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Jun 19 2017

Panda’s Talking Games – 64: Podded by the Apandalypse

Show us how you make Powered by the Apocalypse games shine as one shots and campaigns! Phil and Senda talk running PbtA and what parts make it very suitable for both long and short play. Shockingly, this episode came in pretty short — probably because we recorded very late at night! Milky juice part 2, silly childhood songs, and attack of the Definition Panda with Urban Dictionary…it’s the B show.

Patrons, we have one short clips for you this week: Senda accidentally reads the Urban dictionary definition of covfefe.

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Oct 19 2016

MMP#230 – GMing Style vs. Designer Intent

minilogo-blackHey Folks. This week we’re talking about the difference between when you run a game as written and a game as the designer intended. We also cover as many of the permutations surrounding that space as we can figure out.

Time Stamps

0:54 – What’s Going On

18:45 РThe Workshop: GMing Style vs. Designer Intent

1:30:16 – The Social Media Depository

1:55:41 – Podcast Round Up