Jan 15 2016

Threats From Gallifrey Doctor Who Dice

doctor dice dm guild

Time Lord Tayna guides us through the timey-wimey dice interpretation rules for Doctor Who RPG.


      1. TFG#13 Doctor Dice and DMs Guild Pt 2 - Threats From Gallifrey


  1. Tayna

    I greatly enjoy the flexibility the GM has with how results are interpreted. It’s a lot like the Fate system, which uses a positive, neutral and negative outcome as well. It allows for a story to be told instead of the D&D standard which can be entirely hack and slash with little in the way of variety except for the monsters and physical challenges set.

    Doctor Who forces players to think their way out of situations, and that’s important. The Doctor made a roll in my last game session in that he was attempting to sabotage a cyberman harvester so that when power was restored to the complex, it blew up. He failed, barely. So I had it so that he just disabled it and didn’t manage to rewire it to blow. The power was restored and the Doctor just stood there ticked off that the mechanism didn’t fry. “It should have gone boom. Why didn’t it go boom? I’m the Doctor, it should have gone BOOM.”

    Sorry Doc, your omnipresent magnificence failed you. Maybe next time.

    A few minutes later Strax just blew up the whole underground bunker, so he didn’t sulk for long.

  2. Garrett Crowe

    No problem, Brandon. It’s very flexible, but the flexibility can be confusing to those who haven’t encountered such a system before. I personally enjoyed hearing Tayna’s interpretations, which are less off the wall than things I would do. It just proves there’s no right or wrong in handling this game via dice interp.

  3. Brandon

    It’s always interesting to listen to how other GMs interpret the game. I like the die mechanic and the flexibility it gives GMs. Thanks for doing this session!

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