Nov 19 2013

Patreon #4 – Geek Fitness and Gnomes at GenCon

Geek Fitness and Gnomes at GenCon

Hey Folks. Chris here with another installment of the Patreon series. Tangent Twin Katie and I talk about some of the geekier ways to get in shape this time around and we have a bonus on the end in the form of the Gnome Stew panel from GenCon 2013. I unfortunately lost all the pictures.


Show Notes

Zombies RunNerd Fitness, Fit Bit, SCA, Dagohir, quidditch leagues, LASH, Kickball

Nov 13 2013

Episode #88 – Gaming & Relationships and Knapik is Deranged


Gaming & Relationships and Knapik is Deranged


Hey Folks. Chris here and we’ve got another installment of the show for you. This time we have a panel of folks who tell us all about their experiences as gamers with significant others and give some advice for being gamers and having healthy relationships. Mark also might be suffering from the effects of being beaten by the Evil Hat. There are a few audio glitches but that’s because Mark was wearing his aluminum foil hat.

Sponsors for the Show – Level 99 Games and Seeley and Kane’s Comics

0:53 – Intro
3:14 – Watercooler

The Actual Play Festival by Ginger Goat
We are all Strange Video
World Wide D&D Gameday is November 16th. Buffalo D&D Encounters Facebook Group
Father and Sun Galaxy
Garrett Crowe and Threat Detected
Prismatic Tsunami Quarterly
Eon Altar
Artimis Night at UB on the 3rd Monday of November

Level 99 games spot

17:05 – Gameroom

Gaming With Baby

Smash up
King of Tokyo
La Strada
Blood Bowl

Dresden Files

42:26 – Workshop: Gaming and Relationships at MiniCon

1:24:27 – Geekery

Thanksgiving Vampire Larp at the Buffalo Screening Room
The Age of Genre TV. Arrow and Dracula

Nov 07 2013

Episode #87 – The Strange with Bruce Cordell

The Strange with Bruce Cordell

The Strange

Hello Folks. Chris here and we’ve got a good one for you today. The Prophet of Carter Morrison is here to tell you all about The Strange. Who’s the prophet you ask? Why it’s Bruce Cordell and think the interview is quiet good. We also have the return of the Marks favorite ass chapper as Tony returns for the second You Know What Really Chaps My Ass segment. Mark is also absent as he chases down the Evil Hat of Fred Hicks. Man is that Hat Evil. Enjoy.

Sponsors for the Show – Seeley and Kanes, Evil Beagle, Level 99 Games

0:49 – Intro

1:27 – Watercooler

Kickstarter and the dangers of international shipping
The Evil Hat Street Team is now a thing.
MiniCon at UB is on November 9th – Gaming and relationships, Rm 114 Baldy Hall, 7pm – 8pm. Board Gaming to follow.
Post World Games update:
Torchbearer is available to purchase in print now.
The Firefly Cover has be revealed from Margret Wies Productions
Table Top – Halloween Episode
Level 99 Games – Power Play

Seeley and Kanes Comics

10:18 – Gameroom

Dungeon World
Cards Against Humanity
Blood Bowl the Video Game
Ticket to Ride on Android
D&D Encounters

13:06 – Lounge

Bruce Cordell and The Strange

Evil Beagle Games – Colossal Clash

54:44 – You Know What Really Chaps My Ass

1:01:11 – Geekery

Oct 30 2013

Episode #86 – Horror Games and Con on the Cob Part II

Horror Games and Con on the Cob Part II

popcorn press

Hey Folks. Chris here and we’re gonna talk about horror RPGs you might be interested in picking up. I also have a chat I had with Lester Smith from Popcorn Press and a Fate discussion with Pete Figtree of Ruthless Diastema and Tom Flanagan from Knight of the Night.

Sponsors for the Show – Level 99 Games, Seeley and Kanes

0:50 – Intro
I got the Evil Hat from Fred Hicks but now it’s running loose in the house.

3:06 – Watercooler

How to run a small gaming business
The Devil’s Spine
Station 10
FFG is hiring
The 13th age SRD is now available
Level 99 Games Spot – Power play. Competitive Narrative Gaming.
Queen City Conquest Sept 19-21
Running Gagg

10:00 – Gameroom 

Gaming w/ baby

The Fate of Elhal – get to the monkey
Love Letter
Ticket to Ride
Kingdom Builder
D&D Encounters

encounters tomb of horrors
dresden files

32:05 – Workshop – Creepy ass games

Call of Chthulu 

Trail of Chthulu


Nights Black Agents

Silent Memories


Zombie Cinema

Final Girl

43:03 – Rest of Con on the Cob material

Lester Smith and Pop Corn Press
Core RPG

Pete Figtree and Tom Flannagan Fate Chat

1:40:59 – Geekery

Grimm and Doctor Who

Oct 24 2013

Episode #85 – Fred Hicks and Con on the Cob

Fred Hicks and Con on the Cob

Con on the Cob Banner

Hey Folks. Today we have Fred Hicks from Evil Hat Productions and a bunch of interviews with people from Con on the Cob. I love me some Con on the Cob. Look for the Con on the Cob lost audio files which will be coming soon with a chat with Lester Smith from Popcorn Press and formerly of TSR.

