Jun 16 2017

MMP#250 Kung Fu Rebuttal – You’re Killing Me Smalls

Hey Folks. This is a very special episode of the Misdirected Mark podcast where Chris, Phil, and Bob aren’t even here. It’s Eli Kurtz, PK Sullivan, and Eric Simon to give you the low down on what Kung Fu in games should really be like.



  1. Kuya

    These guys are amazing. Their ability to speak and communicate in a way that’s easy to listen to and understand their ideas, information, and intent is ridiculously good. You can tell these guys are professionals, and not just people chatting and spouting opinions. I really hope they team up again, or have their own show. I don’t pay for / support podcast shows in a monetary way, but I would if one were constantly on the level of this episode. Kudos to Eli, Eric, and PK!

    1. Eli

      Thanks so ouch, Kuya! I’m blushing like a madman over here. 🙂 I’m glad you enjoyed the episode.

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