Jun 02 2016

Threat Detected Star Wars Zombie Rancors From Korriban

On this Threat Detected, Garrett considers running Living Force Campaign FFG style. Our heroes thwart the Believers plans on Korriban, and Richter Belmont’s monster Believer build broken down.

zombie rancor from korriban


      1. TD075 Star Wars Zombie Rancors From Korriban - Threat Detected

Here is the original build by Richter Belmont for Kindar Kirin, the Believer Leader.

Kindar Kirin, Believer Cult Leader CL 15

Medium Human nonheroic 6/Jedi 1/Sith apprentice 7/Force adept 3/Force disciple 2
Force 8 (3d8), Strong in the Force; Dark Side 18
Init +10; Senses Perception +18
Languages Basic, Sith, 1 unassigned
Defenses Ref 28 (flat-footed 27), Fort 29, Will 34
Defenses with Believer Intuition Ref 30 (flat-footed 29)
Defenses vs. UtF checks Fort 34, Will 39
hp 119; second wind +29/59; Threshold 29
Immune mind-affecting effects
Speed 6 squares
Melee lightsaber +17 (2d8+7) or
Melee lightsaber +17 (2d8+8) with both hands or
Melee unarmed +16 (1d4+7)
Ranged by weapon +16
Base Atk +15; Grp +16
Special Actions Dark Side Savant 1/encounter, Incite Rage [LECG p.43], Power of Hatred [LECG p.43]
Force Powers Known (Use The Force +21) farseeing [Core p.96], fear (3) [KOTOR p.24], Force grip (3) (may spend a Force point to reroll and keep better result) [Core p.97], Force scream (2) [KOTOR p.50], hatred [JATM p.26], negate energy (4) (may take 10 even when distracted or threatened) [Core p.99], rebuke (3) [Core p.100], wound (3) (may spend a Force point to reroll and keep better result) [KOTOR p.52]
Force Techniques Extended Force Grip [JATM p.36], Force Power Mastery (negate energy) [Core p.102], Improved Force Grip [TFU p.88], Improved Rebuke [TFU p.89]
Force Secrets Devastating Power [Core p.103]
Abilities Str 13, Dex 13, Con 14, Int 14, Wis 18, Cha 14
Special Qualities build lightsaber, prophet
Talents Believer Intuition [CWCG p.56], Dark Side Adept [Core p.223], Dark Side Savant [JATM p.16], Force Power Adept (Force grip) [Core p.214], Incite Rage [LECG p.43], Power of Hatred [LECG p.43], Sith Alchemist [JATM p.21]
Feats Force Sensitivity [Core p.85], Force Training (4) [Core p.85], Improved Defenses [Core p.85], Skill Focus (Use the Force) [Core p.88], Strong in the Force [Core p.88], Unstoppable Force [CWCG p.31], Weapon Proficiency (lightsabers, pistols, simple weapons) [Core p.89]
Trained Skills Knowledge (galactic lore) +16, Perception +18, Persuasion +16, Use the Force +21 (may reroll to activate dark side powers but must keep the result of the reroll even if worse)
Untrained Skills Acrobatics +10, Climb +10, Deception +11, Endurance +11, Gather Information +11, Initiative +10, Jump +10, Knowledge (bureaucracy) +11, Knowledge (life sciences) +11, Knowledge (physical sciences) +11, Knowledge (social sciences) +11, Knowledge (tactics) +11, Knowledge (technology) +11, Mechanics +11, Pilot +10, Ride +10, Stealth +10, Survival +13, Swim +10, Treat Injury +13, Use Computer +11
Possessions self-built lightsaber, Sith Talisman (+1d6 dmg with Force powers)
These Believer disciples have strong knowledge of the dark side. They are equipped with Sith Alchemical Vibroswords, a gift from their cult leader, which they wield with expertise.

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  1. Raul De La Garza III

    Awesome NPC!

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