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Mar 17 2017

Threats From Gallifrey Running With the Rippers

Garrett’s Paranoia book is published! Savage Tim talks Rippers.
“Doctor of Gallifrey” by Marc Gunn can be purchased here.
Manos and Dragons can be puchased at http://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/206213/Manos-and-Dragons
30 Treasonous Plots for Paranoia can be purchased here.
Check out Garrett’s Call of Cthulhu blog here.


      1. TFG046 Running With the Rippers - Threats From Gallifrey

Jul 14 2016

Threats From Gallifrey The Dragon Strikes Back

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On this episode of Misdirected Mark Podcast, Garrett adapts Manos the Hands of Fate to Call of Cthulhu. Rob and Tony create a D&D game inspired by Empire Strikes Back. The theme “Doctor of Gallifrey”  is by Marc Gunn.

      1. TFG022 The Dragon Strikes Back - Threats From Gallifrey

May 19 2016

Threats From Gallifrey When Cthulhu Calls

On this episode of Threats From Gallifrey, Chaosium’s Mike Mason celebrates the release of Call of Cthulhu 7e and puts out the call for Keepers to join the Cult of Chaos.

when cthulhu calls

      1. TFG#17 When Cthulhu Calls - Threats From Gallifrey