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Apr 17 2017

Cypher Speak Episode 8: High-Powered Games

CS-blank-250x250-webTurn it up to 11. Darcy & Troy discuss high-powered play, both through leveling up to higher tiers and through power shifts, which enable play with superheroes and gods.


  • Inspiration for supers games: Whelmed: The Young Justice Files – A brilliant, moving, funny, accessible podcast that elaborates on the fantastic animated TV show Young Justice, which is streaming on Netflix and recently had a 3rd season announced! Hosts Caleb (of The RPG Academy) & Rich (of Tribality) are fabulous humans who bring to life the DC Universe and the excellent storytelling of YJ, even for people who had never touched that universe of media (like Darcy). They also have the support of many of the YJ creators, artists, voice actors and so on, and have really high profile guests with excellent conversations (except for Darcy’s). Support their Patreon if you like it!
  • #HackWeekGang: Troy & Darcy play at hacking, but these podcasts are where to go for real discussions of hacking games! Some of the best hosts in the land, as well!


  • Troy: Brandon Sanderson’s superhero book series, The Reckoners (and many other excellent books!). The Reckoners is about superpowered people who experience a darkness the more they use their powers, turning them further into villains. The Reckoners are non-powered people trying to take down these supervillains. Great inspiration for playing with the “high power at a cost” trope!
  • Darcy: ConTessa is an organization that promotes and supports leaders in gaming who identify with historically marginalized or edged-out groups (such as women, LGBTQA+, people of color, people with disabilities, and more). Our events are run by people who identify as “other” in some way, but we welcome EVERYONE to participate in our events and play in our games!

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Apr 03 2017

Cypher Speak Episode 7: Gods of the Fall – Shifting Into Divine Gear

CS-blank-250x250-webThe Gods Are Dead – Now It’s Your Turn. Darcy & Troy explore the Cypher System setting Gods of the Fall, the first of the worlds funded by the Worlds of the Cypher System Kickstarter. There is a lot to love about the Afterworld, the post-apocalyptic setting of Gods of the Fall, which is still reeling after heaven literally fell out of the sky and all the gods died. Players play characters discovering their divine sparks and potential to become fully fledged gods.

Gods of the Fall has some amazing mechanics and setting goodness that you won’t want to miss, check it out!

Safety in Gaming Resources: The X Card by the amazing John Stavropoulos & Panda’s Talking Games on its use, and Misdirect Mark’s episodes on safety and having a safety fail at the table even when you think you’re prepared.


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