Apr 22 2016

DwD&D#46 – Pop Culture D&D and OotA Final

DownwithD&DAre you ready to get down. I am. I am. It’s pop culture in D&D inspired by Michael Bedensky and then we finish up with the Underdark and finally emerge from the Abyss, a little crazier but still sorta there. Now for the bad news. My audio got messed up bad so I had to go to the back up recording. It’s not as good as our normal fare but next time I promise it’ll be solid. Get Down. Be Solid. Wave your tentacle arms in the air like you just don’t care. Peace.

Apr 21 2016

Bonus Episode – IGDN AP Synthicide

Hey Folks. Something a little different this week. I’m a member of the IGDN and I want to help the members get their games out in the world. This is an effort to help do that. Dustin DePenning, the creator of Synthicide, has put together an AP which I think is well done. Within is a brief description of the game and then the AP. Hope you enjoy this bonus content.





Apr 20 2016

MMP#204 – Keeping People Safe and We Can Do Better

MM Mini LogoHey Folks. This is the most difficult episode I’ve ever produced and recorded of the Misdirected Mark Podcast. We delve into the problems that still trouble the gaming community, relate some stories that are heinous in many ways, and do our best to provide a little bit of education and insight on how you can be more inclusive and a better gamer and human being. Many thanks to Florence for sitting in with us to give those stories the voice they need.

Time Stamps

0:00 – Main Topic: Keeping People Safe and We Can Do Better

1:15:05 – What’s Going On

1:33:16 – Podcast Round Up


Apr 18 2016

Talking Games seven: Rules

Talking Games Logo 200x200Show me whatcha got. It’s Rules our stars Senda and Phil are showing us this week and how they handle them in one shots and campaigns this week. So tune in and be square or round or a dodechahedron.

Apr 14 2016

DwD&D#45 – What’s New and Gothic Heroes

DownwithD&DIt’s time to get down. Shawn and Chris bring you a bunch of the new things that are going on in D&D the past two weeks and go Gothic with the newest Unearthed Arcana and the vague casting becomes more clearly defined as if it’s emerged from the mists.


King’s Road Publishing

New Miniatures from Wiz Kids

The D&D April Fools Joke of Everything is Green

3rd Party Product Spotlight: Trail of the Apprentice from Legendary Games

Baldman Games’ Announcement

Adventurer’s League Backgrounds

New Adventurer’s League Adventure’s

Neverwinter MMO Portobello DaVinci 

Unearthed Arcana: Gothic Heroes

New WotC president

Apr 13 2016

MMP#203 – Safety

MM Mini LogoHey Folks. This week we’re talking about Safety at the table. We bring up X-Cards, lines & veils, breaks/cuts and other ways to keep your table a safe space for playing any and all varieties of games. We went a little long this week. Sorry about that.

Time Stamps

1:10 – What’s Going On

14:58 – Workshop: Safety

Lines and Veils

1:26:27 – Social Media Depository

Call of Cthulhu Resources

Belly of the Beast Kickstarter

Fragged Empire: Protagonist Archive Kickstarter

1:44:03 – Podcast Round Up

The Shrieker

Adamantine Heart

Apr 11 2016

Talking Games six – Jargon

Talking Games Logo 200x200It’s time to show me whatcha got once again as we get into Jargon in games. Dr. Darcy once again joins the show with Phil and they use all kinds of words to describe people, places, things, actions, descriptions, you know, stuff.

