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Oct 12 2016

MMP#229 – Short vs Long Campaigns

minilogo-blackHey Folks. This week we’re looking at Campaigns and how they shape up in the short and long term. Phil also pours his heart out in the What’s Going On segment and we look at a couple of interesting games in the Social Media Depository.

Time Stamps

0:43 – What’s Going On

23:35 – Workshop: Short vs Long Campaigns

1:40:45 – Social Media Depository

1:55:18 – Podcast Round Up

May 23 2016

Panda’s Talking Games 12: Engagement

Talking Games Logo 200x200How do you get your players engaged in a one shot or a campaign? Senda and Phil have all the answers on this weeks Talking Games Starring (I got it right this time) Senda and Phil.


May 16 2016

Panda’s Talking Games 11: Gateway Games

Talking Games Logo 200x200Show me whatcha got about games to bring new people into the hobby. It’s gateway games staring Senda and Phil.

Apr 18 2016

Panda’s Talking Games 7: Rules

Talking Games Logo 200x200Show me whatcha got. It’s Rules our stars Senda and Phil are showing us this week and how they handle them in one shots and campaigns this week. So tune in and be square or round or a dodechahedron.

Mar 21 2016

Panda’s Talking Games 3: Character Gen

Talking Games Logo 200x200Hello everyone. It’s time to talk about Character Gen be it one shots or campaigns, pregens or created by the players. So lets listen in as Senda and Phil show us what they got.

Mar 14 2016

Panda’s Talking Games 2: Big Bads

Talking Games Logo 200x200Project Panda is back as are Senda & Phil to talk about Big Bads in this edition of Talking Games. Time to tune in and hear what Bad Guys do differently in the One Shot vs the Campaign.


Senda’s Twitter, you know, that character name she didn’t think she’d have forever but does. Yeah, that one.

Mar 14 2016

Panda’s Talking Games- 1: Introductions

Talking Games Logo 200x200Welcome to the first show of Project Panda or Talking Games: Staring Senda and Phil or Phil and Senda. You decide which you like best. In short this show takes a look at those questions we love to think about  as GMs and Players but with the perspective of someone who plays and runs a lot of One Shots (Senda from She’s a Super Geek), and someone who runs a lot of campaigns (Phil from Misdirected Mark), to show you some of the differences and similarities of the two kinds of styles. And they attempt to do this in around 20ish minutes.

This inaugural episode introduces the pair and the show.  I hope you enjoy the pair, the show, and the cover art as much as I do.

Your humble audio editor and man behind the curtain of MMP,

Chris Sniezak