Nov 22 2015

Threats From Mirkwood The One Ring Trolling the Mines

Threats From Mirkwood: The Company of the Whiskey Drinking Bear continues with Episode 4: The One Ring: Trolling the Mines of Erebor. Throrr, Aegir and Otbert deliver the ailing Legelavan “Ankle Biter” to Erebor. Before being allowed to search the Hall of Nain for information on the cursed item around Ankle Biter’s leg, the company’s led by Beli into the mines, where goblins found their way inside from the north.
Orcs defeated, the company heads to the Hall of Nain and finds the stone door off its hinges and Nain the Loremaster dead, her neck snapped by something massive. Follow the heroes back into the mines after Nain’s killer. Shudder as Throrr dares to cross words with King Dain in front of Princess Mair.
Threats From Mirkwood is a live play video podcast for Misdirected Mark Productions made possible by the generous supporters of the Threat Detected/Threats From Gallifrey Podcasts at www.patreon.com/garrettcrowe.

Watch the show at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tqnrZGPYSwY



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