Oct 17 2016

Panda’s Talking Games – 33: Problem Players

Talking Games Logo 200x200Show us how you deal with problem players in one shots and campaigns….no one wants to face it but it’s better to have a plan! Some ideas on handling issues for conventions and home campaigns.

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Panda’s Talking Games 20 Broken Characters: http://misdirectedmark.com/talking-games-twenty-broken-characters/

Misdirected Mark Podcast Safety Redux: http://misdirectedmark.com/mmp225-qcc-recap-safety-redux/

Best Game Ever: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M60zW_Mfm58


  1. Michael

    The only disagreement I have is with Senda’s anger at the group that didn’t want to play female pre-gens. While that can be problematic at times, it sounded as if the particular game that was played required one of the players to be a mom, sisters, etc. That can be awkward for friends to play, and furthermore some players can be uncomfortable playing female characters for a varity of reasons. Just because a player doesn’t want to play a female character doesn’t mean that they’re a problem player….

  2. PhilOfCalth

    I’d really like to hear a One Shot vs Campaign regarding Cubicle 7’s The One Ring if you guys can get a relevant guest… Or even if you can’t.

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