Darcy’s Twitter


Apr 10 2016

Barefoottourguide Presents Threats From Mirkwood Episode 9

Barefoottourguide Presents The Company of the Whiskey Drinking Bear Episode 9: Shadow Lore


While in the tower of Orthanc, our heroes press the wizard Saruman for shadow lore. Throrr pushes the wizard about his parents’ demise in the shadow of Isengard. Elabrimborn pushes for lore about how to save Prince Legolas. Aegir strives to understand the machinations of the Shadow.
The cure for Legolas’s coma’s discovered, forcing the company to break through the Siege of Lothlorien, where they learn about a horrible fate that’s befallen their friends.
Watch the Company of the Whiskey Drinking Bear Episode 9 at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oHvgip3NUr4

Apr 08 2016

Bonus Episode: MMP & BS Crossover – Get a Clue

G&BS&MMPXoverHey Folks. Time for a little crossover action as Brett from Gaming & BS joins the crew on this one to talk about investigative gaming. Hope you enjoy and we’ll catch you soon. Also, tell us about your mystery game experiences and what you think goes into a good mystery game?


Apr 07 2016

DwD&D#44 – What’s an Adventure Worth & OotA 16: The Fetid Wedding

DownwithD&DAre you ready to get down. I know I am. Today we have a follow up to one of our hot button topics as we discuss what is an adventure worth and then we get all wedding crazy as spring has sort of arrived and the fungus is in the air as Zuggtomy is getting married. Boom.

Apr 06 2016

MMP#202 – Resurrection

MM Mini LogoHey Folks. This week we’re bringing Phil back from the dead of his terrible cold and in doing so he brought his view point on resurrection into the garage. It doesn’t smell as bad as you’d think. Of course there’s the social media depository and the podcast round up. Also if you’re not in the chatroom on Tuesday nights I hope you’re having as much fun as the crazies in there are. #chatroom4life.

Time Stamps

0:49 – What’s Going On

17:01 – The Garage: Resurrection

1:19:14 – The Social Media Depository

Dice – Rendezvous with Randomness by Åskfågeln — Kickstarter

Unknown Armies


1:34:04 – Podcast Round Up

Rock and Roll Play Baby by Kieran Strange on the album Adamantine Heart

Apr 05 2016

Character Cache Version 2!

cclogoThis is a re-posting of the press release over on the Encoded Designs website.

Encoded Designs (designers of Part-Time Gods of FateLife and Moon, and Dangerous Space Jail) have teamed up with artist Matt Morrow to create the Character Cache, a collection of characters designed to be used in tabletop RPG gaming. This effort is being supported via a Patreon community. We have recently updated the campaign and are once again looking for supporters.

In the new version of the Character Cache, we have expanded the community input, allowing the patrons to determine what character will be created by voting on the gender, genre, role, and descriptive tags.

Then Matt Morrow illustrates the character pieces while the Encoded Designs team writes a system-neutral description, including how to incorporate this character into your campaign. These write-ups also include hooks for encounters and adventure inspiration, plus tags for quick reference.

The original Patreon campaign allowed the community to vote for the system we would use to stat the character each month. Now, we automatically provide stat blocks for the following games systems each month:

  • Fate Core
  • Savage Worlds
  • 5e

That makes these NPCs usable at the table for some of the most popular RPG systems in use today.

The Character Cache has some amazing stretch goals to allow the campaign to grow, including art upgrades, additional stat blocks, alternative genre illustrations of the character of the month, and eventually a second character each month.

In order for the Cache to grow and to be an even more amazing GM resource, we need your support. Please come to https://www.patreon.com/encodeddesigns and see samples of the artwork and write-up. If you like what you see, we hope you will pledge your support.

Thank You.

Apr 04 2016

Talking Games Five – PC Treatment

Talking Games Logo 200x200Show me whatcha got when it comes to handling PCs in campaigns and one shots. This week Senda had some things to do so we bring in doctor herself, the Numenera One Shot Queen, and gamer extraordinaire, Darcy Ross. Thanks for helping us out Dr. Darcy. Now it’s time to show me whatcha got.

Apr 02 2016

DwD&D#43 – What’s New and OotA Ch 15: City of Spiders

DownwithD&DLet’s get down. It’s Drow, Adventurer’s League, Sages, and Origins news all rolled up into one giant party of D&D. So will you come and get down with me.

Mar 30 2016

MMP#201- Kickstarter Explosion?

