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Jan 08 2018

Panda’s Talking Games – 90: Panda Ren vs. Luke Pandawalker (New and Old Games)

Show us why you play new editions or old editions of games! Phil and Senda are back for 2018, and starting off talking about old games and new games, and why they play each of them. Also, BOING.

As a heads up, if you live in or near Denver, Senda and Phil will both be at Genghis Con this year, coming up in February! We’d love to see you!

Bonus outtakes available for Patrons today!

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Mar 22 2016

MMP#200: Episode 200. Enough said

ItunesMMpodcastWell. It’s episode 200. We pull out the nostalgia bat so if you’re not into hearing about the old times wait till next week but we had a lot of fun recording this one with singing, sent in audio clips, and jokes old and new. Thanks for listening for 200 and here’s to at leas one more year.

Time Stamps

1:38 – What’s Going On

9:08 – The Bar – Nostalgia Bat

1:06:39 – Social Media Depository

1:31:45 – Podcast Round up