Jan 26 2017

FofOSR #1 – Eric the Stormlord

Welcome to episode one of Hobbs & Friends of the OSR. This is a show about the Old School Renaissance where Jason “Hobbs” Hobbs has one of his friends on to chat about the OSR. Often these friends are publishers of OSR material.

The show currently has four segments. First we must introduce Hobbs’ friend. Second they chat about games they’ve been playing together or playing in general. They’ve cover thoughts on the game, the style or mechanics of the game, and their favorite moments of the game. It’s a personal reflection and borders a bit on a review without being quite that formal. Third they spotlight an OSR product. Last they chat about something happening in the OSR, be it another product, some bit of news, an article someone wrote, or other miscellany.

On the inaugural episode Hobbs is joined by Eric “Stormlord” Hoffman of Stormlord Publishing and they talk USR, Treasure Vaults of Zadabad, and a few other things. Enjoy the show and let Jason know how we’re doing in the comments below or email us at  hobbsnfriends@misdirectedmark.com.


OSR logo is attributed to osrcompatible.org and is under the CC-BY licence.

Jan 25 2017

MMP#244 – Get out of my Niche, Bro

Hey folks. On this episode of the Misdirected Mark, we are going to talk about character niches, niche invasion, and niche protection.


1:15 – What’s Going On

14:46 – Workshop: Niche

1:08:08 – The Extra Dimentional Social Media Depository

1:24:01 – Podcast Review

Jan 25 2017

Advantage to Insight – Episode 21: Sharn In-Depth feat. Kristian Serrano

You cannot stop Kristian Serrano from talking about Sharn if you tried! In this second part of our Sharn series, we focus on the major players in the city as well as other communities and cultural elements that makes the City of Towers so compelling! This week on Advantage to Insight!


  • Immerse the player into the fiction of Sharn, allies and adversaries




Jan 24 2017

DwD&D#84 – Wolfgang on Midgard

What’s this I hear? The Kobolds are a coming, the darakhul are a eating (flesh that is), the Gearforge are a tickin, and the world serpent is a stirring as Wolfgang Baur is in. The. House. We’re stinging with the Kobold in chief to talk Midgard and the current Kickstarter from Kobold Press.


Midgard Campaign Setting: Dark Roads & Deep Magic

Kobold Press

Kobold Press Drive Thru RPG Area

Jan 23 2017

Panda’s Talking Games – 46: Low Level Games

Show us how you run low level one shots and campaigns! What kind of games do lower power characters create and play in?

Also, murder bears and a deep dive on sewing with grass, ponchos as military gear, and Tuam. Patreon backers can find their extra outtakes at patreon.com/mmp.

Jan 20 2017

Streets of Avalon. Two – Lamplighter

Last time on the streets of Avalon our rogues find themselves with a box everyone seems to want after getting into a brutal fight with a hammerite and her thugs. They have Violet the hammerite bound and gagged but shapeshifting creatures appear to try and take box. Our rogues fight off a few of them but it seems there are more in the Iron Wheel. Vassar finds himself following a cat for answers.

Welcome to the Streets of Avalon, an urban city actual play created and DMed by Brett B who puts the B in Gaming and BS, with Tom Flanagan of the Knights of the Night, Kevin Lovecraft – the glue of MMP and G&BS, Chris Sniezak of MMP, and Emily Morgan of She’s a Super Geek. Enjoy and please, provide feedback as we’re learning and going to get better at this as we move forward.

Mud-splat & scene switch by Mike Koenig

All other sounds from the Public Domain

Editing by Chris Sniezak

Jan 19 2017

Threats From Gallifrey Savage Threats Factory

Savage Tim discusses the ease with which you can create any creature of NPC using Savage Worlds. Garrett talks about revolving gaming groups.  “Doctor of Gallifrey” by Marc Gunn can be purchased here.


      1. TFG039 Savage Threat Factory1 - Threats From Gallifrey

Jan 18 2017

MMP#243 – GM Feedback

Hey Folks. This week  we’re talking about giving feedback to the GM, how to do it, why we do it, and do we even need to do it.

Time Stamps

1:00 – What’s Going On

11:45 – Workshop: GM Feedback

1:09:57 – The Extra Dimentional Social Media Depository

1:19:07 – Podcast Superfriends


Jan 17 2017

Individual Feed OPML File

Hey folks. Here’s the OPML file for podcasters to get every individual feed for the MMP network. To get it follow these steps:

  1. Click on the link
  2. Download the file to your podcatcher
  3. Upload the OMLP file. Most podcatchers have an option to upload an OPML as a way to subscribe to podcasts.


Thank you Mycroft for putting this together for the listeners. I appreciate it.

Jan 17 2017

DwD&D#83 – What’s New in D&D Jan 17 2017

Let’s get down with what’s new at the Yawning Portal and from other places around the gameosphere in this edition of Down with D&D.


Jan 17 2017

Panda’s Talking Games – 45: Players and Genres

Show us how you deal with players who don’t play to genre! Phil and Senda talk about the reasons people play against genre, and how to handle each of those situations in one shots and campaigns. Then they talked about….closets?

