Feb 27 2012

Order of the Stick hits 1 Million Dollars on Kickstarter

Rich Berlew is a pretty happy man. His Kickstarter to have one of the out of print Order of the Stick books reprinted was looking for fifty four thousand dollars. It went over a Million on February 19th. It’s the third time a Kickstarter project has gone over one Million dollars and will only be the second time one closes at over a Million. With all the money Rich has pulled in he plans on reprinting all of the Order of the Stick books.

For those who don’t know The Order of the Stick is a web comic by Rich Berlew about a group of adventurers, and it’s drawn using stick figures. The weird thing is these stick figures are some of the most animated, expressionistic, and impressive characters I’ve ever seen. Rich makes the stick work. Who knew you could get so much emotion from a character just by changing the angle of their eyebrows, or turn the single line comprising their mouth from frame to frame. Aside from the characters Rich does a great job of creating the backgrounds in later comics so you get a feel for where they are. Turning from the art style we get to the story and characters. They, like the story, start out cliched. There’s a lot of D&D jokes and single strip punchline humor. But once the story get’s rolling, and characters back stories start showing up in the form of plot, the strip turns from something to read for a good laugh into a very good comedic drama. I actually care about Roy and his relationship with his family, Elan’s drama with his brother and Father, and if V can harness power without embracing dark power. Don’t get me wrong. I still enjoy watching Belkar act like a sociopath, especially since he realized he can do so without repercussion as long as he is a little more clever about how he operates, and Durkon fears trees. (He’s a dwarf folks, and he doesn’t trust foliage) But Berlew didn’t stop there. He started writing strips from the Bad guys perspective so we got to see what Red Cloak, Xylon, and the Monster in the Dark were up to. Also go fiendish cockroaches. In any case you should go check out Order of the Stick if you’re looking for something fun to read but beware, you will get sucked in and before you know it hours and days will have passed as you read and laugh.

Once again congradulation to Rich and the power of the stick.

Chris “The Light” Sniezak

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