Jul 28 2015

DwD&D#20 – Madness and Alex Has IT!!!

DownwithD&DAre. You. Ready!!! To get down with some D&D. Cause we are and GENCON is almost upon us.  So with that, the Rage of Demons,and the Sword Coast Handbook announced, the podcast madness is palpable. Also Beholder body shaming.


The Sword Coast Handbook

Extra Sword Coast Handbook information

Madness Comes to Adventurers League

Mom’s Basement Podcast

Jul 24 2015

A Different Kind of Master Pt2

The dungeon crawl through Bucho’s lair’s complete. The BBEG remains one turbolift away, and his spoils are taken by our heroes… except the Jedi, who doesn’t need any material wealth.
Sirona’s Sauna answers a question about grappling and rewiring droids. Angelic Doctor shares a dramatic skill challenge. Plus, Ramma makes a friend.


      1. TD 069 A Different Kind of Master Pt2 - Threat Detected Podcast

Jul 24 2015

Threat Detected A Different Kind of Master

The dungeon crawl through Bucho’s lair’s complete. The BBEG remains one turbolift away, and his spoils are taken by our heroes… except the Jedi, who doesn’t need any material wealth.
Sirona’s Sauna answers a question about grappling and rewiring droids. Angelic Doctor shares a dramatic skill challenge. Plus, Ramma makes a friend.

      1. TD 069 A Different Type of Master Pt1 - Threat Detected Podcast

I answered a question concerning maps appropriate for Episode 6: Core of Corruption. I found these maps at  to be extremely useful for all urban scifi needs.
For the conclusion of Core of Corruption, I recommended using elevation tactics to add bridges, pits, linked together with Galaxy Tiles… and of course Chris West’s Maps of Mastery Battle Station maps.
Finally, check out the Aethercon Summer Round Table Series. Join us September 21st to watch live and ask questions of Fantasy Flight Games’s Sam Stewart and crew.

Finally, support your Threat Detected Podcast through our patreon.

Jul 22 2015

MMP#165 – Creating Advanatges

iIPNV9aqUYrGsHey Folks. This week in the house Misdirected we talk about the Create an Advantage action in the garage and then expound on the idea and how it appears in other games. We also deal with the coins and gems of the Extra Dimensional Social Media Depository and finish up in the Gameroom. We hope you enjoy the show.

Time Stamps

0:33 – What’s Going On

8:22 – The Extradimentional Social Media Depository

22:20 – A Moment of Gaming & BS

37:42 – The Garage: Creating Advantages

1:10:41 – The Gameroom

Jul 21 2015

TKV Team Podcast 39 | “Pertinent Features”

TKVTeam_Logo2015This week’s show is highlights from EVO 2015, a crowd-funded Earthbound convention streamed on Twitch, the sandwich of Doctor Who and Back to the Future in Lego Dimensions, and social obligations after leaving town for the weekend. Also, fuzzy pickles and arcade-stick trends in the FGC.

As a bonus, here’s a video of Karol playing the Galaxy Force II arcade machine he rebooted at Skylon Tower in Canada.

Jul 20 2015

GO – Comicon and Beyond

The geek bus has come and gone and in it’s wake is everything from comicon. That’s right, My Girl Friday, Jessie, has gathered up some of the most interesting bits from San Diego comicon and we mull them over and geek out all over the place. So let us geek in an outward direction.


Agent Carter vs Agents of Sheild dubsmash war

The Geekin’ Out Facebook Group

Ash vs the Evil Dead

Jul 15 2015

MMP#164 – Con Comfort or What and Why you Preparing for Con Games

iIPNV9aqUYrGsHey Folks. On this episode of the Misdirected Mark Podcast we talk about how to get comfortable running your con games which is some combination of confidence and presentation. We’ll explain ourselves, don’t worry. Also a little comicon trailer talk for the cool stuff that’s coming up.

Time Stamps

1:08 – What’s Going On

10:28 – Extradimentional Social Media Depository

22:02 – A Moment of Gaming & BS

26:42 – The Workshop: Con Comfort

Phil’s Gnome Stew Hand Out Article

1:12:53 – The Geekery: Comicon Trailers

Jul 14 2015

DwD&D#19 – The Psionics of it all

DownwithD&DYou ready to get down with some D&D. This time we’re talking about head games, or mystics, or Psionics since the latest unearthed arcana bring this to the game. We also cover what’s new in D&D including D&D pint glasses and Physics in D&D. Not really, it’s more of a joke.


D&D Pint Glasses

Baulder’s Gate: Siege of Dragonspear

Unearthed Arcana: Waterborne Adventures

D&D Physics based Q&A

Unearthed Arcana: The Awakened Mystic

Swingle’s YouTube Channel

Jul 14 2015

TKV Team Podcast 38 | “Pour One Out”

TKVTeam_Logo2015This week’s show comes at the head of some very sad news in the gaming world. Satoru Iwata , the President of Nintendo, passed away at the age of 55 the day of our recording. Karol and Tim open with discussion about a survey of arcades on a trip to the Canadian side of Niagara Falls, and close with our reactions to Mr. Iwata’s passing.

