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Oct 26 2016

MMP#231 – What is a Setting

minilogo-blackHey Folks. This week we start with some stuff about us and the network, break down what a setting is from our perspective in the Workshop, go into the social media of it all and hear some interesting things done with WoD games, and finish up with some podcasts and silliness.

Time Stamps

1:46 – What’s Going On

18:41 – Workshop: What is a Setting

1:24:32 – Social Media Depository

1:47:34 – Podcast Round Up

Jun 06 2016

Panda’s Talking Games 14: Accomplishment

Talking Games Logo 200x200Show me whatcha got when it comes to feeling like you did a thing. That’s what Senda and Phil are showing us on this installment of Talking Games. I love feeling accomplished. Don’t you?



She’s a Super Geek Headspace

May 18 2016

MMP#208 – How we Run

MM Mini LogoHey Folks. This week we get a little personal and a little episode zero as we talk about why we play games the way we play them and hit a lot of the GMing advice in brief we’ve talked about over the last couple years. We know there are a bunch of new people listening so here’s a little episode zero action for you folks new and a bit of a nostalgia trip for those who’ve been around for a while.

Time Stamps

3:38 – What’s Going On

11:50 – The Workshop: How we Run

1:28:42 – Social Media Depository

Link to Powered by the Apocalypse Games List

Modiphius Frontiers

Sort of IGDN Spotlight The Veil Kickstarter

Adamantine Heart

1:48:39 – Podcast Round Up


May 04 2016

MMP#206 – Two Fisted Tales AKA Pulp

MM Mini LogoHey Folks. This week we get into the Indy, Mummy, Rocketter, Sky Captain, and other pulp favorites or as they’re actually know, two-fisted tales. We hope you enjoy this and all the other goodness we bring this week. Now for an announcement.

We have a Patreon for Misdirected Mark Productions. If you are a listener who enjoys what we do we would appreciate your support in making this happen for us. Just click on the image below to take you to the patreon page and check out the audio.

If you don’t have as little as a $1 a month to help us keep making this show happen please at least share out and let people know about this and the other podcasts on the network. Now for the time stamps.

Time Stamps

1:55 – What’s Going on

12:13 – The Workshop – Two-Fisted Tales

1:03:34 – Social Media Depository

1:24:06 – Podcast Round Up

Apr 20 2016

MMP#204 – Keeping People Safe and We Can Do Better

MM Mini LogoHey Folks. This is the most difficult episode I’ve ever produced and recorded of the Misdirected Mark Podcast. We delve into the problems that still trouble the gaming community, relate some stories that are heinous in many ways, and do our best to provide a little bit of education and insight on how you can be more inclusive and a better gamer and human being. Many thanks to Florence for sitting in with us to give those stories the voice they need.

Time Stamps

0:00 – Main Topic: Keeping People Safe and We Can Do Better

1:15:05 – What’s Going On

1:33:16 – Podcast Round Up


Mar 21 2016

Panda’s Talking Games 3: Character Gen

Talking Games Logo 200x200Hello everyone. It’s time to talk about Character Gen be it one shots or campaigns, pregens or created by the players. So lets listen in as Senda and Phil show us what they got.

Jan 27 2016

MMP#191 – How to GM Fate

ItunesMMpodcastHey Folks. It’s all about running Fate this week as we chat about the game. We run a little long so we only had the Podcast Round up after the workshop. Enjoy.