ItunesMMpodcastHey Folks. We’re coming off 200 with Kickstarter and some technical issues. The soundboard died halfway through the episode. Weird. Ok. We’ll fix that next time but until then enjoy the show.

Time Stamps

0:47 – Spoons

The Spoon Theory Article

4:30 – What’s Going On

The Character Cache

19:55 – The Backroom: Kickstarter Explosion?

1:06:00 – The Social Media Depository

Pine Con

Shattered Starlight

Call of Cthulhu 7th Edition Ships

1:13:26 – Podcast Round Up


Mar 28 2016

Talking Games Four – Prep

Talking Games Logo 200x200It’s time to show me what you got when it comes to preparing your games in a one shot or a campaign. So let’s get talking with Senda & Phil.

Mar 24 2016

Barefoottourguide Presents Star Wars Threat Detected OMG The Dark Side

Darkness spreads across the Galaxy as an ancient evil awakens from death. It’s up to our heroes to put Darth Maul down for good. This is actual play of the Star Wars Dawn of Defiance Campaign from Echoes of the Jedi, inspired by a Dungeons and Dragons 4e module.


      1. TD074 OMG The Dark Side - Threat Detected


omg2 omg1

The Zombie Darth Maul Stat Block

Darth Maul Zombie CL 15
Medium Zabrak Jedi 7/soldier 1/Sith apprentice 5/Sith Lord 1/beast 1
Destiny 1 Force 7; Dark Side 10
Init +12; Senses heightened awareness; Perception +11
Defenses Ref 34 (flat-footed 29), Fort 29, Will 31; Block [Core p.41], Deflect [Core p.41], Lightsaber Defense
hp 124; Threshold 29; Dark Preservation
Immune fear effects, Damage Threshold does not drop if Fortitude Defense is reduced by condition track penalties
Speed 4 squares
Melee unarmed +17 (1d6+10) or
Melee unarmed +15 (2d6+10) with Rapid Strike or
Melee unarmed +17 (1d6+10) and unarmed +17 (1d6+10) or
Melee unarmed +15 (2d6+10) and unarmed +15 (2d6+10) with Rapid Strike or
Melee unarmed +17 (1d6+10) or
Melee unarmed +15 (2d6+10) with Rapid Strike or
Melee double-bladed lightsaber +18 (2d8+10) or
Melee double-bladed lightsaber +18 (2d8+13) with both hands or
Melee double-bladed lightsaber +16 (3d8+13) with Rapid Strike or
Melee double-bladed lightsaber +18 (2d8+13) and double-bladed lightsaber +18 (2d8+13) or
Melee double-bladed lightsaber +16 (3d8+13) and double-bladed lightsaber +16 (3d8+13) with Rapid Strike
Ranged by weapon +18
Base Atk +14; Grp +18
Special Actions temptation
Force Powers Known (Use The Force +13)
corruption [TFU p.85] (2),
DC15: Use the Force v. Fort Def, 2d6 dam & half next turn if exceed by 5 or more
DC20: Use the Force v. Fort Def, 3d6 dam & half next turn if exceed by 5 or more
DC25: Use the Force v. Fort Def, 4d6 dam & half next turn if exceed by 5 or more
DC30: Use the Force v. Fort Def, 5d6 dam & half next turn if exceed by 5 or more
spend a Force Point for all adjacent to target take half once if over their Fort Def
dark rage [Core p.96] (2),
DC15: +2 melee Atk & dam until end of next turn
DC20: +4 melee Atk & dam until end of next turn
DC25: +6 melee Atk & dam until end of next turn
spend a Force Point to extend rage until end of encounter
fear [KOTOR p.24] (2),
DC15: Use the Force v. Will Def, if equals target can take only 1 stan on next turn
DC20: Use the Force v. Will Def, if equals target can take only 1 move on next turn
DC25: Use the Force v. Will Def, if equals target can take only 1 swif on next turn
DC30: Use the Force v. Will Def, if equals target can take no actions on next turn
when successful, can spend FP to make all their Def -2 until your next turn
surge [Core p.100],
DC10: +10 Force Jump, speed increases 2 squares
DC15: +20 Force Jump, speed increases 4 squares