We have photos from our Canadian trip on the TKV Team Facebook page.

Jul 12 2015

The Lounge: Legendary Planets & Games

iIPNV9aqUYrGsHey Folks. This week on the lounge I have Jason Nelson and Neil Spicer from Legendary Games on to talk about themselves, Legendary Games, and the Legendary Planet Kickstarter. What is the Legendary Planet Kickstarter you ask? Well here’s a little taste:

Interplanetary Adventure, New Worlds, Ancient Civilizations, Alien Species, and more, with a delightful mix of magic and technology, with a dash of psionics and mythic challenges! Legendary Games brings you an eight-part, sword-and-planet adventure path; authored by some of the biggest names in the RPG business. Legendary Planet will take your characters across the multiverse, traveling alien gateways created by ancient, god-like beings to exotic worlds and back again in an incredible campaign like none other. Sword-swingers and spell-slingers stand alongside scoundrels and seekers for cosmic enlightenment as they  unravel conspiracies and cryptic alliances bent on universal domination… or annihilation!

If that caught your attention you can check out the kickstarter by clicking the link below or listen in to hear right from the martian’s mouth.

Legendary Planet Kickstarter

Jul 08 2015

RB&VM#1 (MMP#163) – Rockerboys and Vending Machines present the CON GAME

iIPNV9aqUYrGsARE YOU READY TO ROOOOOCCCCCKKKKK! On this, this first, and possibly only, episode of ROCKER BOYS AND VENDING MACHINES your hosts Phil ROCKER BOY Vecchione and Chris THE VENDOR Sniezak will provide you with all the gaming goodness for a con game you can fit into one episode!!!!! So strap in and get ready to have diamonds spat at you left and right on ROCKER BOYS and VENDING MACHINES!!!!



Focal Point Preorder


Legendary Planet Kickstarter

World War Cthulhu Kickstarter

10:59 – MAIL BAG


Bonus BS where Chris Crashes Phil’s Interview


Phil’s Gnome Stew Handout Article

Jul 07 2015

TKV Team Podcast 37 | “Nasal Considerations”

TKVTeam_Logo2015This week, Karol and Tim catch up on some post-E3 gaming, and talk a bit about current and upcoming titles we’ve been playing amidst the hubbub of a year’s worth of news slapped into a week-long convention. Also, nasal congestion. We briefly follow up on a conversation about what makes a character attractive, which came up after a media interview with the team working on the new Legend of Zelda.

There’s also some news in the making, as some guy finds a priceless gaming artifact in his dad’s storage.

Jul 03 2015

TFG Episode 9 Side 3

This is the conclusion of Threats From Gallifrey #9, including The Fellowship with Rich.


      1. TFG#9 Come Game With Me Side3 - Threats From Gallifrey

Jul 03 2015

TFG Side 2

This is the second part of Threats From Gallifrey #9, featuring Time Lord Tayna discussing the Doctor Who: Adventures in Time and Space RPG.


      1. TFG#9 Come Game With Me Side2 - Threats From Gallifrey

Jul 03 2015

Threats From Gallifrey Come Game With Us Side 1

Threats From Gallifrey presents an epic episode. Garrett launches his Patreon. Rob and Tony discuss discourse in the gaming group. Savage Tim gets the Sixth Gun on the table. Time Lord Tayna teaches us how to write like Steven Moffat. In the Fellowship of Rich, we learn how deadly the Ruins of the North adventures are.

The Middle Earth map replicas Rich discussed can be acquired here
or here.
The Sixth Gun Kickstarter can be found here


      1. TFG#9 Come Game With Me Side1 - Threats From Gallifrey


Jul 01 2015

MMP#162 – Focal Point

iIPNV9aqUYrGsHey Folks. This week we’re not together. Phil is out in the field this week but we’re still bringing you the show and we’re gonna focus down to a point on Focal Point, the newest offering from Engine Publishing. We also have the Lounge, the Gameroom, a moment of Gaming & BS, and our Cybertek update. Hope you enjoy.

Time Stamps

Not Really Our Sponsors

Not Your Fathers Root Beer
Engine Publishing

7:24 – Game Spotlight

PTGoF Kickstarter

Undying KS

Blue Rose KS

18:15 – Extradimentional Social Media Depository

Nathans Thread

29:00 – A Moment of Gaming & BS

33:25 – The Gameroom

Heat by Dave Chalker

Specter Ops Board Game

The Wandering Dragon Virtual Store Tour

57:17 – The Workshop: Focal Point

1:29:55 – Cybertek Update

Note: Vending Machines are deadly

1:39:35 – Project World

Jun 30 2015

TKV Team Podcast 36 | “Exceeding Lowered Expectations”


For part three of our E3 conference overviews, we snip the tail end of Microsoft’s offerings, and cover what EA, Ubisoft and Nintendo have on tap for the next year. We recount some brief hands-on with this holiday’s Mario Maker for Wii U and Zelda Triforce Adventure for 3DS, and share what are frankly some the most positive reactions we’ve had to a major press event. Something must have gone terribly wrong.

