Mar 31 2015

TKV Podcast 23 | “A Fool’s Errand”

TKVTeam_Logo2015Tim, alone with the recording equipment, brings shame to us all. This week’s show is a news-brief on recent and upcoming events, including the Zelda Wii U delay to 2016 (and the soon-to-be-old April 1st Nintendo Direct), Buffalo’s Spring Comicon, the new Fast and Furious game, and the start of the Halo 5 marketing campaign. Ain’t no party like a Mario Party.

Also, Karol finished the Order. Bet you can’t wait to hear about that little chestnut. Tune in next week for all-you-can-eat disappointment.

Mar 31 2015

DwD&D#12 – Creating Adventures

DownwithD&DHey Folks. On this edition of Down with D&D we talk about what’s going on in the world of D&D, a dying wizard who wants to be a lich, trickle down campaign design, and creating an adventure. Hope you enjoy and let us know what we can do better.


Topic 1 – M&M&M: The Dying Wizard

Topic 2 – The DM Corner: Campaign World (Alternate Set up)

Topic 3 – The DM Corner: Creating an Adventure (Pg 71 DMG)

Mar 25 2015

MMP#149: How Do I Run This Thing or Learning New Games

iIPNV9aqUYrGsHey Folks. In this new and buggy episode of the Misdirected Mark Podcast We don or Fezs and catch up with you in the lobby, then we head to the Gameroom to talk about the games we have been playing, and then we head into the Workshop to talk about learning to GM a new game.

Time Stamps

0:21 – Lounge

1:10 – What’s Going On

10:27 – Game Spotlight

  • Fate Core Achievements



  • Bulldogs: Sci-Fi that Kicks Ass on kickstarter right now

14:12 – Battle of the Bards — Preview

18:42 – Extradimensional Social Media Depository

29:48 – Gameroom

51:31 – Workshop: Learning To GM A New Game

Based on a Gnome Stew article Phil wrote this week:

Mar 24 2015

TKV Podcast 22 | “Sorta-Final Fantasy”

TKVTeam_Logo2015This week’s episode comes to you at double the size and half the quality!

Conversations on our positive reactions to Final Fantasy XV, our negative reactions to the Order 1886, Nintendo’s infrastructure partnership with DeNA, the ongoing woes of the Driveclub developer (which after the time of recording, ended up being much worse than expected), and a brief reflection on our hosting experiences at Craggnarok 2015. At which Tim forgot to appear at an interview with Chris. Sorry about that.

Mar 20 2015

Threat Detected Episode 66 What a Dysfunctional Party

bucho entr1


On this 66th episode (a very significant number in Star Wars), Carson shares his mental conflict as he journeys toward pacifism. Also, Bucho’s entry room stymies the group with its numerous cunning traps.


bucho entr2


1. TD-066-What-A-Dysfunctional-Party.mp3     

Mar 19 2015

The Lounge with John Harper on Blades in the Dark

iIPNV9aqUYrGsHey Folks. This time we have John Harper on to talk a bit about himself and his ideas about game design, but mostly about Blades in the Dark, his already wildly successful Kickstarting Role Playing Game. By the way you should back it by clicking on the link

Blades in the Dark

One Seven Designs

Night Witches

Mar 18 2015

MMP#148 – Laws and Sausages or Designing Games

iIPNV9aqUYrGsHey Folks. This week we start out in the lobby responding to your comments, then we head over to the Lab where we talk about our design process, and end up in the Geekery to discuss, well, Geekery.

Time Stamps

0:32 – The Lounge

1:09 – Gaming Spotlight

Blades in the Dark

5:29 – What’s Going On

11:57 – Social Media Depository

35:41 – The Lab: Designing Games

1:19:55 – The Geekery

Mar 17 2015

TKV Podcast 21 | “Thud After the Storm”

SplatoonThis week’s episode centers on Karol’s reactions from his Boston trip to PAX East 2015.

Topics range from crowd size to diminishing returns to exactly how close the Indie Mega-Booth is to taking over the world. We touch on the PS4 re-creation of Tearaway, Splatoon, and the horror-themed additions to Killer Instinct. Swery makes Karol take a better picture, and Tim says things about Ori and the Blind Forest.

Mar 16 2015

DwD&D#11 – Organized Play, Writing Tests, Campaign Set Up, & Big Bads

Hey Folks. We’re back with some more Down with D&D, yeah you know me and this time we’re chatting about what’s up with organized play, the design test for the open call for writers, campaign set up from the DMG, and some Big Bads you might use in your campaign. Hope you enjoy and let us know.

Note: Sorry about some of the sound stuff. I’ll clean that up for the next recording.

Topic 1 – Organized Play and Writing Tests

Topic 2 – Mastering Dungeons: Campaign Set Up (Pg 25-26 in the DMG)

Topic 3 – Minions, Monsters & Masterminds: Big Bad’s

Chart on pg 74 with ideas in DMG for villains

Chart on Pg 94 – 97 in DMG for villains motivations and methods.

