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May 11 2016

MMP#207 – Adventure Design

MM Mini LogoHey Folks. We have Shawn Merwin in the house to talk about adventure design and then we get into the Social Media Depository and the Podcast Round Up. Enjoy and thank you to the Patron’s.

Time Stamps

1:36 – What’s Going On

15:22 – The Lab: Adventure Design

1:36:07 – The Social Media Depository

Savage Rift’s Kickstarter Update 303K


AcadeCon Kickstarter


IGDN Spotlight – Threadbear RPG – A Stichpunk game


1:46:06 – Podcast Round Up

One Shot Evil Campaign


Oct 21 2015

MMP#178 – Ninja Crusade and 2nd Editions

iIPNV9aqUYrGsHey Folks. On this episode of the MMP I have the sage of the third eye Eloy Lasanta in the house to talk about his newest edition of Ninja Crusade and 2nd editions and next editions of RPGs and what that means. Hope you enjoy, don’t forget about the segment naming contest, and we’ll talk to you soon.

Time Stamps

0:59 – What’s Going On

10:40 – The Extra Dimensional Social Media Depository

Randy Farmer’s Pics

17:14 – A Moment of Podcast Chat

Gaming & BS

She’s a Super Geek

Indie Syndicate

30:46 – The Lab: Ninja Crusade and second editions

The Ninja Crusade Kickstarter

1:10:56 – A Little Geekery

Aug 26 2015

MMP#170 – Never Design Alone and RPG a Day Lightning Round

iIPNV9aqUYrGsHey Folks. On this episode of the Misdirected Mark podcast we cover all of the RPG a Day in one episode and we talk about our never design alone philosophy and a few of the projects we’re working on for Encoded Designs. Hope you enjoy and looking forward to hearing what you think. Also a big congrats to Gaming & BS for their 50th episode and thank you to everyone who participated in the chatroom for this episode. It was awesome to have so many of you there.

Time Stamps

1:19 – What’s Going On

5:41 – Lightning Round 1-10

9:37 – Extra Dimensional Social Media Depository

29:33 – A Moment of Gaming & BS

35:27 – Lightning Round 11-20

39:28 – The Lab : Never Design Alone

1:22:38 – Lightning Round 21-31

Jun 26 2014

MMP #118 – Dangerous Space Jail and the War Room

      1. 118MixdownMono.mp3

118 – Dangerous Space Jail and the War Room

Hey Folks. This week we go to the lab to talk about Encoded Designs first project Dangerous Space Jail but before that I return to the War room to get ready just in case the problems of this seemingly normal day get loose.

1:14 – Intro

2:43 – Bar


Crowd funding


Rapid Fire

20:24 – Gameroom


1) Airy Peaks
2) Minecraft – new world
3) Breach & Clear – New Map (Columbia), new weapons, units, etc.
4) Shadowrun Returns (damn you Chris)


1) Nile de Luxor
2) Tahiti
3) Manhattan Project
4) Dungeon World x2
5) Played James Mullen’s Tech Support
6) Golem Arcana
7) Pathfinder Adventure Card Game
8) Shadowrun Returns (Suck it Vecchione)

41:11 – The War Room – What Mini’s Bring to the Table, Where to Check out Miniatures, Color Theory

miniature market
cool mini or not
Bones reaper miniatures
Impact Miniatures
Mantic Games
Wyrd Miniatures
Games Workshop
The War Store
Color Wheel

1:12:15 – The Lab Dangerous Space Jail

1:51:14 – The Geekery


1) Reading Monster of the Week
2) 3D printing
3) Edge of Tomorrow


1) Mirror Sight: Book Five of Green Rider