Oct 28 2014

The TKV-Team Podcast, Episode 10.5: The Metal Gear Megasode, Part 1

      1. MGSMegaMono1.mp3

It’s big, it’s bad, and it’s got recessive genes: this week, The TKV-Team looks at the Metal Gear Solid games. We briefly discuss the MSX/NES titles before getting into the bulk of the conversation with Metal Gear Solid 1-3. It goes without saying that this episode is filled with SPOILERS! Snowmobile_with_Snake_and_Otacon_2_(Metal_Gear_Solid_The_Twin_Snakes)

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Show Notes:

What Have We Been Playing?
01:13 Karol: Alice: Madness Returns, Hyrule Warriors
18:47 Joan: ACNL, college
19:34 Tim: Wii Fit U, Titanfall, Killer Instinct season two, Pix the Cat, D4, fuckin’ Forza or whatever pfft

Metal Gear Retrospective, Part 1:

38:09: Karol’s ‘history’ of Metal Gear, Overview of Metal Gear/Metal Gear 2

41:40: Metal Gear Solid, with a little bit of talk on Metal Gear Solid: Twin Snakes

59:52: Metal Gear Solid 2

1:23:13: Metal Gear Solid 3

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Tim’s Twitter: @inkjetpowered
Joan’s Twitter: @lady_goggles
TKV-Team facebook: http://www.facebook.com/tkvteam

1 comment

  1. Mac19pm

    Thanks everyone :3.

    My Favorite part was the MGS 3 talk. I did also enjoy the retrospective stuff has well. Took me back to my fan theory days back when MGS2 come out.

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