Jun 14 2017

MMP#262 – Rule Zero

Hey Folks.This week we’re talking about the Rule Fun and Rule GM. Wanna know what that is? Tune in to find out.

Time Stamps

1:00 – What’s Going On

21:40- The Workshop: Rule Zero

1:08:02 – The Social Media Depository


  1. Colin Green

    Chris, if a party of pcs play a game session solely role playing characters generated using D&D rules, I believe you are engaged with the rules to a certain, if minimal, extent. The session isn’t played in a rule vacuum, by not engaging many aspects of the rules, in some way you are engaging some of the other rules. I’m thinking the rules sometimes dictate that rolls need not be made. If a group plays shorter sessions​, obviously this could happen more frequently, but I still think it’s D & D.

    Enjoying the show, great stuff.

    1. Kuya

      This is correct. Also, I like how Chris is all, “There’s a ‘G’ in RPG,” but seems to forget that there are also “R” and “P” in RPG as well. I’m so glad that the person in the chat and “Old Man Logan” stood up to the garbage spewing out of Chris’s mouth.

      1. Chris Sniezak

        Garbage huh. I’m glad no one actually listens to what I’m saying on the show. I love the role playing aspect of playing RPGs. See Streets of Avalon for that.

        I also love the game part. If it’s all RP and no G then why does the G need to be there.

        Also, if anyone was actually paying attention to what I said it was if you’re not using the game part then maybe you should play a different game. There are plenty of Games that make the RP part of game play.

        You wanna call something garbage then back it up because your comments are weak. Also, this is an open invitation to come debate me on the air. If you think what I’m saying is garbage come say it to me on the show and explain in an actual way why it is garbage because I have actual reasons which aren’t garbage about why when the fiction and RP have nothing to do with the Game then the Game might not be the right Game for the group but maybe there is a better Game to support your RP.

        Also, if you listened to what I said–which you didn’t–I said you can play any way you want. If you want to play pass the stick storytelling games I’m down. I play them. Fall of Magic is exactly that. Great game. Tons of RP. Heck, I don’t even care if you want to have RP heavy sessions in your game without utilizing the rules but the moment someone says we had the best session ever and they didn’t engage the mechanics of the game they’re playing, that’s just garbage. The play could of been great but the mechanisms of the game did nothing to help them with it so there. You can not like it. You can disagree with it. Until you actually come correct with some real stance aside from garbage you’re opinion is less than meaningful or useful.

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