May 22 2015

Threats From Gallifrey Goes Fight Club


It’s time for some Guerilla Marketing, Tyler Durden style, publicly playing our beloved rpg titles to suck in the populace… changing their lives forever. It’s #ProjectGallifrey.
Time Lord Tayna talks about the Doctor Who Adventures In Time and Space experience. Rob and Tony talk music in gaming sessions. Savage Tim gets all excited about the Sixth Gun.


Savage Tim discussed Pinnacle Entertainment Group’s new setting, Lankhmar. He also recommended the prolonged chase adventure Zombie Run. Of course, check out the Sixth Gun Kickstarter. Finally, get your Mad Max on Deadlands style with the Hell On Earth Bundle.

Talking with Rob and Tim about music, I mentioned the amazing Post Modern Jukebox that does modern songs with a vintage sound.
Rob mentioned the youtube playlist for the Call of Cthulhu module “Dead Man’s Stomp.


We started the show playing “Those Characters Died” from Marc Gunn’s incredible Scifi Drinking Songs. Check out Marc’s website.


Angelic Doctor posted on his blog an original Star Wars Saga Protocol system entry for the Crab Droid

      1. TFG#8 Zealot Side1 - Threats From Gallifrey


  1. Garrett Crowe

    It was a group of musicians including steven wesley guiles who didvthe first threat detected theme, as a collaboration at fawm.org

  2. Raul

    Man, where did you get that awesome Dalek intro song?

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