Jun 30 2016

Threats From Gallifrey Moving On Savagely

Savage Tim celebrates the arrival of his Rippers books and talks conversions.
“Doctor of Gallifrey” is by Marc Gunn the Celtfather and is available here.


      1. TFG020 Moving Forward Savagely - Threats From Gallifrey

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      2. TFG020 Moving Forward Savagely - Threats From Gallifrey

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  1. Tony

    Savage Worlds is a fantastic system and it can handle a surprisingly huge assortments of game systems with very little stretch 🙂 You mentioned the Rifts adaption which is beautifully done btw, and there is now the conversion of Mutant Chronicles as well! Available over at Drivethru http://drivethrurpg.com/product/188567/Mutant-Chronicles-3rd-Edition-Core-Book-Savage-Worlds-Edition and, for the record its pretty amazingly well done 🙂

    I came to Savage Worlds because I wanted to play Deadlands (now reloaded) that lead me to Rippers (woot!) then Rifts and now Mutant Chronicles — absolutely loving it so far.

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