 1-10

9:37 – Extra Dimensional Social Media Depository

29:33 – A Moment of Gaming & BS

35:27 – Lightning Round 11-20

39:28 – The Lab : Never Design Alone

1:22:38 – Lightning Round 21-31

Aug 25 2015

TKV Team Podcast 44 | “A Profit Without Honor”

Show write-up will be forthcoming.TKVTeam_Logo2015

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