DC20: +30 Force Jump, speed increases 6 squares
spend a Force Point to increase by +10 and 2 squares
may use any and all movement as part of a jump
spend DP to increase 4 squares, no roll necessary
vornskr’s ferocity [JATM p.36]
DC20: make a single attack +1 die dam
DC25: make a single attack +2 die dam
DC30: make a single attack +3 die dam
DC35: make a single attack +4 die dam
Lightsaber form (Juyo): this power is not dark for you
spend a Force Point to use at the end of a charge
Force Techniques Improved Dark Rage [TFU p.88],
can perform skills that require patience, can activate in surprise round
Improved Move Light Object [Core p.103]
move object as swift not move, use as a weapon requires move not standard
Abilities Str 16, Dex 18, Con 12, Int 3, Wis 16, Cha 12
Special Qualities build lightsaber, cyborg hybrid
Talents Block [Core p.41],
Consumed by Darkness [CWCG p.53], take -5 to Will Def for +2 Atk
Dark Preservation [LECG p.55], increase Dark Side Score by one to stop moving down track
Dark Scourge [Core p.223], extra damage on melee attacks v. Dark Side equal to Cha mod (min +1)
Deflect [Core p.41],
Disarming Attack (rifles) [KOTOR p.29], ignore target’s armor bonus to Ref Def when disarming, 1/encounter as free +10 Atk when disarming
Lightsaber Defense [Core p.41], ‘+1 to Ref Def, must have activated lightsaber, aware and not flat-footed, +3 max
Power of the Dark Side [Core p.101], when spending a Force Point on an Atk, reroll die, Dark Side Score +1
Weapon Specialization (undefined) [Core p.53],
Wrath of the Dark Side [TFU p.88] when you roll nat 20 with force power that deals dam, not regain powers for dam & half dam next turn
Feats Armor Proficiency (light) [Core p.82], Dual Weapon Mastery I [Core p.84], Dual Weapon Mastery II [Core p.84], Dual Weapon Mastery III [Core p.84], Force Sensitivity [Core p.85], Force Training (2) [Core p.85], Martial Arts I [Core p.86], Rapid Strike [Core p.88], Skill Focus) [Core p.88],
Staggering Attack (SAV) [SAV p.24], if deal extra dice dam, can move 2 sq per extra die not used
Weapon Proficiency (lightsabers, simple weapons) [Core p.89]
Skills Initiative +12, Perception +11 (may reroll but must keep the result of the reroll even if worse), Use the Force +13
Possessions double-bladed lightsaber
Nonliving as droid trait, SECR p.188

Ignore concealment and cover when making Perception checks to notice opponents within 10 squares and poor visibility when tracking


+2 to melee attack rolls for each adjacent creature with Overwhelm

Infect If a Sith Zombie deals damage to a living target with a bite attack, the target is also infected. The first time a creature is infected, make an attack roll (1d20+10) against its Fortitude Defense. If the attack succeeds, the character takes 4d6 points of damage and moves -1 persistent step down the condition track. This attack occurs every hour the infection remains untreated. Treating the infection requires a successful DC 25 Treat Injury check. A creature reduced to 0 hp or moved to the bottom of the condition track by this attack immediately dies and becomes a Sith Zombie of its level.

Natural Armor Add the beast class level of the Sith Zombie to its Reflex Defense. This represents the Sith Zombie’s resistance to damage dealt to any part of the body except decapitation or destroying the brain.
Natural Weapons All zombies have bite. Fleshier zombies have slam, while the skeletal variety have 2 claws.

Critical Vulnerability Achieving a critical hit against a Sith Zombie represents a headshot or decapitation and the zombie dies instantly, regardless of damage dealt.

