Jul 12 2016

MMP#216 – Damage

ItunesMMpodcast_WhiteHey Folks. This week we take some hits and let the pain settle into our bones. That’s right, we’re talking about damage. We also get into the Ennies and the Diana Jones Awards in the social media depository. Hope you enjoy and thanks for helping us become a 2016 Ennie nominee for Best Podcast.

Time Stamps

1:34 – What’s Going On

8:52 – The Garage: Damage

1:16:24 – The Extra Dimensional Social Media Depository

The Diana Jones Awards

1:40:34 – Podcast Round Up

Adamantine Heart



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  1. Michael Phillips

    I would argue that the NPC Codex is one of the most useful Pathfinder books, and it came out at just the right time: most useful product for the game with the largest player base at the time it came out. (The similar book for monsters that also had rules for making pathfinder monsters without using the physics simulator of the rules system to generator is probably my favorite, followed closely by the “what if we didn’t have to make things backward compatible” and the “I have all of the rules you need to make a birthright campaign” books.)

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