Sponsors for the Show – Level 99 Games, Seeley and Kanes, and Evil Beagle Games

1:59 – Intro

3:18 – Watercooler

The Quest Kick Kickstarter
The Strange Kickstarter
Bones kickstarter 2
Obsidian portal News
Rob’s Game Group and Game Traders
Level 99 games spot – Noir is still on sale but you won’t get it before holloween.

10:03 – Gameroom

Gaming with Baby

D&D Encounters

D&D Encounters
Con on the Cob Recap
Eminent Domain
Cantabury by Andrew Parks
1740 Demo 1740
Fate – Superheros with Knights of the Night’s Tom Flanagan and Ruthless Diastema’s Pete FIgtree
25:48 – On the Floor interviews
Growling Door Games

1:06:57 – LoungeFred Hicks of Evil Hat Productions

2:01:21 – Geekery

Epic Rap battles of History
Con on the Cob Parties
God Strike Tempest

GST3 GST2 GST1 GST whole

Oct 17 2013

Episode #84 – Numenera

084 – Numenera

Hello Folks, Today we’re taking a look at the ninth world even though Monte and Bruce decided to start a kickstarter for their new game called The Strange but you know what, it’s ok. They’re using the same rules for The Strange and I pretty much talked about how the Cypher system works, that’s what they’re calling it. Also gaming with baby, lots of news, and next week reports from Con on the Cob and an Interview with Fred Hicks, That’s right. I said Fred Hicks.

Sponsors for the Show – Level 99 Games, Seeley and Kanes

Patreon Shout Outs – Old School DM, Alex Swingle

1:30 – Intro 

2:59 – Watercooler

Apocalypse Prevention Inc 2
The Numenera Licence
Numenera Character Creation in Five Minutes or Less by Richard Malena
Fantasy Flight is opening a Game Center.
Monte Cook Games is developing a new game called The Strange.
Level 99 Games Battle Con Beta.   Tom Vassal Battle Con review
Atomic Robo RPG pushed back to early 2014
The Walking Mind – Rob Donahuges Blog talks about his FAE 2 Hack
Evil Hat’s 3rd Quarter numbers.
The Fate Freeport Companion has been released
Roll 20 Rugged Reroll
Pokemon XY

15:01 – Gameroom

Gaming with Baby

Kingdom Builder
Numenera – Character Creation and Intro to Play
D&D Encounters

D&D Encounter
Dresden Files
Shaintar Justice & Life

24:58 – Workshop – Talking Numenera

Numenera resources

Podcasts: Transmissions from the Ninth World, The Signal, Ninth World Chronicles AP Podcast, Knights of the Night are doing a Numenera AP currently
YouTube: Richard Malena’s YouTube Page
G+: The Numenera G+ Community
Web Sites:, Ninth World Hub,, Rob Donoghue’s Blog Posts about Numenera, Monte Cooks Blog

53:57 – Geekery
It’s TV season: Arrow Season 2, Marvel Agents of shield Episode 3, Elementary end of season 1 and beginning of Season 2.
The on Christopher Columbus

Oct 10 2013

Episode #83 – Rear End Chapping Story Bashing

083 – Rear End Chapping Story Bashing

Baby Mae

Hello folks and welcome if you’re new from BS-Radio. That’s right, we’re now syndicated. Those doppleganers sure did some work which makes me wonder if I should get rid of them or hire them as consultants. In any case we have a new segment this week called “You Know What Really Chaps My Ass”, I get to talking about Story with Alex Swingle in the Workshop, Mark gives us a report on Gaming with Baby, and I confront my old foe Vera in the Geekery…god I hate her. Hope you enjoy.

