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Jun 16 2017

MMP#250 Kung Fu Rebuttal – You’re Killing Me Smalls

Hey Folks. This is a very special episode of the Misdirected Mark podcast where Chris, Phil, and Bob aren’t even here. It’s Eli Kurtz, PK Sullivan, and Eric Simon to give you the low down on what Kung Fu in games should really be like.


May 29 2017

Panda’s Talking Games – 61: Eli Kurtz and Maps Maps Maps

Show us how you like to use maps in your one shots vs. campaigns! Eli Kurtz (mythicgazatteer.com) joins Senda and Phil to talk maps, coastlines, details, and more! Also, he can SING! Interrupts interrupted by interrupting counter spells.

CORRECTION: Senda referred to a game during this episode as The Last Safe House — the actual title of the game is Bated Breath, by Jacqueline Beckwith. 

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