Oct 31 2016

Panda’s Talking Games 35: Flipping One-Shots to Campaigns

pandas_talking_games_logo_-_oct_2016-200xShow us how you flip your one shots in to campaigns! Phil and Senda talk about what happens when you decide to turn your one shot in to a campaign, and what pieces you will need to consider in making the change. Sometimes you never planned to makes this any longer than one game, and sometimes it was like a test run, so we approach this topic from both perspectives. We make promises about future Mon Cal episodes.

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  1. John A

    Hey Senda. We all know about the Snifflin’ griffin, but I’m introducing a new set piece and NPC to my Dungeon World game, The Giggling Gremlin. take that Phil! So Senda the owner is an Elf (that’s a no brainer), but what was Senda’s previous/ semi retired adventuring class?Thanks for all the laughs.


    PS You have an open invitation to guest star in a DW game over at Roll20 as Senda the ( look at those ears) elven proprietor of the Giggling Gremlin. 8)

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