Jun 14 2015

Rogue Time Lord Gaming Appreciation Day

A message from the 10th Doctor:

Rogue Appreciation
Allons-y to Collectors Inn in Kenmore June 20th @ 2pm or ROGUE TIME LORD APPRECIATION DAY.
I’m bringing in the Game MASTER to run one of my favorite adventures: DOCTOR WHO AND THE ICE BASE OF WAR. CUBICLE 7 DOCTOR WHO ADVENTURES IN TIME AND SPACE ROLEPLAYING GAME. The rules are a piece of cake. If you’ve seen more than a minute of Doctor Who, you’ll know exactly what to do.
This is an exciting opportunity to try out the It’s going to be OOD fun for the family. You, the players, get to choose whether to run this adventure with me, the 11th or 12th Doctor and our appropriate companions.
Come in costume and get a couple of bonus story points, making you even more powerful.
If things go well I’ll run the SECOND ANNUAL ROGUE TIME LORD APPRECIATION DAY last year. Chronology means nothing to a man who travels in time and space.

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