Oct 09 2014

Threat Detected Even More Old Episodes

Hey gang, this is your old buddy Mayday Malone. I was just taking some old data discs off the hands of a pirate gang that made fun of my mother… and well… I found back issues of Threat Detected inside. Since I’m a sharing kind of guy, I thought I’d share the booty. Speaking of booty, you won’t believe who
I just ran into. Sirona O’Keefe. More on that in an episode of Threats From Gallifrey.

looting chesst

130411 Looting Chests Pt1 

130411 Looting Chests pt2

130328 Mayday and Chalahab pt2

130421 Still Alive

130505 May the Fourth Be With You

130523 Special Kind of Jedi Hell pt1

130523 Special Kind of Jedi Hell pt2

130606 Docking Bay Charade Pt1

130606 Docking Bay Charade Pt2

130508 Everbody Blames the Dice pt1

130508 Everbody Blames the Dice pt2

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  1. Raul Delagarza

    Hey, Garrett. Might want to update the link for part two of Everybody Blames the Dice. It appears to refer to the same file as part one. Thanks!

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