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Dec 04 2017

MMP#286 – Talkin’ Prep

Hey Folks. This week we’re talking about prep and Phil is really excited to do so. So strap in for this long conversation about ways you could prep your game.

Time Stamps

1:46 – What’s Going On

18:13 – The Workshop: Prep

1:45:44 – The Social Media Depository

Nov 26 2017

MMP#285 – Fortune, in the Middle or End

Hey Folks. This week we’re diving into the idea of Fortune. It’s a mechanical idea from the Forge and we’re taking it into the garage to break it down for you.


Time Stamps

30:12 – What’s Going On

10:13 – The Garage: Fortune

Oct 04 2017

MMP#278 – Roll When?

Phil, Chris,  & Bob talk about when you roll the dice and how does it affect the play of the game.


Time Stamps

2:44 – What’s Going On

23:24 – The Garage: Roll When

1:34:54 – The Social Media Depository

Sep 07 2016

MMP#224 – PbtA Moves inspired by 2d6 and 3 out of 5

HItunesMMpodcast_Whiteey folks. This week we’re talking about Powered by the Apocalypse moves and how they’re built. We take a lot of inspiration from Rob Donoghue’s blog post 2d6 and 3 out of 5 from the Walking Mind. We also social media up and have some fun with podcatchers and feedback from last weeks episode in the social media depository.

Time Stamps

0:47 – What’s Going On

17:51 – The Garage: PbtA Moves 2d6 and 3 out of 5

1:12:40 – The Social Media Depository


1:53:57 – Podcast Round Up

Jun 01 2016

MMP#210 – GMPC. It’s not as terrible as you think

MM Mini LogoHey folks. On this episode we talk about how the GM can bring a character into the fold and have it not suck. Decide if we’re right or wrong for yourself and enjoy the show.

Time Stamps

3:17 – What’s Going On

10:12 – The Workshop: GMPC

52:30 – The Social Media Depository

Ted Talk: Why D&D is good for you

Red Markets



1:17:03 – Podcast Round Up

Swallows of the South

Rock n’ Roll Play Baby is by Kieran Strange on the album Adamantine Heart


Jan 02 2015

MMP #138 – Fiction Engines and Games of the Year

      1. 138-Fiction-Engines.mp3

138 – Fiction Engines and Games of the Year

iIPNV9aqUYrGsHey Folks. Happy New Year and all that Jazz. The MMP is back with an episode talking about fiction engines and we give you what our favorite games we played this year were. So enjoy and we’re looking forward to a 2015 where we keep entertaining and informing you.

Segment Times

0:38 – Lobby

8:30 – Gameroom

21:23 – Workshop

49:11 – Geekery