Nov 19 2013

Patreon #4 – Geek Fitness and Gnomes at GenCon

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Geek Fitness and Gnomes at GenCon

Hey Folks. Chris here with another installment of the Patreon series. Tangent Twin Katie and I talk about some of the geekier ways to get in shape this time around and we have a bonus on the end in the form of the Gnome Stew panel from GenCon 2013. I unfortunately lost all the pictures.


Show Notes

Zombies RunNerd Fitness, Fit Bit, SCA, Dagohir, quidditch leagues, LASH, Kickball


  1. Chris Sniezak

    I’m Chris Sniezak on G+. You just need to look me up and I’ll go add you right now

  2. Michael

    This was my first time listening to your podcast and I was really impressed with it! I was pretty excited to find someone else with my podcast/running playlist woes. I love listening to actual play podcasts and I like listening to new ones from the beginning. And I like to listen to them whilst running…and I’d like to listen to them the way zombies run intends you to listen to music from your playlist….but as you’ve found with your androids …you can’t, at least not without of lots of fiddling.

    I used to have a “auto download least recent unplayed” on the traditional iphone music app. apple have since decided that people only want to listen to the most recently released podcasts. Also you can’t link any podcast app in a way to update your playlist.

    If there was a way to make it so that my favourite podcasts were automatically uploaded in the order that they were released and that I haven’t listened to them -to the playlist that I have synced to my zombies run app….I would buy it and I would even change to android if it were only available for android. (My contracts up anyway).

    Also are either one of you on g+? I’d totally love to compete with/against you guys fitness wise 🙂

    Thought you might also like to know about a couple of geeky gamercise games.
    Fitocracy https://www.fitocracy.com/
    you can link fitocracy with a runkeeper account, you can also link zombies run with a runkeeper account. You can also also linkable with runkeeper as is zombies run). So you can level up both game accounts when you run. Also you can link your runkeeper with

    earndit http://earndit.com/service/runkeeper

    This lets you earn points that you can spend to buy things. So you literally are earning real stuff for exercising as you do your zombies run quests.

    And also Steve Kamb from nerd fitness was goin to make a game called rising heroes. http://www.nerdfitness.com/rising-heroes/

    Check out his links to it as well as the “what is your profession” post.

    I’ve been looking for gamercise buddies for ages and after listening to you guys for the first time I would love to game with you! I’ll happily compete against/with you. Please look me up 🙂 You’ll find me on g+ too.

    Thanks guys 🙂 Really informative podcast, SO much good stuff!

    Going to look up to see if there is any SCA groups near me now!
    *M near warwick castle, england*

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