Sponsors for the Show – Seeley and Kanes, Level 99 Games, Evil Beagle Games

1:44 – Intro

Patreon Project

3:08 – Watercooler

Tales of the Age
Enter the Unknown – FF Star Wars
Bones II Kickstarter.
Known Direction Pathfinder Podcast Kickstarter
The Roddrick Keith Johnson Eulogy
Chrono’s, the universal Larp system Kickstarter 

Level 99 Games Spot – Noir is on Sale

7:00 – Gameroom

Fate Elhal Fails and re-assessments
Steam Punk Investigations and the power of a conversation
D&D Encounters

D&D encounters
Dresden Files
Savage Worlds

19:18 – You Know What Really Chaps My Ass

Using Props at the game table
Vast and Starlit
Swords without Master

Evil Beagle Spot – Bundle of Shaintar

32:35 – Workshop – Thinking about Story with Alex Swingle

Mom’s Basement Podcast
Video Game Scoreboard
Simply Gaming Internationals October Fest of Death

1:05:10 – Geekery

Marvels the Agents of Sheild

Oct 04 2013

Patreon Episode #3 – Star Wars Night at the Geekery

Star Wars Night at the Geekery

Hello Friends. This week we’re at the Geekery for Pateron episode #3, Star Wars and Shakespeare night. Tangent Twin Dave, Tim, Jesse, and I read select passages from the book Star Wars: Verily, A New Hope. I hope you enjoy and let us know what you thought of this one.

Oct 03 2013

Episode #82 – Breaking Out

082 - Breaking Out


Hello Friends. This week we have a new segment called From the Stew. I also sit down and chat with David Pulver about his new adventure Laboratory of the Forsaken from Crafty Games and his career as a writer and game designer. Hope you enjoy.

Sponsors for the Show - Seeley and Kanes, Level 99 Games, Evil Beagle Games


  • Living Forgotten Realms at Seeley and Kane’s Comics this weekend from noon to 5pm. BALD1-2 THE NIGHT I CALLED THE DEAD OUT
  • War of the Ashes RPG by Evil Hat Productions
  • The Age of Rebellion Beta book is now available for purchase.
  • The Dragon Kings Kickstarter is now Live.
  • Beliefs and Instincts from Burning Wheel, the why they make RPGs.
  • The Pandemic IOs App comes out as of the release of this episode.
  • Shaintar Legends Unleashed Update


Lords of Waterdeep w/ both expansions
Settlers of Catan on Majorica Map
Boss Monster – 8 Bit Awesomeness
Mighty Number 9
Guilds of Cadwallon – Area control game – Fate Elhal Character Game Creation
D&D Encounters

D&D Encounters
Justice and Life
Dresden Files with a baby

From the Stew - 11 Thing to Help Your Players be Better Roleplayers

Lounge – David Pulver and Laboratory of the Forsaken.


Mark Smash and Baby Mae

Sep 26 2013

Episode #81 – The Four Game Check Point

The Four Game Check Point

Hello Friends. This week we hit the four game check point and discuss killing you limping campaigns. We also have a ton of news and chat about the things we’ve…what’s with all the pictures and the list of adventures on the website this week. Weird. Looks like we’re getting that glitch again. I’ll have to call tech support. Sorry folks but if you know what’s up with them feel free to let us know.

Let’s play the match game. In the comments section or on the Facebook page match the number to the letter to help us out of the dungeon.

The Dungeon – Ten adventures
1) Castle Amber
2) Expedition to the Barrier Peaks
3) The Ghost Tower of Inverness
4) City of Skulls
5) White Plume Mountain
6) Tomb of Horrors
7) The Village of Hommlet
8) The Keep on the Borderlands
9) Against the Cult of the Reptile God
10) The Sinister Secret of Saltmarsh






The show is Sponsored by Seeley and Kane’s Comics and Level 99 games
Patreon Project


Accursed Kickstarter
D&D off ramp – Why these three games
Episode #25 of the Saving the Game Podcast
All the Fate is out there

Fate System Toolkit: Print/PDF bundle or Pay-what-you-like PDF
Fate Worlds: Worlds in Shadow: Print/PDF bundle or PDF
Fate Worlds: Worlds on Fire: Print/PDF bundle or PDF
Sally Slick and the Steel Syndicate: Print/ebook bundle or ebook
Strange Tales of the Century: Print/PDF bundle or PDF

Mini Con
Con on the Cob: October 17-20th Hudson Ohio
Dementalism Kickstarter
Steamscapes North America
That’s How I Roll game design contest 
Rob’s Game Group


Steampunk Investigations
Diablo 3

Dresden Files
D&D Encounters

Workshop - The four game check point and killing your limping campaigns


Life of Pi

You can contact us at,, @misdirectedmark on
twitter, the misdirected Mark facebook page or group, and on the RPG cross talk forums.


