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Nov 18 2015

TKV Team Podcast 56 | “Market Factors”

TKVTeam_Logo2015Talks about the Syracuse visit to RetroGameCon, gripes about seller decorum, and a few tidbits from the first Nintendo Direct since Iwata’s passing fill out this week’s show. Also, Karol does a dramatic reading of message board swill for your listening pleasure for the intro. Stay far, far away.

Jun 02 2015

TKV Team Podcast 32 | “Thirty-two Squidoo”

TKVTeam_Logo2015This week, we bring you a short talk on a sooner-than-expected Nintendo Direct, Karol’s pursuit of all things Amiibo, and our child-like wonder at the world of Splatoon. Both good and bad news for the fighting game scene leads into a brief talk about the nature of subcontracting for big-budget game publishing.

We close out by confronting Tim about some  fundamental misunderstandings he may have about the internet.

Apr 07 2015

TKV Podcast 24 | ” A prison of our own design”

TKVTeam_Logo2015This episode covers the past week’s Buffalo City Spring Comicon, new game announcements from the April first Nintendo Direct, new Amiibo announcements, previously played games in our collective backlog, and much much more. And I mean that. Like a LOT. Like, we’re at a lower bitrate just so I could get this thing through the default server upload. Woof.