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Nov 10 2017

DwD&D#124 – Xanathar’s Guide to Everything DM Stuff

Let’s get down with the the Beholder’s guide on the DM side. Shawn and Chris groove on the DM tools in Xanathar’s Guide to everything. Get down.


Nov 02 2017

DwD&D#123 – The Mechanics of Campaigns

Let’s get down with the rules we can use and how to mod them for campaigns. Shawn and Chris groove on downtime and more in this episode. Get down.


Oct 26 2017

DwD&D#122 – Endings

Let’s get down with the end of the Campaign. Shawn and Chris dish hard on how to wrap things up. Get down.




Oct 18 2017

DwD&D#121 – The Middles of Campaign

Let’s get down with the Middles of Campaigns. Shawn and Chris are talking all about what to do with your 2nd acts and how to keep things going. Get Down.


Oct 12 2017

DwD&D#120 – Starting Your Campaign

Let’s get down with first adventures and story arcs. Shawn and Chris are talking all about Starting your Campaign with that first session and first story arc. Get Down.


Oct 06 2017

Games People Play: The Making Friends Game

Hannah and Alanna talk about the challenges of making new friends as an adult.

Intro Music: Bah! by Okapi

Oct 03 2017

DwD&D#119 – Rich Lescouflair and Designing for other Genres with 5e

Let’s get down with Esper Genesis, Rich Lescouflair, and designing for other genres with the 5e rules set.


Sep 26 2017

DwD&D 118 – Is D&D doing what it set out to do

Let’s get down with starting up. This time it’s Jason Hobbs from Hobbs & Friends of the OSR talking with us about  if D&D is accomplishing what it set out to do.



Sep 19 2017

DwD&D 117 – James Introcaso on the Adepts Program and the DM’s Guild

Let’s get down with starting up. This time it’s James Introcaso from The Don’t Split the Podcast Network talking with us about the Adepts Program and the DMs Guild.


Don’t Split the Podcast Network

The World Builder Blog

The Gith & Eladrin

The Lizard King

Beasts of the Jungle Rot

Encounters in Port Nyanzaru

Cellar of Death

Sep 12 2017

DwD&D 116 – Session 0

Let’s get down with starting up. This time it’s session 0 as Shawn & Chris keep up the series on campaigns.


Sep 05 2017

Different Players, Different Campaigns

Campaigns once again and this time its about player types, DM types, and how to mesh those puzzle pieces together.



Aug 29 2017

DwD&D#114 – Starting a Campaign

Let’s get down with beginnings. Session 0, finding players, campaign concepts, and how much to plan. We do a brief cover on all these ideas and more.



Aug 15 2017

DwD&D#112 – The Good DM and Incomplete Adventurers

Let’s get down with what’s wrong and what’s missing from adventures. It’s another discussion about adventures from a different lens.



Aug 08 2017

DwD&D#111 – Monsters as PCs

Let’s get down with the kobolds, lizardfolk, and medusa as characters you can play. Shawn & Chris are talking Monsters as PC races on this episode. Do you claw or do you bite?

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Aug 01 2017

DwD&D#110 – Rethinking Campaign Expectations

Let’s get down with stories, arcs, and campaigns. It’s rethinking campaign expectations this week as we talk about a number of ways to structure campaigns.


Jul 25 2017

DwD&D#109 – Gaming with Kids

Let’s get down with kids and teens playing some D&D with special guest Rory Merwin.

It’s the experience, the do’s and don’ts, and as much help as we can cram into 50 minutes for running D&D games for kids.

Jul 18 2017

DwD&D#108 – Initiative

Let’s Get down with the order of turns. We’re talking Initiative in D&D, RAW, DMG alts, and Greyhawk initiative, plus we throw a few of our own favs in there.



Jul 15 2017

DwD&D#107 – Expectations for Published Adventures

Let’s get down with adventures, how they look, how they should look, and what we want inside them to make them easier to run. Shawn & Chris are looking at adventures and how their presented on the page.



Jul 04 2017

DwD&D#106 – AP and Storytelling Podcasts

Let’s get down with Celeste Conowitch and James Introcaso as they chat with us about Actual Play and Narrative podcastings affect on the gaming landscape and some things to thing about if you wanted to get into making these kinds of podcasts.



Jun 27 2017

DwD&D#105 – Investigation v Perception

Let’s get down with spotting stuff and knowing how it all goes together. Shawn and Chris talk about Investigation and Perception on this weeks Down with D&D.


Jun 20 2017

DwD&D#104 – Origins 2017 Recap

Let’s Get Down. It’s all Origins all the time as the Mad Wizard recaps us on all the conventions hotness.


Jun 13 2017

DwD&D#103 – Jungle Adventures

Let’s Get Down. It’s gettin hot in here, and bugs are buzzing, the plants are hungry, and the locals eat, well, us. Time to talk about jungle adventures as we get down with some D&D.


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Jun 06 2017

DwD&D#102 – Stream of Annihilation

It’s time to get annihilated with the zombies, dinos, and zombie dinos. We’re talking the Stream of Annihilation. Go Green Devil Doorway.


Jun 03 2017

DwD&D#101 – Eberron Noir

It’s Mark Knapik talking about Eberron and Noir. So let it rain…and be monochrome.


May 23 2017

DwD&D#100 – Our Favorite D&D Things

Let’s get down with those D&D things we love for our 100th episode.


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