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Dec 16 2015

TKV Team Podcast 60 | “Book Learnin”

TKVTeam_Logo2015Get ready for…frankly I don’t know what this is. A book reading and experimental audio. Welcome to another filler episode. The November NPDs were shockingly positive, too many games have hit the market to reasonably keep up with, Itagaki’s Devil’s Third is now desirable for some reason, and the new Star Wars movie is happening this week.

Dec 01 2015

TKV Team Podcast 58 | “Holiday Express”

TKVTeam_Logo2015 A quick check-in as we round out the end of the year. But mostly it’s an excuse to reflect on just how new the new Earth Defense Force games are. In a …brief form. With only one person.

Go play Hitman Go. Err, I mean Xenoblade Chronicles X.

Mar 10 2015

TKV Podcast 20 | “Host Goes Here”

TKVTeam_Logo2015Rather than boring ya’ll with Tim talking to himself about how fun it is taking pictures of architecture in racing games, this week’s podcast is a short-form stub while we wait for Karol’s return from Boston and the PAX East 2015 show floor.

We’ll have all the tasty details of his adventures schmoozing with Swery and glaring at Dave Lang at the Killer Instinct  panel soon enough. You’ll get a quick and dirty overview of other industry events (shout-outs on the HTC Vive from Valve and DirectX12 optimizations), and a recommendation for Buffalo’s own “Craggnarok 2015” this coming Saturday on the Buff State campus. There’s also some comments on the patching going on behind-the-scenes for the Halo Master Chief Collection and XB1 dashboard changes.

Karol and I will be set up with multiplayer games in the Student Union lounge outside the CRAGG offices during Craggnarok (all day Saturday, March 14th), so get ready to Joust.