Sep 23 2013

Patreon #2 – Gaming Dinner Parties

Gaming Dinner Parties


Welcome to Patreon Episode #2 brought to you by Tangent Twin Katie. In this episode we do a break down on gaming parties, covering from food to games to get new gamers involved. Hope you enjoy. I know the dinner we had before the episode was delicious.

The Food of the Dinner Party

Cheese Trays
Bacon at the Gaming Table
Food for those who have dietary issues (Crones Disease)
Pop, Soda, or Coke?

The Gaming Part of the Gaming Dinner Part

How to handle the gaming part
Gaming parties for introductory gamers
Gateway Games

Zombies Dice
Lords of Waterdeep
Kingdom Builder
Ticket to Ride
7 Wonders
Settlers of Catan

Video Games
Syobon Cat 

Smores Brownies

Take some Grahm Crackers and crush them up. Take a half cup of butter and pour it onto a baking pan or cookie sheet. Throw the Graham Crackers on the bottom. Make a box of brownie mix and pour that on top of the graham crackers. Bake it until there’s only about ten minutes left, pull out the pan and throw a layer of mini marshmallows on top. Bake all of it for the remainder of the time.

Sep 19 2013

Episode #80 – Divine Instruments with the Sage of the Third Eye

Divine Instruments with the Sage of the Third Eye

Divine Insturments

Hello Folks. This week we hang at the Watercooler, sit in the Gameroom, and go to our usual booth at the Geekery but we have a very special guest. In the lounge this week we have Eloy “The Sage” Lasanta of Third Eye Games to talk about his Kickstarter Divine Interventions and Beyond, a Kickstarter for source books for Part Time Gods. Hope you enjoy.

This weeks show is sponsored by Evil Beagle Games, Level 99 Games, and Seeley and Kanes Comics.

2:12 – Watercooler - Justice and Life

Play Zork online

The War: Episode 2 Kickstarter by John Wick 

Humble Indie Bundle 9

8:05 – Gameroom - Pixel Tactics 2

Dresden Files Character Creation

Fate – Steam Punk Investigations
Prime Time Adventures
D&D Encounters
Ticket to Ride

27:40 – Lounge – Eloy Lasanta, Third Eye Games, and Divine Instruments

Part Time Gods
Ennie Nominated Mermaid Adventures
Apocalypse Prevention Inc.
Camp Myth
Top Billing – The Movie Making Card Game
Wu Xing: The Ninja Crusade
Eloy’s Layout Samples
Rolling 20’s Excellence in the Gaming Industry
That’s How We Roll

1:18:55 – Geekery

Asura’s Wrath – Contextual Button Pushing
The Library – freegal, overdrive

Sep 12 2013

Episode #79 – Who’s Game is it Anyways?

079 – Who’s Game is it Anyways?


Hello Friends. This week we sit and discuss if a game is the GM Story or if the Players should have input and agency while we also hear a discussion I had with Matt James at the QCC this year. We also have the Watercooler, Gameroom, and Geekery. I hope you enjoy. This Show is sponsored by Seeley and Kanes comics and Level 99 Games


2:49 – Intro
Patreon Shout Outs

3:48 – Watercooler

Five Savage Worlds setting PDFs for only $4.99 each!

Weird War II from Pinnacle Entertainment
Shaintar: Legends Arise from Evil Beagle Games
Savage Suzerain from Savage Mojo
Interface Zero from Gun Metal Games
Thrilling Tales 2nd Edition from Adamant Entertainment

Plus, even more awesome Savage Worlds PDFs from Atomic Overmind, Savage Mojo, FunSizedGames, and Reality Blurs are on sale all week over at the Drunken Goblin!

Part Time Gods Kickstarter – Divine Instruments.

Part Time Gods is also available as a pay what you want PDF on Drive Thru RPG.

Plate Mail Games:  Custom tracks of background music for your games.

11:06 – Gameroom by sponsored by Level 99 Games

Lords of Waterdeep
Ascension: Rise of Vigil and Darkness Unleashed
D&D Encounters

Played Nothing

19:03 – Workshop sponsored by Seeley and Kane’s comics,

Who’s game is it anyway? A discussion of GM Story, Player Input/Agency.
The Transition from Storyteller to Storyfacilitator.

33:56 – Lounge – Matt James at the QCC

Vorpal Games

1:05:43 – Geekery

Knights of the Night Actual Play Podcast

079 – Who’s Game is it Anyways?

Sep 11 2013

Patreon #1 – Mr. Mondello Goes to GenCon

Mr. Mondello Goes to GenCon


Hey Folks, This is Patreon Episode Number One. As part of the Patreon project this is the first in a series of patron sponsored episodes which might have some material that’s quite different from the normal show. This week we have Dave “Tangent Twin” Mondello on to talk about a variety of things including his before and after experience from his first GenCon. I hope you enjoy and the best part about these episodes…limited show notes.

