Jul 24 2015

Threat Detected A Different Kind of Master

The dungeon crawl through Bucho’s lair’s complete. The BBEG remains one turbolift away, and his spoils are taken by our heroes… except the Jedi, who doesn’t need any material wealth.
Sirona’s Sauna answers a question about grappling and rewiring droids. Angelic Doctor shares a dramatic skill challenge. Plus, Ramma makes a friend.

      1. TD 069 A Different Type of Master Pt1 - Threat Detected Podcast

I answered a question concerning maps appropriate for Episode 6: Core of Corruption. I found these maps at  to be extremely useful for all urban scifi needs.
For the conclusion of Core of Corruption, I recommended using elevation tactics to add bridges, pits, linked together with Galaxy Tiles… and of course Chris West’s Maps of Mastery Battle Station maps.
Finally, check out the Aethercon Summer Round Table Series. Join us September 21st to watch live and ask questions of Fantasy Flight Games’s Sam Stewart and crew.

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