Jul 04 2016

Panda’s Talking Games 18: Recruit

Talking Games Logo 200x200Show me watcha got when it comes to getting players to fill out your games. That’s what Senda and Phil are chatting about on this installment of TG AKA Panda. So strap in and enjoy and feel free to send us your #tableselfies and topics you’d like to hear talked about on one shots and campaigns.

Odyssey: The Complete Gamemaster’s guide to Campaign Management¬†

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  1. Savage Bull

    Good episode Senda and Phil —

    The key to filling tables at a convention like Tacticon and GenghisCon is submitting your games early. Like GenCon, the fact that there are so many choices of games each slot, pre-reg is a must. Your other advice about blurb and title is perfect.

    Something like Conclave, while nice for wandering and discovering at the last minute, never manages to get many games off and it’s really frustrating to expect to run and then have to wait hours to find players. “Open gaming” has some advantages, but it really can’t scale well. Plus, when you do the one open room, the quality of the games drops really fast due to noise (and heat).

    T/GC will have 40-50 RPG games running at one time. Conclave will have what… maybe 3-4 at a time?

    Conclave format works nicely for Board Games which are very variable in the time it takes to finish (making pre-reg sort of hard) and most people KNOW what they want coming in and play many sorts of games. I think that’s why Conclave has really strong BG and really weak RPGs. The format works well for BGs.

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