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Feb 24 2017

Threats From Gallifrey To Be a Dwarf

Wizard James Brown discusses what books you need to get started with the One Ring plus an in depth look at dwarven culture.
“Doctor of Gallifrey” by Marc Gunn can be purchased here.


      1. TFG044 To Be a Dwarf

Jul 21 2016

Threats From Gallifrey Hobbit Hunger Games

Writer James Brown uses the Hunger Games as an example of how to adapt material for the One Ring. Garrett gushes over GenCon, almost done prepping for the Manos The Hands of Fate Dungeons and Dragons 5e game. Also be sure to purchase our theme song by Marc Gunn,” Doctor of Gallifrey.”

      1. TFG023 Hobbit Hunger Games - Threats From Gallifrey

Mar 18 2016

Barefoottourguide Presents Company of the Whiskey Drinking Bear Live Tonight!

onight between 7pm-7:15pm EST we’ll begin a new episode of Barefoottourguide Presents: The Company of the Whiskey Drinking Bear, as our heroes bring the shadow lore from the Grey Mountains to Isengard. What kind of welcome will they get? What will the wizards plan to save Legolas from his sorcery-infused coma Will the heroes make it back to Lake Town in time for Dragontide? Watch the show live athttps://www.youtube.com/channel/UCVs4EKUvNe7PVMg6JNhrGKg The program will of course be on my youtube channel afterwards.



Feb 14 2016

Barefoottourguide’s One Ring Threats From Mirkwood: Caragor

Caragor and Haste Across the Grey Mountains
Throrr and Elebrimborn briefly return to Erebor before crossing the Grey Mountians to the orc tower of Tuwurdrog, where they face a threat few of the Free Folk have ever seen before… while searching for clues how to bring Legolas out of a coma caused by sorcery. View the session here


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Feb 20 2015

Scouring the Shire Pt2


This is the second part of Threats From Gallifrey: Scouring the Shire. It includes the round table discussion with Rich Harrison, Exploding Mary and Chris Witt.


      1. TFG#5 Scouring the Shire Part2 - Threats From Gallifrey

Feb 20 2015

Threats From Gallifrey Ep 5 Scouring the Shire


On this episode of Threats From Gallifrey, GM Chris, Exploding Mari and Rich H embark on a quest… a discussion on how to capture the Tolkein feel in a Middle Earth RPG.

Tony and Rob advise gamemasters about coping with PC death, and tons of news about gaming releases.

Mythology of Middle Earth by Ruth Noel can be found here.
The Languages of Middle Earth by Ruth Noel can be found here.

James Brown’s mass combat rules can be downloaded here.


      1. TFG#5 Scouring the Shire Part1 - Threats From Gallifrey



Jan 09 2015

Part 2 of TFG Cozy Christmas Slippers

Be sure to download and listen to Part 1 of the show… unless you only really want to hear about the One Ring. Fine. Be like that.




      1. TFG#4 Cool Christmas Slippers Part 2 - Threats From Gallifrey

Jan 09 2015

Threats From Gallifrey Cool Christmas Slippers Pt1


Welcome to Threats From Gallifrey. Rob and Tony talk building effective NPCs. Savage Tim does the happy dance over Shane Hensley’s Deadlands announcement. Rich H reveals the next publications in the One Ring line. And we accidentally have a Christmas special.

“Doctor of Gallifrey: can be found on Marc Gunn’s CD SciFi Drinking Songs.


Savage Tim mentioned the release of the Last Parsec books, which can be found at https://www.peginc.com/product-category/the-last-parsec/

East Texas University’s materials can be found at https://www.peginc.com/product-category/etu/

We also mentioned our friendly local gaming store Dragon Snacks. Their website is DragonSnack.com.


      1. TFG#4 Cool Christmas Slippers Part 1 - Threats From Gallifrey