Oct 16 2014

Threats From Gallifrey #1 New Frontiers

Threats From Gallifrey explores Bennie rewards in Savage Worlds, proposes a super Deadlands convention game, explores the Tolkein magic of The One Ring and goes to the edge of the universe with John Goff in The Last Parsec.


TFG#1 New Frontiers


      1. TFG1-New-Frontiers-Pt1.mp3


  1. Garrett Crowe

    Love the doctor who adventures in time and space from cubicle 7. Great time to get involved with the 50th anniversary edition of the book

    1. Raul

      Thanks, Garrett. I have my eye on a particular copy on eBay at the moment. Does this come with an introductory adventure?

  2. Raul

    I am currently enjoying your latest Threats from Gallifrey podcast and I must admit that you have piqued my interest in both Doctor Who and The One Ring role-playing games. Which version of the Doctor Who game would you recommend? I am seriously considering running this one as the whole family is a fan of the TV series.

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