Dec 12 2016

Panda’s Talking Games 40.5 – Waveform Carol

Hi pandas! We admit it — we dropped the ball. Life happened and recording did not. We’ll be back next week with more one shot and campaign (and outtake) goodness, but for this week here is a little waveform carol that we would usually release only to patrons that we’re sharing to thank you all for listening and say Happy Pandadays!


  1. mbtigger

    We sing to prove our waveform when half spent was the night…

    Very Nice!

    1. Senda

      I think we’ve recorded during daylight hours….twice?
      And once it was because our guest needed to. Generally it’s after kiddo bedtime on Mountain time, which means ten at the earliest Eastern, so yeah….the half spent was the night part gets pretty accurate pretty quickly. I crack myself up so I’m glad you enjoyed it too. XD

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