Mar 06 2012

Podcast Addict: Happy Jacks RPG Podcast

Hey there folks. First I need to go drink a 6 pack of craft beer then I can write this thing…

Ok, I’m back and ready to roll. The Happy Jack’s RPG podcast is a group of friends and musicians who reckless venture into the RPG hobby…with beer, and they do it with as much awesomeness and douchebaggery as possible. In fact Stu Venerable and his collection of Boggarts bring the douche each and every week to a podcast that has rabid fans, and is about as unfocused as this paragraph.

In all seriousness the Happy Jacks Podcast did something I hadn’t heard many podcast’s trying to this point, a lot of listener feedback. They read a ton of email and give their opinion’s on the listener’s problems. This did two things for them. It gave their audience a voice, which made them pretty popular, and gave the Jackers a lot of content they didn’t have to come up with. Combined with the variety of craft beer they drink and talk about along with the excellent music by gaming podcast standards, (to be honest the music is pretty good by any standard) and you have some serious popularity.

I have another theory as to why this podcast is well loved. They embody the gamer who left the hobby and has come back. Stu decided to start gaming again after a long layoff. There are a lot of people who seem to be doing this since new technologies make it easier to find games to play in. The Jackers also do a fantastic job of showing how gaming isn’t geeky. Yeah we’re all geeks to some extent, but it isn’t a bad thing, and maybe geek isn’t what we stereo-typically think of anymore. I think geeks are more like the Jackers. They’re sociable, decent people, with jobs, families, hobbies, loves, and passions like the rest of the world. The douche crew helps show a portion of the world this truth. I’m not saying they’re saving the world or anything but from a pen and paper stand point they’re just every day guys and girls in the world. I have the conversations they have at my own game tables. I’m kind of a pervert just like those douche bags. I like craft beer as do they. I can identify with them, and I think a lot of other people can too.

Now that I’ve praised Happy Jack’s I do have a few things to say about their show. It can be a little hit or miss. Sometimes they’re unfocused with a lot of random chatter and tangential conversations, and the content suffers for it. Worse, and this is because they’re just a bunch of guys shooting the shit around some microphones, is they sometimes make statements that are ignorant. For instance in one of their most recent episodes Stork was talking about how D&D is trying to be WotC’s big money maker and the 5e situation is something they probably can’t afford to screw up. Now Stork is just guessing from what he’s seen. Unfortunantly he’s wrong. Magic the Gathering has doubled its profitability in the last three years from a hundred million dollars to two hundred million. Magic is the money maker and it’s still growing. I don’t know why. I’m not a magic player nor am I a fan of the game. I assume people like the game and WotC does a good job promoting it. I’m just trying to express the point that Stork “Storked” it. You can read the article here

WotC also has a substantial game catalog to pull from and are a subsidiary of Hasbro so I don’t think they’re hurting in the game publishing category. You can see the list here. Also the Duel Masters property is the largest card game in Japan between eight and twelve year old’s and they’re bringing it back in America as Duel Masters: Kaijudo. To go along with the game Hasbro’s TV network, Hub, is launching a new Duel Masters cartoon. For the full article I’ve gotten this information from you can click here.

My point is WotC probably won’t fold if 5e doesn’t do well. On the other hand if 5e flops then WotC and Hasbro might sell the D&D property which would be kinda of cool, but this isn’t the place for conjecture. I just tangented to give you the feel of a Happy Jacks Podcast.

To close I do want to say I like Happy Jack’s. Stu, Tappy, Stork, Kimi, JiB, Bruce, CADave, Tyler, and anyone else I missed do a fantastic job of entertaining and informing gamers, new and old alike, with douchey debauchery and little to no class. Keep on drinking.

P.S. The Happy Jack emailers like to put post scripts at the end of their emails.

P.P.S. Did I mention the emailers like to put post scripts at the end of their emails.

P.P.P.S Ok, this is just ridiculous but maybe I can make up for it. Just imagine Kimi saying “Fan boy penis” in a sexy Russian accent. If that doesn’t work for you then you’re a douche bag.

Chris “The Light” Sniezak

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