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Dec 19 2017

MMP#288 – Eeeeevilllll

Evil? Evil you say? That’s right. We’re talking about evil this week. How to play those kind of games. The positives. The negatives. How to bring your game back from the brink of evilpocalypse. So lets pick up those mic’s and get dark with this thing.

Time Stamps

2:19 – What’s Going On

24:56 – The Workshop: Evil games

1:34:59 – The Social Media Depository

Jul 24 2017

Cypher Speak Episode 15: No Thank You, Evil!

It’s time to talk Kids Games!  This week we cover Monte Cook Games RPG for Kids, No Thank You, Evil! by Shanna Germain.  Gaming with kids is really great, and if you are looking for a good introduction to play an RPG with kids, look no further than No Thank You, Evil!







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