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Apr 01 2014

Patreon #6 – Garb and Cosplay

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Garb and Cosplay

Hey Folks. For this patreon episode we have Tangent Twin Katie on to talk about Garb and Karol of the V-Team to chat about cosplay. Hope you enjoy this patron sponsored episode.

SCA Garb Advice



Nov 19 2013

Patreon #4 – Geek Fitness and Gnomes at GenCon

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Geek Fitness and Gnomes at GenCon

Hey Folks. Chris here with another installment of the Patreon series. Tangent Twin Katie and I talk about some of the geekier ways to get in shape this time around and we have a bonus on the end in the form of the Gnome Stew panel from GenCon 2013. I unfortunately lost all the pictures.


Show Notes

Zombies RunNerd Fitness, Fit Bit, SCA, Dagohir, quidditch leagues, LASH, Kickball

Oct 04 2013

Patreon Episode #3 – Star Wars Night at the Geekery

      1. Star Wars Night at the Geekery - Misdirected Mark

Star Wars Night at the Geekery

Hello Friends. This week we’re at the Geekery for Pateron episode #3, Star Wars and Shakespeare night. Tangent Twin Dave, Tim, Jesse, and I read select passages from the book Star Wars: Verily, A New Hope. I hope you enjoy and let us know what you thought of this one.