Time Stamps

0:51 – What’s Going On

10:53 – Workshop: How to GM Fate

    • Why are we doing this?
      • We have heard from a number of people about not having run Fate or being nervous about running Fate.
      • We both have been running Fate since Core released.
      • Our job is make you comfortable with GMing this game.
    • Rules you need to master
      • Aspects
        • See episode 119 for the Garage all about Aspects.
        • Key info
          • Narratively true and mechanically true
          • Invokes and the difference between an invoke and fate point
            • Invoke – Can use as many as you want at one time but is stuck to an aspect.
            • Fate Point – Can only use one on an aspect at a time but you can use them on any aspect.
          • Compells (GM, Self, Group)
            • You can use these to drive story. In fact whenever you give them a task/mystery/quest and it applies one of their aspects that’s a compel since you just made their live more complicated.
      • The Four Actions
        • Emphasis on Create Advantage
      • Challenges, Contests, and Conflicts
      • Stress and Consequences
    • Prepping Your Game
      • Character Aspect List
        • When possible, make a list of all the aspects and put it on one sheet.
        • This will help you when players are looking for ways to invoke aspects
        • This will be invaluable for you to figure out Compels.
      • What goes into a scene
        • Scene Aspects
          • A shorthand way to describe the area.
          • Things that can be used in the scene.
          • Will help when running the scene later.
        • Zone Maps
          • Only if you think a conflict is going to occur
          • If you do use a zone map, put down a few interesting areas as aspects (Pile of Boxes)
      • Building Opposition
        • The Fate Core book does a great job of this.
        • You can simplify this further
          • Give most important skill a +4 or +5
          • Give some other skills a +2 or +3
        • Give your opposition some stats above +4
        • Use Mobs for lesser NPC’s
          • easier to handle in combat
          • mob rule for skills
        • The more Consequences you give an NPC the harder they are to Take Out
        • Asynchronous NPC builds
          • You don’t need to use skills you can use descriptors for the NPCs.
            • Knockout Artist +4, Mortal weapons are nothing to me +6
    • Running Your Session
      • Fate Point Economy
        • Players are going to start with 1-3 Fate Points, maybe more depending on the game.
        • GM’s get a number of Fate Points equal to number of players per scene
          • Remember to reset these between scenes
        • Fate points will be spent by players during the game
        • Compel is the only way to get them back into the hands of the players
          • Find ways to compel them
          • Encourage self compels
          • Compels are not used to screw players; used to make things more interesting
        • The game slows a bit when points run out
          • Not like savage worlds, but it does slow
        • Points always drain during combats
        • Knowing the players aspects helps to compel them
      • Setting Difficulties
        • Review Fate Dice
          • Dice average towards 0
          • Range -4 to +4
        • Fate Core p. 133
        • 2 over skill number is going to use an invoke
        • 2 under is likely be with style
        • This applies to creating your NPC’s as well
      • Aspect/Boost Bloat
        • Mostly occurs during Conflicts
        • Lots of Aspects get put on the table


  • Aspects go away when they are no longer true.


          • Example: Grappled
        • Boosts appear on ties.
          • Mark them in a way that you can tell when something is a boost vs an Aspect
          • Purge them quickly
        • Conditions are also aspects
          • Put them out on the table
          • Mark them differently and note who they are for
        • I like different fate points for the players and GM.
          • This way you can see who has invokes on an aspect
      • Clearing Aspects
        • Once players get savvy they will start putting aspects via create advantage onto opponents.
        • It can get bulky
        • If you leave too many advantages on an opponent the players will cash them in, in one attack and take out the opponent.
          • This is the first step to Fate scene / encounter design. Once the players understand this you can innovate on what’s going on in a scene.
        • Take turns where the NPC’s take actions to try to clear them.
          • A grappled opponent makes a Physique check to become ungrappled
      • Combat Tips
        • Clear aspects
        • Use Mobs over single, weaker opponents
        • Use and create scene aspects
        • Compel your NPC’s to get more fate points


  • Use the Concession rules if you want to end a fight early or want your NPC to live another day


        • This gets into the writers table game because you step outside the character level play to decide how the story should proceed within a set of constraints
  • Between Sessions
    • Setting Milestones
      • There are no XP or levels.
      • Character change and advancement occurs through milestones.
      • At the end of your sessions let the players know what milestone has been reached.