Mr. Mondello Goes to GenCon

Sep 05 2013

Episode #78 – The EPIC QCC 2013

078 – The EPIC QCC 2013



Hello Friends. This Episode is dedicated to the memory of our friend Bill Keane. Listen in to hear us chat a little about him, the Queen City Conquest, and Epic Storytelling while hitting our usual haunts…

Thanks Rob. You got us a message and we’ll do our…

Pay no attention to those messages that I can’t seem to get rid of after they’re posted. I really need to get that fixed. Anyways I hope you enjoy the show.

This episode is sponsored by Seeley and Kane’s comics.


3:29 – Intro

4:13 – Watercooler/Gameroom

Dragon Kings Music sample music track
The Indie Treasure Trove
QCC Recap:

Justice and Life
Privateer Press
Game Craze
Karol the Collector
Artemis and Thom Robertson
Dante Vecchione

Goblin Warlord
Get Bit

Dresden Files

1:00:58 – Workshop – Sponsored by Seely and Kanes


1:18:18 – Lounge

SPF Convention Chat

1:59:57 – Geekery

Zen Audio Smith

The EPIC QCC 2013

Aug 29 2013

Episode #77 – Exploration and Panik

077 – Exploration and Panik


Hello Friends. We got a new Watercooler this week. We also have Dr. Nik Palmer from the Ennie nominated Panik Productions to tell us about how they are using technology to make better game products and the philosophy of Panik Production. We then delve into exploration in the workshop. We also cover all the normal stuff we normally hit in the Gameroom and the Geekery. Hey, what’s this message on my phone? Looks like astrological symbols and a message…never mind folks. Just ignore that last sentence and remember this episode is sponsored by Seeley and Kanes Comics.

0:00 – Dungeon
Zodiac puzzle




3:32 – Intro

Seeley and Kane’s Ad

4:39 – The Watercooler

Lords of Waterdeep on Tabletop
Operation Fallen Reich. An RPG set in WWII.
New Sponsor: Evil Beagle Games , Colossal Clash
Gamers to Fight Tree Ailment
Got my copy of Numenera and peoples pictures of it are now floating around G+

11:00 – Gameroom

The Market of Alturien
Actually am doing some game design for Fate.
D&D Encounters

Sentinels of the Multiverse

22:42 – Lounge - Dr. Nik Palmer and Panik Productions

(This is not my best audio quality, towards the end of the interview somthing happened and things got a little wierd on the audio end. Sorry about that folks)

Iron GM Recap
The Ennie Nominated The Deadly Seven. Nominated for Best Electronic Product
Interesting question about Gaming Technology in the next 5 years and where it’s going
Modern Adventures
Happy Fun Rules
Two Rooms and a Bomb
The Depths of Insanity

1:00:28 – Workshop - Exploration in games. What’s it all about and how can we make it work in our games.

1:14:20 – Geekery

Queen City Conquest
Batman Beyond
Fatman on Batman

077 – Exploration and Panik

Aug 21 2013

Episode #76 – GenCon 2013 and Improv

076 – GenCon 2013 and Improv

CenCon image

Hello Friends, This week it’s GenCon recap day where I did five minutes with as many people as I could, wherever I could, to bring to you. Enjoy the insanity I went through to get that audio. We also get into the new Workshop to talk about how improvisational theater techniques can help your game. We finish in the Geekery chatting up the Queen City Conquest. Buffalo’s premier gaming convention. Hope you enjoy and please feel free to send us feedback at This episode is sponsored by Seeley and Kanes Books and Comics

0:00 – The Dungeon – The slip of paper
The heat from the torchlight causes a message to appear on the once-blank note: “Mix the highest of 28, one of 48, and the lowest of 206 into the last cup, filled with water.”

