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Sep 02 2015

TKV Team Podcast | “Crossy Roads, Take Me Home”

TKVTeam_Logo2015This week prompted by some reactions to early word on MGS V The Phantom Pain, Karol and Tim share some points on value propositions in  games, and how during the “Golden Age” of the arcade, game makers were predatory as heck. Karol and Tim both had some heavy play-time this past week, and bounce back and forth on the details.

Namco does something right and hires the minds behind Crossy Roads to make a modern Pac-Man, and everything about it is amazing. Capcom actually release a videogame, but it ends up just being six of their old ones. Hopefully you like “classic” sidescrollers.

Jul 28 2015

TKV Team Podcast 40 | “QC by Cacpom”

TKVTeam_Logo2015Tim and Karol find themselves getting surprisingly little material out of the Street Fighter V beta as Capcom’s servers crumble helplessly under the stress of pre-order users. Fear not, as we have the next best thing: the GBA version of Street Fighter Alpha 3, played with a Sega Genesis controller.

Some brief topics of LE Amiibo/Skylander figures somehow transition into commentary on Social Media platforms, the Japanese adaptation of Minecraft-style game systems, chasing Sony’s PS1-era advertising successes, and the boundless joy that is Rocket League.

This week will also signal the start of Gamescom in Germany and Summer Games Done Quick.