1:23:36 – Podcast Round Up

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Talking Tabletop

Jan 20 2016

MMP#190 – Grappling with Grappling

ItunesMMpodcastWrestling, grabbing, pinning, and other grapples are on the mat in this episode of the Misdirected Mark Podcast. We break down the mechanic in a variety of games and then talk about its relevance and hack-ability in games.

Time Stamps

1:06 – What’s Going On

Getting Things Done: The Art of Stress-Free Productivity

10:05 – The Garage: Grappling

Pathfinder Flow Charts

5e En World Grappling article

1:01:12 – The EDSMD

Sidney Roundwoods Blog

1:21:58 – Podcast Round Up

Adamantine Heart

Jan 15 2016

MM Update January 15th 2016

Well. It’s been kinda busy around the house misdirected these past 10 days. The DMs Guild went live so Chris and Phil and Shawn and John and Bob and even the newly risen from the dead Tim Jones made a thing and put it up there for people to buy. Podcasts have been coming out a little less rapidly that usual but to make up for that Chris and Phil have been doing other things in the podio world. It’s been kinda crazy so let me tell you about this stuff in a little more detail.

The DMs GuildDMsGuild-Logo

The DMs Guild is the new D&D market place brought to us by One Book Shelf, they’re the folks who run Drive Thru. This market place lets creators put there work up there and utilize a number of art assets, a template, and the Forgotten Realms IP to make things. You don’t need to make Forgotten Realms stuff, the material can also be system agnostic.That leads to a couple things.

Down with D&D #32 – Mark KnapikitunesDownwithDD

I can’t believe they let him back on the show. That guy is…wait, never mind, editorial said I couldn’t say bad things about Mark. Where was I, oh yeah. On the last episode of Down with D&D Mark Knapik came on and let us know a little about the DMs Guild since he helped create the website for it and was involved in business meetings with the folks from the D&D brand, you know, Mike Merals, Chris Lindsay, people like that. It was a good conversation even if I hate that guy.

The Five Temples of the Earthmother Part I: Life & MoonEncodedLogoweb75h

This is the adventure the guys from Encoded put together in one week for the DMs Guild launch. I can’t wait to see what they do next when they actually take a little bit of time to get the project organized. Chris was giving the adventure to all the people in the Down with D&D community but has since taken down the adventure from that space but is now looking to do a Down with D&D community project for the DMs Guild for charity. Interesting thought. In any case, if you want to check out some preview pages on the adventure and the fly Tim Jones cover here’s the link to the adventures storefront page.

The Five Temples of the Earthmother Part I: Life & Moon

The Misdirected Mark PodcastItunesMMpodcast

So there were some podcasts released aside from the Down with D&D episode. Episodes 189 and 188 of the Misdirected Mark Podcast were released. 188 was about Narrative Positioning and 189 covered Intraparty Conflict. I hear from 190 they’re talking about grappling as a mechanic. I have no idea how they’re going to make that interesting but they did encumbrance really well so what do I know. Here are the links to those two episodes

189 – Intraparty Conflict

188 – Narrative Positioning

Threats of Mirkwood: Cold Halls of the Kingcold halls ep6

Garrett wasn’t to be outdone and released the next part of his Threats of Mirkwood Youtube AP game using the One Ring RPG. The adventurers do a favor for Thranduil, one he wishes no one would have to do.

iTunes Feeds

Chris did another interesting thing and that was get every show their own iTunes feed so if you’re tired of the mega feed you can itunes up and not get the clutter or grab an individual show on whatever podkicker you want.

