Apr 11 2012

Episode #6 – The Tangent Twins

The Tangent Twins

This week Mark was having some technical difficulties with his computer so with Skype out I called the Tangent Twins in off the bench. Some of you will remember Dave from the Drunk cast and on her first episode of Misdirected Mark I welcome Katie. Our comic book girl. We talk about a bunch of different things in this one folks so get ready for a ramble.

Show Notes!
Miskatonic School for Girls
Dresden Files RPG
Serenity RPG at Amazon.com
PAX East
Skunk ‘Monkey’ (Ape)
The Killing Joke
Mispent Youth
Settlers of Catan
The Red Death
Arkham Horror
Madness at Gardmore Abbey
Skull and Shackles: Pathfinder Adventure Path
Mass Effect
Badass Garb
Katie’s Facebook
Dave’s Facebook
Avengers vs XMen
Sky Doll(Rated M for Mature)

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