Nov 17 2014

The TKV-Team Podcast, Episode 10.5.2: The Metal Gear Megasode, Part 2

      1. TKVTeamMGSMega2.mp3

We needed an extra week to recover; you’ll understand why when you listen in. Goes without saying that Old.Snake.full.1103077thar be SPOILERS for MGS4.

Get a direct download right here.

Show Notes:

What Have We Been Playing?
Joan: nothing aside from animal crossing pff
Karol: SNES stuff like Starfox 2
Tim: Dead Rising 3

Metal Gear Retrospective Part 2
15:33: Karol and Tim talk about MGS4: Guns of the Patriots
38:23: Joan loses her fucking mind and joins in on the discussion

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Joan’s Twitter: @lady_goggles
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