4:08 – Intro

4:44 – News

Chris’s GenCon Recap
Jeff Greiner of the Tome Show
7:05 - Andy Hopp – Mutha Oith CreationsYort stick Andy Hopp

Lowlife1 Lowlife 4 Lowlife 3 Lowlife2
12:42 – Eloy Lasanta: Third Eye Games
17:39 – James Ernest: Deadwood Hollywood Studios, Fish Cook, Veritas
20:31Fez-o-rama: Twitter:@Fezmonger
23:01Drunk QuestDrunk Quest
26:27 – Ashley Zeb: Eschaton media, Dystopia Rising
Gnome stew
Dungeon Bastard
Monte Cook Games
Wicked Fantasy
Ninja Girls Reform School
Dino-Pirates Ninja Island

39:37 – Sean Patrick Fannon

45:16 – Adam Kobel interview: Sage-Kobold Productions
Go Westerly

Steve Sigity
58:06 – Kate Connolly interview: GoKo games

Mark News
Jane Mcgonigal

1:11:36 – Gameroom

Murder at Balder’s Gate – D&D Gameday
Eureka 501 Plots
GoG – Baulder’s Gate

Guilds of Calderon
Dragon Whisperer by Albino Dragon.
Ninja dice
Ablaze: Fire fighting game
Catan Junior
High Noon Saloon
Star Wars X-Wing
The Fall of Pompeii

1:24:59 – Workshop
Topic – Paul Tevis: What Improv Has Taught me about GMing 
Play Unsafe

1:39:23 – Geekery
Queen City Conquest
Got my picture taken with a DalekMe and a Dalek

Aug 14 2013

Episode #75 – Misery Tourism

075 – Misery Tourism

Misery Tourism pic


Hello Friends. This week we have Will Dureya from Misery Tourism Games on to talk about games which deal with Taboo topics. We get into the why behind the games and the purpose of them. I also chat with Garrett Crowe of Threat Detected and find out everything going on with…

People, we’re trapped somewhere dark. Please email me and help…

Sorry. Don’t know what keeps happening with the feed here so just ignore the above text. I can’t seem to remove it but we have people on it. In any case we find out everything going on with Garrett and spend some time in our normal haunts. Hope you enjoy.

Show Notes

The Dungeon
We’ve got a piece of paper from the glass orb but nothings on it. What do we do with this?



Dragon King’s will produce 13th Age rules PDF if a stretch goal is hit during the kickstarter in September.

Age of Rebellion announced as the next core book for the Star Wars RPG from FFG.

Newbie DM’s Tips for new DMs

The Quest Kick Beta

D&D gameday



Baby class!
Encounters finale

Chat with Garrett Crowe

Buffalo Infringement Festival
Threat Detected
Hutt Inc. Adventure series released on The GSA
Garrett at GenCon
Padme’s Lover Beer – Official Beer of the Threat Detected Podcast
Lord of the Hives – JW Marriot Rm 202 on Friday 11pm

Misery Tourism Interview

Misery Tourism Games
The Misery Tourism Index Kickstarter


Being Human
Star Trek Rumors
QCC shout out
What do you folks think about the show these days
Social Media:,, facebook, twitter, RPG Crosstalk Message Board

This show was sponsored by Seely and Kane’s Comics. Check out their facebook page here.

Aug 08 2013

Episode #74 – Little Wizards and Dragon Kings…the Juxtaposition is interesting

074 – Little Wizards and Dragon Kings



Hello friends. This week we have Amanda Valentine to talk about Little Wizards, an RPG to get younger folks into gaming, and we also have Timothy Brown who gives us the inside scoop on Dragon Kings, a trans-media project focusing on gaming, art, and music. I hope you enjoy…

Hey if someone is reading this please help us we’re trapped somewhere…

Sorry folks, don’t know where that come from. Where was I. Oh. I hope you enjoy the show.

2:25 – Intro

3:48 – News

Wicked Fantasy – The Enemy known as Uz
The Cortext + Hackers Guide
Peter Capaldi announced as the New Doctor
Shark Week Snafu
Cryptozoic Saves the Doom that Came to Atlantic City
Monsters by Email
The Sundering Event
Penny Arcade Podcast Games
GenCon Stuff

GM’s Jam 11am Sat ICC Rm 242
The Ennies and Live Tweeting
A Night with Dungeons and Dragons

17:04 – The Gameroom

D&D Encounters

Mark built the new Shaintar Website
We are now part of the Gamerati Network


23:04 – Amanda Valentine and Little Wizards

Crafty Games
Jocelyn Koehler
Hammer and Birch
Sky Spark Books

1:04:39 – Timothy Brown and Dragon Kings

Dragon Kings
Dragon Kings Facebook Page

1:35:37 – Geekery

A Table of Geeks
The Force of Gypsy Dangers Rocket Punch via Science

Aug 01 2013

Episode #73 – Red Aegis and The Gamerati

Red Aegis and the Gamerati

Forge Origonal

Hello friends. This week we chat with Matt James from Vorpal Games and get the skinny on the Red Aegis Kickstarter and I have a conversation with Ed Healy about the Gamerati and marketing in the gaming industry.

