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Jan 09 2018

MMP#291 – Looking back at 2017

Hey Folks. This week Phil, Chris, & Bob talk about our lessons learned from 2017 and how we can be better Gamers and Game Master’s in 2018.



Time Stamps

3:28 – What’s Going On

22:01 – The Salon: Looking Back at 2017

1:35:06 – The Social Media Depository

Jul 19 2017

MMP#267 – Fight the Man

Hey folks. This week we’re throwing punches at the authority and taken the fight to The Man!!! To help us out we’re bringing Robert Bohl in to back us up and while he’s here we’re talking Misspent Youth. an RPG about fighting the authority, which is Kickstarting right now.


Time Stamps

 1:29 – What’s Going On

15:23 – The Workshop: Social Justice in Games

 1:06:01 – The Social Media Depository


Jun 01 2016

MMP#210 – GMPC. It’s not as terrible as you think

MM Mini LogoHey folks. On this episode we talk about how the GM can bring a character into the fold and have it not suck. Decide if we’re right or wrong for yourself and enjoy the show.

Time Stamps

3:17 – What’s Going On

10:12 – The Workshop: GMPC

52:30 – The Social Media Depository

Ted Talk: Why D&D is good for you

Red Markets



1:17:03 – Podcast Round Up

Swallows of the South

Rock n’ Roll Play Baby is by Kieran Strange on the album Adamantine Heart