Jun 30 2015

DwD&D#18 – The Baldman

DownwithD&DWe get down this time with the Baldman from Baldman games, Dave Christ. He regales us with lore on how conventions work, we get some insider info on organized play from him and Shawn, find out about a lot of the D&D stuff going on at GenCon, and there’s still that what’s new in D&D section that covers Dragon+ and a few articles to come off D&D web site. So turn up your boom box and lets get down.

Jun 29 2015

Join Garrett at a Free Online Gaming Convention


Garrett Crowe proudly supports Aethercon, a free online gaming convention. Not only are there tons of online games via roll20, but the industry’s leaders drop by to answer the viewers’ questions about their product lines or various gaming topics.  Misdirected Mark’s Christopher Sniezak and Phil Vecchione will moderate several of the panels November 13-15th.

During the summer, Garrett leads a team of podcasters to record sit down interviews with our favorite game designers. Watch Garrett chat with Paranoia’s Greg Costikyan and James Wallis… or ask them questions. Thursday, 6/29, 6pm… CLICK HERE.

Jun 29 2015

Geekin Out#4 – Rebels and Magic Duels

Geekin OutOh Emm Gee. We’re back already with the fourth episode of Geekin’ Out and this time we’re chatting up news and there was a spider man announcement, then we take a look at Star Wars Rebels and the Clone Wars cartoon, and finish up with another of Dave’s top ten lists on Magic Duels.

0:39 – The Geekin Out News

15:11 – Rebels and Clone Wars

Clone Wars chronology list

27:47 – Dave’s Highly Subjective Top Ten List: Magic Duels

Jun 28 2015

Geekin Out#3 – Blockbusters or Nothing

Geekin OutOn this episode of Geekin’ Out we talk up a bunch of news and then get into a new segment, Dave’s highly subjective top ten list. Take a listen and let us know what we could do to improve.

0:40 – Geekin’ Out News

28:42 – Dave’s Highly Subjective Top Ten: Creepy Old Men


Jun 24 2015

MMP#161 – Religion

iIPNV9aqUYrGsHey Folks. This week on the Misdirected Mark Podcast Phil pulls out his soap box as we talk about religion in games. But before all the holy rollin’ there will be the Lobby with all the usual suspects, and a cybertek update, before we get to geekin out a bit in the geekery.

Time Stamps


3:38 – Network Announcements

8:27 – What’s Going On

15:14 – Game Spotlight

PTGoF Kickstarter

BigBad Con

Sharp Mountain Games

20:07 – A Moment of Gaming & BS

25:34 – Extradimentional Social Media Depository

36:53 – The Workshop: Religion in RPGs

1:26:40 – Cybertek Update

1:36:19 – The Geekery

Jun 24 2015

Threat Detected Vintage Volume 3

Here’s the next batch of vintage Threat Detected episodes. It includes my first ever running of the Fantasy Flight Games Star Wars system, in a holiday special on Tatooine.
There’s an episode where the spouses of Star Wars gamers compare notes… and I don’t look too good compared to some of the hubbies.
We even go to the latter episodes of First to Strike, as Mount Antas gets stormed… and as Moppo becomes a Jedi Knight. These sessions include my wife Mari, cartographer extraordinaire Christopher West, amazing gamer and artist Ryan Walsh and even Donovan Morningfire.



      1. 121213 What Would Bruce Willis Do - Threat Detected Podcast

gonna carve you

      2. 130110 Gonna Carve You Like a Xmas Bantha - Threat Detected Podcast
      3. 130110 Gonna Carve You Like a Xmas Bantha Pt2 - Threat Detected Podcast

only death can pay

      4. 130116 Only Death Can Pay For Life Day Pt1 - Threat Detected Podcast
      5. 130116 Only Death Can Pay For Life Day Pt2 - Threat Detected Podcast


space rabies

      6. 130131 Space Rabies and the Bloody Credit Pt1 - Threat Detected Podcast
      7. 130131 Space Rabies and the Bloody Credit Pt2 - Threat Detected Podcast


      8. 130214 Force Powers For Every Occasion Pt1 - Threat Detected Podcast
      9. 130214 Force Powers For Every Occasion P2 - Threat Detected Podcast


      10. 130314 31 Flavors of Destruction pt1 - Threat Detected Podcast
      11. 130314 31 Flavors of Destruction pt2 - Threat Detected Podcast

Jun 23 2015

TKV Team Podcast 35 | “Videogames were a mistake”

TKVTeam_Logo2015This week, we bring you the second installment of our E3 2015 coverage, as we talk over major points from the Sony and Microsoft conference announcements. We ignore obvious points of excitement, overplay minor details, and generally give you a cross-section of what makes this hobby so great. Next week, look forward to part 3, which will cover EA, Ubisoft, and Nintendo’s slice of gamin’ goodness from Los Angeles.

Jun 17 2015

DwD&D#17 – Unearthed Arcana & Errata

DownwithD&DAre you ready to get down with some D&D. We are as we try and groove on the new errata for the PHB and chat up the newest Unearthed Arcana. We hope you enjoy the show and get down with some D&D. Go kill some monsters.


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