Aug 23 2016

MMP#222 – Playing to Type

MM Mini LogoHey Folks. This week we’re gonna talk about why players play to type, why you might want to play against type, and some tips to help you play against type so you can add more types to your repertoire if you’d like.

Time Stamps

0:55 – What’s Going On

27:39 – Workshop: Playing to Type

1:10:38 – Social Media Depository

1:33:58 – Podcast Round Up


The Bite

Adamantine Heart

1 comment

  1. Lythias

    Roll20 /definitely/ has an in-built bias, even beyond the map and token features, and other such support mentioned.
    It’s name is “Roll20”, that’s heavily associated with a particular type of game and player/playstyle.
    Just from the name itself many people (myself included) wouldn’t even bother to look there for the more indie or story game style of play if they haven’t had exposure (in- or third-person) to what is available there.

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