Jan 25 2017

MMP#244 – Get out of my Niche, Bro

Hey folks. On this episode of the Misdirected Mark, we are going to talk about character niches, niche invasion, and niche protection.


1:15 – What’s Going On

14:46 – Workshop: Niche

1:08:08 – The Extra Dimentional Social Media Depository

1:24:01 – Podcast Review


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  1. Christopher M Sniezak

    Not a problem. Hope you enjoy.

  2. Ryan Faricelli

    Was recommended this episode by a friend. Where is the link to listen?

    1. Chris Sniezak

      Sorry Ryan, we’ve had a recent switch over with some of our back end website stuff and we’re still working to restore a lot of the little things, like the player on different episodes, this episode now has it once again. Thank you for giving us a listen.

      1. Ryan Faricelli

        Thank you so much! I’m an indie game designer and one of my partners working on our latest project highly recommended giving you a listen, particularly this episode. Thanks again for getting this fixed!

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