Nov 17 2017

MMP#284 – Converting New Gamers

Chris and Nikki get together for this episode of MMP where they talk about how to get new people into gaming and then how to retain them. They hit the good, the bad, the ugly and everything in between.


Time Stamps

1:10 – What’s Going On

10:13 – The Workshop: Converting New Gamers

1:12:22 – The Social Media Depository

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  1. OldSchoolDM

    I meant to leave this comment on the appropriate episode stub on the MM G+ Community, but I cant’ find it.

    So – let me say, I deeply enjoyed hearing more of Nikki’s thoughts. It brought a very refreshing view to the show – which normally can get to be a little of a “bro” fest (i.e. sometimes an echo chamber alternating with verbal sparring)…

    It felt like Nikki brought a very thoughtful, inclusive (a better word might be “reflective?”) voice to the table, but still very fun and engaging.

    Please consider her as a regular substitute host if one or the other primaries is out (not just a substitute Bob)


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