1:51 – Intro

2:45 – News

The Doom that came to Atlantic City
Fred Hicks is wise
Jim Pinto’s six GMless games kickstarter

6:20 – The Gameroom

D&D Encounters
Baby Shower Games

Alan Wake
Shout out to Myke

13:09 – Matt James Interview and everything Red Aegis

1:05:14 – Ed Healy on the Gamerati and Marketing in the gaming industry.

The Forge99
Facebook page for the gamerati
Gamerati TV

2:04:49 – The Dungeon of the MoD

The Clue

2h 4s3s6s8s2hKh 3s9s8s 3s7h 8s9h6h 5h9s2s8h6h3s2s 4h2h2s 3h6h 3s4s6h2s6h5h Js10h8s9h 2h 4s2h7s7sJs3s6s5h. 7s9h2hQh6h 8s9h6h 8hKh2h7s7s 3s6s3h.

Jul 25 2013

Ambiance is all about Presenation

So this post is my friend A.G. Smith’s post from over on the pinnacle forums. You can see the original post here. It’s a prefect example of how to use presentation to create the ambiance you want in your game. It’s also a great lesson on how the GM is the eyes into the world surrounding the players, ala Vincent Baker saying Vomit forth Apocalyptica. Thanks for giving me permission to re-post this.

My group is just recently returning to our Deadlands campaign (which is not entirely unlike The Flood). Up until this point, I had not fully utilized Fear Levels. Our campaign was mostly gunfights and weird science, not many Fear modified Guts checks being made.

After getting some cool creepy background tracks from the Plate Mail Games kickstarter, I was inspired to do a heavy horror session and really ham it up with a soundtrack. So last nights session the players tracked down an escaped “freak” from a carnival sideshow. The freak was sort of like an ever-consuming Faminite or Hunger Spirit, which had been caged displayed to horrified customers. It got out in ShanFan, and the players followed it’s trail deep into Stinktown where it broke into a slaughterhouse and started devouring the slabs of meat. 

I hadn’t really used Fear Levels in my Deadlands games because I couldn’t really conceptualize how they worked in play. I understood mechanically, but never really though on how to narrate them.

So as the PCs closed in on the abattoir, I started making comments to the Priest PC, and the Huckster PC, about how things felt “different”. Started just using the book examples (longer shadows, queezy feeling), and as they went inside closer to the monster, I upped it locally to Lv4. More Guts checks followed. Fear started changing Reality in a very obvious way then (seeing things in shadows, air grew cold, etc). As they went deeper, lanterns began to dim to near darkness, and the hallway stretched (like a vertigo camera zoom). In the final encounter, which of course took place on the slaughterhouse killing floor, I upped the immediate Fear Level to 5, with Guts checks to reveal the Monster. By this point, it was full on horror show. In the near darkness, The hanging slabs of meat where bleeding, others saw hallucinations of them breathing, or covered in maggots, or even mistaking them for a more sapien-like species. It wasn’t a very tough combat, but there were new things to roll Fear checks for almost every round while avoiding meat-hooks that swung wildly around. The Faminite was crawling on the ceiling like in a Japanese horror film. It was an excellent time. Eventually the PCs got it together and whomped it dead in a single round (like they do). Immediately, the local Fear Level washed back like the tide, and they were left in a damp and naturally smelly meat-packing plant.

So that was my attempt to dig into Fear Levels in my campaign. Creepy music and lots of nightmarish details that escalated until it was hideously clear how important it is to push back Fear and servitors. My enjoyment of Deadlands just doubled tonight, I can’t wait to ramp up the horror again soon.

So how do you folks at home use presentation to ramp up your games? Do you make the game you’re trying to go for obvious to your players and if so how do you do it? What makes your game Epic Fantasy? Steampunk? Noir?


Jul 25 2013

Episode #72 – The Mad Wizard Merwin and Level 99 Games


The Mad Wizard Merwin and Level 99 Games

Hello friends. This week we’re hiding out in Fredonia at the Mad Wizard Merwin’s home as we continue ducking the Master of Dungeons and his terrible minions. While we’re here we cover a bunch of news, chat about GenCon, a bit about the Ennies, talk about Living campaign history, try and help Mark with his Savage problem, and I speak with Brad Talton from Level 99 games about publishing, Kickstarter, gaming philosophy, and Power Play, the companies newest offering. Hope you enjoy and for the first time every there’s no mic drop. Listen to the end to find out why.

