May 30 2015

#Projectgallifrey Events Strike Kenmore

#projectgallifrey is a project of the Threats From Gallifrey Podcast, challenging gamers to take their favorite game titles, get permission to run them in local churches, coffee shops or comic book stores, put up fliers to market the event and blow people’s minds with how cool these games are.

Always one to lead by example, I have two events of my own.

1. Thursday, June 4th @ 6pm head over to GameStop at Kenmore-Delaware. We’re setting up a table and showing off the amazingly cool Doctor Who Adventures in Time and Space RPG.

What console do you need for this game?

The Doctor shrugs his head sadly at says something with a Scottish accent.

The adventure will be “Doctor Who and the Ice Base of War,” written by yours truly, based on a plot seed generated on the Cubicle 7 Doctor Who RPG website.


Can’t make this event? Have to save the universe again? The Doctor’s returning 6/20 for his very own Free RPG Day. I know, there isn’t any publisher-sold materials being run here. Such is the spirit of #projectgallifrey. Tell it to the Daleks. Play  “Doctor Who and the Ice Base of War” at 2pm at Collectors Inn in Kenmore.

Come in costume and receive bonus Story Points!

Foc Who free rpg day

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