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Apr 13 2017

Advantage to Insight – Episode 28: Robert Adducci (Face of the League)

Welcome to the Face of the League series! Today we are privileged to have Robert Adducci on the show! Learn more about Robert and his role in the D&D Adventurers League… this week on Advantage to Insight!


  • Learn about Robert Adducci!

Contact Robert


Feb 22 2017

Advantage to Insight – Episode 23: Dark Sun Campaigns feat. Robert Adducci

It has finally come to this… the final episode of our Dark Sun series! Once again Robert Adducci steps out of Ral’s burning gaze and joins us on the mics to talk about bringing a Dark Sun campaign to a gaming table near you! This week on Advantage to Insight!


  • What makes up a Dark Sun campaign?




Jan 11 2017

Advantage to Insight – Episode 20: Dark Sun In-Depth feat. Robert Adducci

Welcome back to part 2 of our series about Dark Sun! Robert Adducci joins us again on the mics as we delve deeper into the organizations, villains, secrets, and mysteries of Athas. What are the most game-able elements of Dark Sun? This week on Advantage to Insight!


  • What are the most important elements to interact with in Dark Sun?




Dec 21 2016

Advantage to Insight – Episode 17: Dark Sun 101 feat. Robert Adducci

He told us he could talk about Dark Sun for hours–so we put him to the test! Robert Adducci is back on the mics talking about his favorite campaign setting and giving our listeners info they need to know to get started! This week on Advantage to Insight!


  • Dark Sun 101: What makes Dark Sun a great setting?




Oct 04 2016

Advantage to Insight and Down with D&D Presents: Dark Sun Trivia feat. Teos Abadia and Robert Adducci

ati-logoIt is the 25th anniversary of Dark Sun! To celebrate, we pitted gladiators Teos Abadia and Robert Adducci to a head-to-head arena match to the death! No? Okay, the lawyers say that we are not covered for that–instead, we will have them battle in a trivia contest! The winner receives bragging rights over the loser’s still-breathing Twitter account! All this on a special joint episode of Advantage to Insight and Down with D&D! Happy anniversary Dark Sun!


Teos Abadia

Robert Adducci


Sep 06 2016

Advantage to Insight – Episode 7: Dark Sun feat. Robert Adducci

d20Thanks to the great listener feedback on the Campaign Settings episode, we continue our series and dive deeper into Dark Sun with special guest Robert Adducci… this week on Advantage to Insight!

General notes:

Full show notes here

Contact Robert Adducci:

– Twitter @Raddu76
– Web Athas.org


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