0:47 – Intro

1:47 – News
Shintar Kickstarter
GenCon Highlights

Mark isn’t Going
D&D Next is going to be everywhere
Chris is covering the Con
The Ennies

Voting For the Ennies is going on.
Voting for the Ennies judges is also going – Vote for me please.
The Red Aegis Kickstarter
Baby Shower Games

14:45 – Discussion about Living Campaigns
Organized Play and Living Campaigns – The differences

30:44 – The Extra Dimentional Enterainment Emporiumn

7 Wonders
Say Anything
Wiffle Ball???
Elder Sign
Wii U – Super Mario Bros
Ticket to Ride
Elder Sign Omens App
Texas Hold’em
D&D Encounters – Father and Son Card Shop

D&D Encounters
24 Hour Death March

League of Legends
Alan Wake
Ostia: Harbor of Rome
Ticket to Ride
Steam Punk Investigations
Dungeon World

58:55 – The Art and the Math of Game Design

1:18:06 - Level 99 Games and Power Play with Brad Talton - A conversation about publishing, philosophy, and Level 99 games.

Power Play Kickstarter
Booth 475 at GenCon

1:54:24 – The Geekery
Just listen to it.

Jul 17 2013

Episode #71 – Universal Gaming and Quest Kick

071 – Universal gaming and Quest Kick


Hello Friends. This week we have David Schwartz with us from Universal Gaming to talk about all the things he has planned for his company in the coming year and beyond and I chat with Brian Cooper about Quest Kick, a very nifty sounding web based app to use at the game table. I hope you enjoy.

0:54 – Intro

David Schwartz of Universal Gaming and the Dragon’s Den

3:53 – News

Patreon Update
QCC: All the Pathfinder
Universal Gaming

14:55 – Extradimentional Entertainment Emporium

Star Wars: The Old Republic
D&D 3.5

Savage Worlds: Shaintar
D&D 4e
D&D Encounters
Mad Kings

Mad Kings
League of Legends
Steam Powered Fate

29:48 – Quest Kick With Brian Cooper

1:00:18 – The Geekery

Pacific Rim
All of the Shaintar Goodness

Jul 10 2013

Episode #70 – Volcano’s, Player Tips, and Lenny Balsera

Volcanos, Player Tips, and Lenny Balsera

Evil Hat

Hello Friends. This week we hang at our secret volcano lair for the show which features an interview with Evil Hats Lenny Balsera and a conversation about eleven ways to be a better player. Enjoy.

Show Notes

0:40 – Intro – The Volcano Base

2:58 – News

Patreon Project
Gaming in the Verse – Firefly RPG
Drive Thru RPG Pay What You Want

Shaintar Players Guide
Fate Core
Fate Accelerated
Adventures in Oz
The adventures of Argyle and Crew: Adventures in Skcos

Ink – The Art PG at the QCC

Oddysey is on Sale at Drive Thru RPG
How Phil got his Groove Back article at Gnome Stew
Bulk Pricing for Fate Accelerated
Shaintar Kickstarter Update – Bonus Goal #8
Justice and Life shared campaign world

13:18 – Extradimentional Entertainment Emporium

Stealth Bastard
Apples to Apples
Lords of Waterdeep
Cards against Humanity
Original Yard Board Game – Cindy’s Marshgammon

League of Legends
Telltales The Walking Dead
Dungeon World

23:14 – Interview with Lenny Balsera

1:04:21 – Around the Burning Volcanic Island – Eleven Ways to be a Better Player

1:33:52 – The Geekery

Hush – The Batman Graphic Novel

Jul 04 2013

Episode #69 – Sean Patrick Fannon, Shaintar, and Conflict PvP

069 – Sean Patrick Fannon, Shaintar, and Conflict PvP

Shaintar image

Hello friends. This week I speak with Mark Scott of Conflict Games about Conflict PvP and the Big Irish Sean Patrick Fannon about his journey in the game industry and all the exciting things surrounding the Shaintar kickstarter.

0:46 – Intro

1:55 – News

Legends and Lore Article
Patreon Project
Dragon Kings
Roll 20

6:39 – Extra dimensional entertainment Emporium

Dungeon Command
D&D Encounters
Murder in Baulder’s Gate

King of Tokyo
Puerto Rico
Lords of Waterdeep
Race to Adventure
The Rain Slick Precipice of Darkness 4 – Beaten and Done

14:43 – Mark Scott talks about Conflict PvP

Conflict Games LLC

52:59 – Sean Patrick Fannon and Shiantar

Scott Harrings The Gamer Magazine
Bruce Harlick
Shiantar Kickstarter
Ray Greer – Hero System 3
Steve Wieck
Savage Mojo
Justice and Life
Shaintar All Stars
Beautiful Brains Books and Games
Reality Blurs

2:07:55 – The Geekery

The Drive Inn

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