She’s a Super Geek: Heroine Part 3sasgeek2withtext

You’d think I’m done but I’m not. Chris and Phil played their third and final session of Heroine by Josh Jordan with the lovely ladies of She’s a Super Geek, Senda and Emily. They were even nice enough to let Chris be the narrator for part of the game. Then Phil got to narrate the epilogue. It was like and episode of the Oprah show. You get to GM and you get to GM and YOU GET TO GM!!! Felt a little hippyish to me but at least it was funny. You can catch that here

talking_tabletop_post-header_slimTalking Tabletop with Jim McClure and Chris Sniezak

To finally finish this ridiculously long update, which should take a couple more years off my sentence, Jim McClure was gracious enough to let Chris come on his show and talk about himself for like an hour. Lucky for Chris Jim knows how to conduct an interview. I guess I should give Chris a break, he did bare his soul on the internet radio and it was actually pretty compelling. Anyways, if you’d like to go listen to the show that Jim McClure edits – not Jim Meritt Chris, McClure does the audio editing – then I would highly suggest Talking Tabletop.



Jan 13 2016

MMP#189 – Intraparty Conflict

ItunesMMpodcastHey Folks. Are you ready to rumble as we dive into the deep end of the ring and see what kinds of stories conflict among the party can bring out. Then this is the right episode for you. We also get into the social media depository, talk about some announcements from Encoded Designs, round up some podcasts, and update the weight loss challenge. Enjoy and we’ll talk to you next week about Grappling. We did Encumbrance and made it interesting, we can do Grappling.

Time Stamps

1:20 – What’s Going On

The Five Temples of the Earthmother Part I: Life and Moon

Character Cache

11:50 – The Workshop: Intraparty Conflict

52:24 – The EDSMD

Mechawest Kickstarter

Accursed: World of Morden Kickstarter

1:09:28 – Podcast Round Up

Gaming & BS

She’s a Super Geek

Talking Tabletop

Dec 15 2015

She’s a Super Geek: Heroine & Fake Facts – Emily on Senda

sasgeek2withtextHey Folks, Chris here. Phil and I were fortunate enough to be invited onto the She’s a Super Geek podcast to play Heroine by Josh Jordan and those episodes started coming out today. Instead of just a link to the episode page, which I will be providing, Emily put out a post on twitter. She’s @TheCraftyDM on the T and here’s the tweet.

Emily on sendaSenda is @IdellaMithlynnd and here are the first 40 fake cool facts that Emily created:

  1.  @IdellaMithlynnd was cast on the first season of Project Runway but decided it was beneath her.
  2.  Chuck Norris once met @IdellaMithlynnd & referred to her as “that cool chick in the corner” later.
  3.  @IdellaMithlynnd will physically harm you if you give her an oatmeal raisin cookie instead of chocolate chip.
  4.  @IdellaMithlynnd knows how many licks it takes to get to the center of a tootsie pop. She refuses to tell.
  5.  The @TheDoubleclicks song “Wonder” is actually about @IdellaMithlynnd.
  6.  @IdellaMithlynnd holds the world’s only honorary PhD for baking.
  7.  The new Star Wars movie is based on a fanfic @IdellaMithlynnd wrote in the 7th grade.
  8.  @IdellaMithlynnd is the president of her local Polar Bear club.
  9.  @IdellaMithlynnd has in fact caught all 1,042 pokemon.
  10.  @IdellaMithlynnd is #3 on Betty White’s speed dial.
  11.  @IdellaMithlynnd made an indestructible gingerbread house 2 years ago. Her cat still won’t go into the room where it’s kept.
  12.  Video didn’t kill the radio star. @IdellaMithlynnd did, but she’s got a great lawyer.
  13.  @IdellaMithlynnd knows how to say “I hate your turtle” in over a dozen languages.
  14.  @IdellaMithlynnd let the dogs out.
  15.  @IdellaMithlynnd doesn’t play the harp.
  16.  @IdellaMithlynnd promises me there’s no secret archive for @sasgeekpodcast.
  17.  @IdellaMithlynnd ‘s favorite TV show is Deal or No Deal.
  18.  @IdellaMithlynnd is a recruiter for S.H.I.E.L.D.
  19.  @IdellaMithlynnd has left a d20 at the top of every mountain in Central America.
  20.  @IdellaMithlynnd taught her son Elvish and Goblin (because you never know when you’ll need Goblin).
  21.  @IdellaMithlynnd makes necklaces out of the tears of her players after she GMs a game.
  22.  @IdellaMithlynnd had to destroy the only copy of her first novel because people started levitating after reading it.
  23.  @Wizards_DnD based their description of chaotic alignment off @IdellaMithlynnd ‘s bachelorette party.
  24.  @IdellaMithlynnd has been asked to play Buffy in the upcoming movie Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Life after High School.
  25.  @IdellaMithlynnd owns 1/5 of the go-kart racing centers in America.
  26.  @IdellaMithlynnd is NASA’s on call IT service.
  27.  @IdellaMithlynnd was Jessie’s girl.
  28.  No one goes tromping around wearing boots like @IdellaMithlynnd.
  29.  @IdellaMithlynnd has never played Minecraft because she lived it.
  30.  @IdellaMithlynnd has been mistaken for Idina Menzel enough times that she just says “yes” & signs autographs.
  31.  @IdellaMithlynnd ‘s cat Legolas is an actual descendant of the real Legolas. Beautiful hair that family.
  32.  @IdellaMithlynnd met JK Rowling on a train once. They had a nice chat over tea.
  33.  @IdellaMithlynnd can recite both the Iliad and the Odyssey in classic Greek from memory.
  34.  @IdellaMithlynnd has counted to infinity.
  35.  @IdellaMithlynnd has an entire room in her house dedicated to steampunk technology. All it does is make toast.
  36.  @IdellaMithlynnd studied abroad in college in Themyscira.
  37.  “Revenge is a dish best served at 237 degrees” -@IdellaMithlynnd.
  38.  @IdellaMithlynnd ‘s legal middle name is Paraglider.
  39.  @IdellaMithlynnd made the business cards used by @JPsoFLY ‘s PC Tryst Valentine in the Campaign Podcast.
  40.  @IdellaMithlynnd can speak to pandas but has a terrible human accent.

Feel free to click on the image of the tweet above and like it so we can get more cool fake Senda facts and you can catch the lovely ladies of She’s a Super Geek over at sasgeek.com to pick up the first episode of Heroine: Snowland by clicking on the link. You know, the one that’s highlighted in some color other than the normal text color.

Mic Drop. I’m Out.

Nov 18 2015

MMP#182 – The Module

iIPNV9aqUYrGsOMG. Normally I start with hey folks but this week I have with me Sean P. Kelley from Gaming & BS since Phil is out of town. He joins us to dispense some knowledge about the Module in gaming and along the way we do a little social media from an extra dimension and a chat about some podcasts. So strap in for this episode of Rocker boy and Vending Machines or Misdirected BS or Gaming and MS or…you get it. You’re smart.

Note: There is some echoing here and there. Sorry about that.

Time Stamps

2:38 – What’s Going On

8:09 – The EDSMD

12:40 – Podcast Chat

Gaming & BS – Horses and other NPCs

She’s a Super Geek – Soth Part 3: The summoning

Kirean Strange’s Adamantine Heart

26:08 – The Workshop – The Module

Oct 21 2015

MMP#178 – Ninja Crusade and 2nd Editions

iIPNV9aqUYrGsHey Folks. On this episode of the MMP I have the sage of the third eye Eloy Lasanta in the house to talk about his newest edition of Ninja Crusade and 2nd editions and next editions of RPGs and what that means. Hope you enjoy, don’t forget about the segment naming contest, and we’ll talk to you soon.

Time Stamps

0:59 – What’s Going On

10:40 – The Extra Dimensional Social Media Depository

Randy Farmer’s Pics

17:14 – A Moment of Podcast Chat

Gaming & BS

She’s a Super Geek

Indie Syndicate

30:46 – The Lab: Ninja Crusade and second editions

The Ninja Crusade Kickstarter

1:10:56 – A Little Geekery