  • Dragons
  • Aberrations
  • Undead Hordes
  • Overlords

Mar 11 2015

MMP#147 – How do you like your Stakes?

Hey Folks. This week we hang out in the lobby and talk about your feedback, then we roll on into the game  room to talk about what we have been playing, and then we up the stakes in the combination Workshop/Garage to talk about…um…stakes.  Really Phil? Why do I let you write these things.

Time Stamps

0:31 – Lobby

1:10 – What’s Going On

8:47 – Game Spotlight

Blades in the Dark

12:30 – Extradimentional Social Media Depository

28:17 – Gameroom

47:37 – Workshop/Garage: Stakes

Mar 10 2015

TKV Podcast 20 | “Host Goes Here”

TKVTeam_Logo2015Rather than boring ya’ll with Tim talking to himself about how fun it is taking pictures of architecture in racing games, this week’s podcast is a short-form stub while we wait for Karol’s return from Boston and the PAX East 2015 show floor.

We’ll have all the tasty details of his adventures schmoozing with Swery and glaring at Dave Lang at the Killer Instinct  panel soon enough. You’ll get a quick and dirty overview of other industry events (shout-outs on the HTC Vive from Valve and DirectX12 optimizations), and a recommendation for Buffalo’s own “Craggnarok 2015″ this coming Saturday on the Buff State campus. There’s also some comments on the patching going on behind-the-scenes for the Halo Master Chief Collection and XB1 dashboard changes.

Karol and I will be set up with multiplayer games in the Student Union lounge outside the CRAGG offices during Craggnarok (all day Saturday, March 14th), so get ready to Joust.

Mar 04 2015

MMP#146 – The Geek Connection (Chase Mechanics)

iIPNV9aqUYrGsHey Folks. This week we hang out in the lobby to hit on a variety of things, then we race to the Garage to talk about Chase mechanics, and then we end our chase in the Geekery.

0:31 – Lobby

What’s Going On

8:35 – Gaming Spotlight

AMP Year 2 Kickstarter is going on right now

Gaming & BS

14:29 – Extradimensional Social Media Depository

29:17 – The Garage: Chases

56:58 – Geekery

Mar 04 2015

TKV Team Podcast 19 (beta) | “Info Graphics for 236 Headshots”

TKVTeam_Logo2015This week we continue down the rabbit hole of Karol’s nightmarish adventures in GTA V. We touch on the announcement that Forza 6 will be a thing in 2015 and talk a bit about shifts in retail pricing for new games. We get Karol’s initial impressions of Kirby’s Rainbow Curse for Wii U and broach the merits of medicinal “crack” cocaine. Closing things out, we get Tim’s final thoughts on Valiant Hearts. Surprisingly, he doesn’t cry while describing it.

Next week look forward to news and announcements from GDC!

Feb 27 2015

Threats From Gallifrey Like a Rolling Stone


Threats From Gallifrey celebrates the Deadlands: Between A Stone and a Hard Place Kickstarter by chatting with John “Night Train” Goff. Plus, Savage Tim starts his East Texas University campaign… and more developments on the Deadlands Rampage delve.
The Between a Stone and a Hard Place kickstarter can be found here.
The Cackler comic kickstarter can be found here.
Fabled Environments has an upcoming old west map kickstarter. Get info here.
Savage Tim’s ETU Omnibus can be downloaded here.

The customizable GM screen John and I gawked over can be ordered here.


1. TFG6-Like-a-Rolling-Stone.mp3     

Feb 25 2015

MMP#145 – Spotlight Please

iIPNV9aqUYrGsHey Folks. This week we hang out in the lobby getting caught up, then we head over to the Gameroom and talk about what we have been playing recently, and then we end the night in the Workshop where we put the spotlight on a different type of game balance.

Time Stamps

0:32 – The Lobby

 6:21 – Gaming Spotlight

The Golden Geek Awards

IGDN Bag of Holding

13:27 – Social Media Depository

World War Cthulhu Teaser Trailer

1 of 7 rod pieces?

27:20 – The Gameroom

40:18 – The Workshop: The Spotlight

Feb 24 2015

TKV Team Podcast 18 (beta) | “Out of Order”

This week’s discussion with Karol and Tim is a springboard of commentary on newer releases and reactions to critical panning, set over our observations of Karol’s current-gen Grand Theft Auto V play session. Which is mostly gawking at inconsequential details. In related news, the PC version of GTA V was pushed back to April. We briefly touch on patterns of socioeconomic decay and…layaway? Hopefully those bits will make more sense in context.