Jan 12 2017

Gnomecast #6 – Holy Orders

Welcome to the Gnomecast where we talk with gnomes about gnome things and avoid becoming part of the stew. This might be mandatory to avoid being volunteered as ingredients for the stew. Today we have John, Ang, and your moderator, Chris. Today we’re talking about Holy Orders from Troy’s Crock Pot, which I really don’t want to get thrown into. Enjoy


Troy’s Crock Pot: Holy Orders

Ang’s twitter handle: @Orikes13

Jan 11 2017

MMP#242 – The Many Faces of Failure

Hey Folks. It’s a podcast about gaming, game mastering, game design, & entertaining you with Chris Phil and Bob who doesn’t like PB&J and will be set on fire at 700 bucks in the patreon. Wait. I totally failed at that intro. That’s because we’re talking about failure today. Enjoy and drop us a rating on Itunes.

Time Stamps

2:03 – What’s Going On

14:36 – Workshop: The Many Faces of Failure

56:13 – The Extra Dimentional Social Media Depository

1:22:42 – Podcast Superfriends

Jan 11 2017

Advantage to Insight – Episode 20: Dark Sun In-Depth feat. Robert Adducci

Welcome back to part 2 of our series about Dark Sun! Robert Adducci joins us again on the mics as we delve deeper into the organizations, villains, secrets, and mysteries of Athas. What are the most game-able elements of Dark Sun? This week on Advantage to Insight!


  • What are the most important elements to interact with in Dark Sun?




Jan 10 2017

DwD&D#82 – Storm Kings Thunder Chapter 4

Let’s get down with some ice. It’s cold here. it’s cold in SKT. It’s cold everywhere. I will not fight blue dragons today. I need more levels before we can play. That’s what’s up in chapter 4 of SKT, so tune in and hear Cindy Moore’s return to the mics. It’s on.


Goodman Games is looking for 5e writers

Jan 09 2017

Panda’s Talking Games – 44: Debriefs

Phil and Senda show us how they handle debriefs in their one shots and campaigns! We also talk about debriefs and conventions, make professional cat noises (very professional), and fail to start the show several times.

Jan 06 2017

Streets of Avalon – Episode Zero

Hello adventures. This is the episode zero that explains what Avalon is, takes a slightly deeper look at the characters, and talks about what happened just before the actual play starts. Thanks for listening and until next time, may you avoid the Lamplighters and see by their light.

Jan 04 2017

MMP#241 – Arc of the Misdirected

Hey Folks. This week we revisit arcs and talk about everything surrounding them, what they are, how you can use them, what they mean, and how you can up your games by recognizing things about them.

Time Stamps

0:45 – What’s Going On

13:17 – Workshop: Arc’s Explored

1:12:26 – EDSMD

1:30:48 – Podcast Superfriends

Don’t Split the Podcast

It’s Like D&D


Jan 04 2017

Advantage to Insight – Episode 19: Looking Forward

Is it 2017 already?!? People are looking forward to this year and every new and wonderful thing it brings–and we are no different! Listen as Wayne and Alex go through their list of games they are eagerly anticipating–this week on Advantage to Insight!

(Due to a recording error, Episode 18: Year in Review was lost. We endeavor to re-record and release the episode–which included heartfelt messages and lessons from 2016.)


  • What are we looking forward to in 2017?




Jan 03 2017

DwD&D#81 – What’s New & the Monk UA

Let’s get down with the Monk and lay the skinny on some cool happenings around the D&D landscape. That’s this weeks groove on Down with D&D.


Winter Fantasy

DM Guild Spotlight – The Complete Adventures of MT Black

Kobold Press – Heroes of Nuria Natal: Face of Bastet

Dragon Talk – Jeff Greiner of the Tome Show

Don’t Split the Podcast Network

Ultimate D&D Gaming Table – Super Fan Builds

Monks: Unearthed Arcana

Jan 02 2017

Panda’s Talking Games – 43: The X Card

Show us how you handle the X Card at your table. We talk basic safety and lessons we’ve learned from personal experience.  We managed to keep it short and sweet despite many failed attempts at words.

Other good sources for X Card commentary include:

MMP 225: QCC Recap and Safety Redux

SASG 39: Royal Blood: The Chariot


Jan 01 2017

Cypher Speak Update: Our Cypherlution

Hello friends and listeners!

We’ve been quiet for quite some time, and we’ve been working on a plan for getting the show back on track. Here we share some of the struggles we’ve had in the last few months, and talk about what we need to do to get the show back to you.



Madison Ray – @maddiekayray on twitter or email mrayaudio@gmail.com

Chris Sniezak – @MisdirectedMark

Two Weeks: A Microgame Collection – By Dan Enders

Sad Things On Index Cards – By Taylor LeBresh


Dec 29 2016

Gnomecast #5 – Gnome Resolutions for 2017

Welcome to the Gnomecast where we talk with gnomes about gnome things and avoid becoming part of the stew. This might be mandatory to avoid being volunteered as ingredients for the stew. Today we’re going to do gnome gamer resolutions for 2017. Let us know what your gamer resolutions are.

Dec 28 2016

MMP#240 – Year in Review 2016

Hey folks. This week on MMP we’re doing our year in review for 2016. We talk about our games of the year, the high’s and the lows of 2016, and what we want to accomplish next year. Happy New Years.

Dec 27 2016

DwD&D#80 – UA Bards & Fighters

Let’s get down with the talkers and the beat sticks and folks with the missile weapons. It’s Bards and Fighters on this installment of Down with D&D. We will get back to the news next time. There’s just so much design goodness to look at right now.


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