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Sep 15 2014

The TKV-Team Podcast, Episode 8: Grape Ape

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Hey, everyone! Tim goes solo this week, taking over the airwaves while Karol and I get wrapped up in life. In this episode, he covers more backlog games, along with some recent news, such as the Nintendo 3DS Nintendo Direct, and Sony Japan’s 2014 Fall Conference, amongst other news. He did a great job, so please enjoy it!

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Show Notes:

Tim’s backlog: Forza Horizon, Crimson Dragon, Dishonored, Battlefield 4, Minecraft XB1
Karol’s whereabouts: Magfest 8.5
Joan’s radio show: Factory Settings

Points of Interest:

Happy Birthday Dreamcast, you magnificent bastard:
-You are old, but so is Dreamcast. 15 years old. ;(

Nintendo 3DS Nintendo Direct
– 3DS menu themes
-”New” 3DS: Better battery, improved 3D & Wifi, analog nub C-Stick, faster processor/gpu, web videos (html 5), NFC for Amiibo, custom shells on regular version.
-Retailing for the equivalent of $170 / $200 for the Regular and XL versions.
-Exclusive “New 3DS” games using increased power: launching in Japan with Xenoblade remake.

Sony Japan’s Fall 2014 Press Conference
-PS4, PS3 & Vita Menu Themes
-“Live From Playstation” streaming app hitting Vita this fall with PS4 support from both Twitch and USTREAM.
-Summer Lesson (a demo for Sony’s VR hardware, Project Morpheus)
-Disgaea 5 on PS4
-New Ys title
-Persona 5
-Dragon Quest Heroes
-Yakuza 1988 for PS4
-Resident Evil Revelations 2
-EDF 2025 port for PS4

Xbox one in Japan

Square Public Relations

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