Feb 23 2015

Things you may have missed for the week of Feb 16th 2015

iIPNV9aqUYrGsSo lets just recap what happened on Misdirected Mark Productions last week. First we had Down with D&D #9 all about the Monk and putting some story into your leveling. Second there was a TKV Team show about the horrors of retail. Third we had the MM Podcast chatting about interpersonal and Knowledge skills. Fourth and finally we had an Episode of Threats from Galifrey covering news, character death, and a round table on how to do some Lord of the Rings and make it feel like Middle Earth. Man were we busy.

Shows List

DwD&D #9
TKV Team #17
MMP #144
Threats from Galifrey: Middle Earth Edition pt. 1
Threats from Galifrey: Middle Earth Edition pt. 2


Feb 20 2015

Scouring the Shire Pt2


This is the second part of Threats From Gallifrey: Scouring the Shire. It includes the round table discussion with Rich Harrison, Exploding Mary and Chris Witt.


1. TFG5-Scouring-the-Shire-Part2.mp3     

Feb 20 2015

Threats From Gallifrey Ep 5 Scouring the Shire


On this episode of Threats From Gallifrey, GM Chris, Exploding Mari and Rich H embark on a quest… a discussion on how to capture the Tolkein feel in a Middle Earth RPG.

Tony and Rob advise gamemasters about coping with PC death, and tons of news about gaming releases.

Mythology of Middle Earth by Ruth Noel can be found here.
The Languages of Middle Earth by Ruth Noel can be found here.

James Brown’s mass combat rules can be downloaded here.


1. TFG5-Scouring-the-Shire-Part1.mp3     



Feb 18 2015

MMP#144 – Knowledge & Interpersonal Skills

iIPNV9aqUYrGsHey Folks. We’re back this week to talk about Knowledge and Interpersonal skills. We also hang out in the Lab to talk about Tyvir’s Teachings. Wondering what that means? Well listen and find out.

Time Stamp

0:33 – Lounge

What’s Going On

Game of the Week: XCom the Boardgame

Extradimentional Social Media Depository

21:30 – The Garage: Knowledge and Interpersonal Skills

57:13- The Lab: Tyvir’s Teachings


Feb 17 2015

TKV Podcast 17 (beta) | “DICEy Tastes”

This week’s conversation with Karol and Tim touches on the DICE presentations of the Game Developers Conference, as well as bits on retail penetration strategies, marketing, and terrible meme games. Topics meander among reactions to Tim’s purchase of Driveclub and some reservations about the genesis of furry culture.

Play-time: 42:25
Swears: Forty-eight…ish
Regrets: Six

Feb 16 2015

DwDD#09 – The Monk, The Awkward & The Leveling

DownwithD&DWho’s down with D&D. That’s right. We’re back or at least back with an episode recorded before our holiday hiatus. Today we get down about the Monk and turning leveling into a part of the story. Hope you enjoy.

1:58 – Topic 1 & 2 – The Monk

34:55 – Topic 3 – Turning Leveling into Story

Feb 11 2015

MMP#143 – Let’s Be Candid and other Soft Skills

iIPNV9aqUYrGsHey Folks. I just wanted to be honest with you and say I truly appreciate all of you who listen to the show and let us come into your devices every week to talk about the things we’re passionate and knowledgeable about. I hope you continue to do so as we have a discussion about soft skills this week in the workshop and how they can help your games run smoother. We also were nominated for a Golden Geek which would never of happened without your support so it’s just as much your nomination as it is ours so pat yourself on the back and remember you’re awesome.

Time Stamps

0:39 – Lounge

What’s Going On

Golden Geek Nomination

Game of the Week: The Deadmen Walking Kickstarter

The Cackler & Stone and a Hard Place

Extradimentional Social Media Depository

17:23 – The Workshop: GM Soft Skills

56:19 – The Geekery

Feb 10 2015

TKV Podcast 16 (beta) | “Hard Drivin”


Swears: 6
Season: Deux
Playtime: 41:08

This week’s episode, after a brief bit on hard drives for new-gen systems, breaks into conversation about the current-gen remake of Grand Theft Auto V, pre-release tech demos from the Gamecube, electronic boating, the frequency of new IPs from Nintendo.

Feb 04 2015

MMP#142 – Encumbrance, What is it good for

1. 142-Encumbrance-What-is-it-good-for.mp3     

142 – Encumbrance, What is it good for?

iIPNV9aqUYrGsHey Folks. Today we’re lugging stuff around just to prove that we can, or at least that encumbrance might not be the dog of a rule everyone thinks it is. We also do that listener feedback thing and chat about the games we’ve been playing in the gameroom. Enjoy and feel free to leave us your feedback.

Time Stamps

0:56 – Lobby

10:51 – Game of the Week: Monster of the Week

12:56 – Extradimentional Social Media Depository

Golden Geek Awards

31:07 – Gameroom

56:56 – Workshop: Encumbrance, What is it good for.

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