Mar 21 2016

Panda’s Talking Games 3: Character Gen

Talking Games Logo 200x200Hello everyone. It’s time to talk about Character Gen be it one shots or campaigns, pregens or created by the players. So lets listen in as Senda and Phil show us what they got.

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  1. Tymonger

    I thought this was a very good idea of a show. And can see this going very fair. I find the subject matter very interesting. Being a guy who plays very long campaigns (averaging 3 years, or shortest 9 months) to try to learn to GM one shots for a local store in the California silicon bay area. I am curios on how take my knowledge I have learned & mode it into one shots. Trying to find what is the same & difference between the two. But I do have a few questions for you both.
    1- Is it best to give a lot of options for the theme or limit them to just a few of what game you want to run?
    2- I love the build the world idea from FATE. Does that only work with a long campaign or can it also work for a one shot? If so how, & why?

    I know I have more question, but I can not think of them right now. I will ask them later.

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