Mar 24 2016

DwD&D#42 – D&D Hot Button & OotA Chapter 14: The Labyrinth

DownwithD&DTime to get down. It’s time to delve into the Underdark again to see what the hyena demon lord is up to and also chat about some D&D hot button topics. Good times. Good. Times.

Mar 22 2016

MMP#200: Episode 200. Enough said

ItunesMMpodcastWell. It’s episode 200. We pull out the nostalgia bat so if you’re not into hearing about the old times wait till next week but we had a lot of fun recording this one with singing, sent in audio clips, and jokes old and new. Thanks for listening for 200 and here’s to at leas one more year.

Time Stamps

1:38 – What’s Going On

9:08 – The Bar – Nostalgia Bat

1:06:39 – Social Media Depository

1:31:45 – Podcast Round up


Mar 21 2016

Talking Games: Three – Character Gen

Talking Games Logo 200x200Hello everyone. It’s time to talk about Character Gen be it one shots or campaigns, pregens or created by the players. So lets listen in as Senda and Phil show us what they got.

Mar 19 2016

Barefoottourguide Presents the One Ring Episode 8



Barefoottourguide Presents: The One Ring: The Company of the Whiskey Drinking Bear Episode 8: The Tools of Lesser Rulers. Led by the Ranger Loreth down the Anduin, circling Lothlorien, the Company’s attacked by mercenaries based in an orcish fort in the middle of the river. Turns out the mercenaries were hired by the craven Vidugalum, Lord of the Toft, to prevent the Company from reaching Isengard. The conspiracy of spiders, wicked men and orcs continues to thicken as our heroes knock upon the doors to Orthanc and must explain their actions to none other than Gandalf the Grey.
Plus, a discussion of running campaigns set in canon settings.
Watch the vidcast here.
The Company of the Whiskey Drinking Bear Campaign is made possible by generous contributions to the Threats From Gallifrey Patreon here .
Read about the adventures from the group’s journals and songbooks here 

Mar 18 2016

Barefoottourguide Presents Company of the Whiskey Drinking Bear Live Tonight!

onight between 7pm-7:15pm EST we’ll begin a new episode of Barefoottourguide Presents: The Company of the Whiskey Drinking Bear, as our heroes bring the shadow lore from the Grey Mountains to Isengard. What kind of welcome will they get? What will the wizards plan to save Legolas from his sorcery-infused coma Will the heroes make it back to Lake Town in time for Dragontide? Watch the show live athttps://www.youtube.com/channel/UCVs4EKUvNe7PVMg6JNhrGKg The program will of course be on my youtube channel afterwards.



Mar 17 2016

DwD&D#41: What’s New in D&D plus OotA chapters 12 & 13

DownwithD&DYou down with D&D? You know I am. So lets get down on this slightly longer episode of the newest edition of the underdark hip hop sensation sweeping the podcast nation. It’s Out of the Abyss and What’s New in D&D but not in that order and as a sweet treat James Intercaso, host of the D&D Round Table, has his tones coming through in the intro and outro tune this week and from now on. Feel free to send me your “Yeah, you know me” to Chris@misdirectedmark.com and I’ll be happy to mix you in too.




Mar 15 2016

MMP#199 – Conspiracies

MM Mini LogoHey Folks. The smoking man is around somewhere, aliens have control of everything, and criminal organizations manipulate global politics for their own gain. All this means we’re talking about conspiracies. So get your tin foil hat and lets pick up those mics.

Time Stamps

1:04 – What’s Going On

11:21 – The Workshop: Conspiracies

1:06:18 – The Social Media Depository

1:14:58 – The Podcast Round Up


Audio Technica 2100

Mar 14 2016

Project Panda Two: Big Bads

Talking Games Logo 200x200Project Panda is back as are Senda & Phil to talk about Big Bads in this edition of Talking Games. Time to tune in and hear what Bad Guys do differently in the One Shot vs the Campaign.


Senda’s Twitter, you know, that character name she didn’t think she’d have forever but does. Yeah, that one.

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