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May 23 2017

DwD&D#100 – Our Favorite D&D Things

Let’s get down with those D&D things we love for our 100th episode.


Mar 16 2017

Advantage to Insight – Episode 25: Sharn Campaigns feat. Kristian Serrano

This is the end… but not without a fight! The Last War is never over for Kristian Serrano as he joins us on the mics again to talk about how Sharn campaigns are run! This week on Advantage to Insight!


  • Prepare a Dungeon Master to run a Sharn campaign


  • How to run a Sharn campaign?
    • Mind mapping
  • Action and dark intrigue
  • How to make characters and parties
    • The Last War
  • Go back to the tropes, but how-to
  • Where to dig for ideas?
  • Most important ideas to remember



Dec 19 2016

Panda’s Talking Games 41 – Missing Players

Show us how you handle empty seats at your table! Senda and Phil tackle the issue of missing players in one shots/convention play vs. campaign play. Some of the issues over lap but of course some don’t! Do you have a creative way of dealing with the empty seat? Let us know on Twitter, Facebook, or G+.


Dec 01 2016

Gnomecast#3 – Resurrecting Your Campaigns

casticon2Welcome to the Gnomecast where we talk with gnomes about gnome things and avoid becoming part of the stew. This might be mandatory to avoid being volunteered as ingredients for the stew. Today we have Ang, John, and myself, Chris. Today we talk about Resurrecting your Campaigns.


Resurrecting your Campaigns



Case File


Oct 31 2016

Panda’s Talking Games 35: Flipping One-Shots to Campaigns

pandas_talking_games_logo_-_oct_2016-200xShow us how you flip your one shots in to campaigns! Phil and Senda talk about what happens when you decide to turn your one shot in to a campaign, and what pieces you will need to consider in making the change. Sometimes you never planned to makes this any longer than one game, and sometimes it was like a test run, so we approach this topic from both perspectives. We make promises about future Mon Cal episodes.

The rest of the outtakes are on Patreon for our backers! patreon.com/mmp


May 02 2016

Panda’s Talking Games – 9: Ending Games

Talking Games Logo 200x200The final count down has started and things need to get wrapped up. That’s what Phil and Senda are showing us this week so pop on your record player or whatever audio device you have and tune in to Talking Games Staring Senda and Phil.

Also show us your table selfies with #tableselfies